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The battle for governorship of Gilgit-Baltistan

Islamabad, May 28: While PMLN prepares to form its government in the center, the party stalwarts in Gilgit-Baltistan and some in the federal capital are already battling to gain the position of the region’s governor, which is currently held by Syed Pir Karam Ali Shah, an appointee of President Asif Ali Zardari.

Some of the party’s regional leaders, including Chief Organizer Hafiz Hafeezur Rehman, have indicated that even a non-local will be acceptable as governor. However, this does not go well with many of the region’s political leaders, including some within the Pakistan Muslim League, who think it is unjust to give the position to a non-local.

The “local vs. non-local” debate started after Siddiqu al Farooq and Marvi Memom’s name appeared in the regional media as probable candidates for the position of governorship.

PPP leaders have urged the PMLN to avoid turning the “position of governor into a joke” by giving, what they called, “irresponsible statements”. Some PMLN leaders, including Dr. Anjum, have also condemned the news about appointment of a non-local as governor of Gilgit-Baltistan.

Nationalist circles are of the view that irrespective of who becomes the region’s governor, the issues of constitutional exclusion and political deprivation are unlikely to be resolved soon.

Some of the contenders within PMLN Gilgit-Baltistan for the post of governorship are Sultan Madad, Mir Ghazanfar Ali Khan, Dr. Anjum and Malik Miskeen, to name a few.

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  1. Mir Gazanfar is becoming either governor or CM ! Pakistan never appoints a non elite or a Runo in such a higher post ! Rest of us are not trustworthy enough !

  2. I would suggest some one neutral for this position rather to any political affiliation, Governor of GB should be a high caliber and good bureaucrat or even a technocrat, Why we emphasis some one having political background with party affiliation???

  3. Hello Educated GBIANS, Why Pakistani government is making us fool? We are only people deprived from voting right – even ALAQA GHAIR votes in the National Assembly. When Pakistanis need defending Siachin, they send NLI despite not giving basic right of citizenship.

    Wake up people, we GBIANs are different people from rest of the country. Demand either full citizenship or we are better off with China. Don’t be fooled with thugs thief Pakistani politicians.

    Lets make our voice heard collectively. That we are either Pakistanis or we are not Pakistanis. Enough fooling around for decades.

    1. Hi jaik yes its A black spot in history of pakistan that the brave people of GB Having Sacrificed so much for Pakistani mother land yet have so little recognition or political rights. But inshallah times are changing and the new PML n gov has promised to grant equal voting rights and make GB full province of Pak in their manifesto .

      I as a sunni Punjabi have great respect for GBIANS not to forget NLI the Ghurkhas of Pakistan but taller, better and beautiful God fearing Mujahids. Also due to the influx of afghan and Pashtun refugees parts of Pakistan are destabilised including issues in GB. 1 good thing about GB is that the police/security forces check every 1 coming in/out of GB with great scrutiny and vigilance that is why GB is 1 of the most peaceful areas in Pakistan. This method should be applied in other provinces /cities etc. Currently Gbians have to travel through Pashtun territories to reach Islamabad, Punjab rest of Pak etc. The new PMLN government has promised to make a highway which by passes Akashmir / pakthun areas and run through Hazara division which inshallah when it becomes a province will provide a safer route for Balti public in engaging with rest of Pak.

      Please support my Hindko/Punjabi brothers in Sooba Hazara , in this regard as their rights are also being squeezed by KPK Pathans and hopefully once the new province is made then better infrastructure links with GB can be utilized.

      Unfortunately the main flow in GB policy was the linking of Balitistan with Kashmir problem due to this there has been neglect, ignorance and negligence on the part of Pak government. So GB students even get harassed in Akashmir , Peshawar, karachi , Lahore due to this confusion and other grievances ,still shahbaz sharif has promised to induct more GB students in Punjab colleges/universities

      but I also hope that PMLn concentrates on providing good education inside GB then for having more places available for students because although Punjab Is a fairly tolerant place extremist forces from outside could try to inflict damage on the cordial relations with communities.

      (The new Governor should be some 1 who understands the problems existing in GB or the 4 million baltis doesn’t matter if he is a local or not preferably it would be better if he is from PML n as it is the only party with track record of good governance and performance so please give support to PML n Dear Gbians as PTI = PPP but xtra funded by ISI/ kayani to harm PML n.)

      So once again apologizes and compliments from a Punjabi Pakistani to my GB brothers n sisters may God bless you and bring prosperity to GB and Pak.

  4. I think people of GB should focus on to be in Parliament of Pakistan either as MPA in other province or Adviser. It could be done under Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) where only 2 MNA seats are exist. Two or three MPA seats could be made possible from GB, Azad Kashmir & FATA through some kind of amendments.

  5. My friend if you want change ,to be honest we need new faces,we need to change ourself then the leaders will change.If you look at the history of our country these parties have done nothing for the country except looting the money and corruption.We have to give awareness to the people about their rights and to direct them on the right directions.This is the best solution to bring change and to change the old faces,otherwise we will remain the same as we were from 65 years.

    God bless our country.Ameen


    Governor should be a person whose ancestors had remained Governor of the then Gilgit Agency now Gilgit Baltistan because they would do better than an ordinary person……… without his strong family back ground. As a matter or right the royal family deserve this coveted position indeed leadership qualities and decision making power is naturally built in in the blood of royal families of Northern Areas now GB. If we look back in the years of pre partition there was a Dogra regime in Gilgit but these brave people fought a titanic battle with the Dogras and liberated their lovely home land. In NLI market there is a momento which speaks itself need not to explain any more. So a chance should be given to royal families now and indeed they would serve the people better than any ordinary person or a holder of black money…………

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