Marriott Blast: Photographs by a Search and Rescue Worker

These photographs show the horrific effect of the worst suicide attack in Pakistan. The destruction shall invoke the desir for peaceful coexistene despite of disagreements on dogmas, be them religious or political. 

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  1. Marriot hotel Islamabad
    The recent bomb blasts in once again puts a question on the fate of Pakistan. The devastating situation which has engulfed many precious and innocent lives once again invites the onlookers to call the region as the home town of the terrorists who have been nurtured with the aim to spread terror, promote and support the inhuman activities.
    The entire world has now witnessed the reality that terrorists are being heightened and supported in this part of the world. It is really an ignominy and a disgracing situation which has further declined down the reputation of Pakistan and the future panoramas have been darkened and are made more shadowy. What would one expect out of such a horrifying situation which has spoiled and ruined the entire atmosphere of peace and prosperity?
    Even the government authorities have given their comments about the recent bomb blasts which are very controversial and contradictory. Prime minister has a very different opinion then the other federal ministers and thus gives us a picture which seems to have been painted with heterogeneous and assorted colors and thus is more nebulous and fuzzy.
    These kinds of statements really doze off their credibility level as a leader and crop up many ambiguities about their role and responsibility being the authorities and the fate of the state is symbolized with a big question mark.
    Being the dwellers of the region we are one way or the other suffering and the great loss of precious lives has changed the normality of the mind set and prevalence of fear and terror in minds has paralyzed many nerves and inactivated many creative and innovative brains.
    Apart from the individual sufferings the economic conditions have also become severe and intense. The inflation rate has hiked and scrambled up and the day to day requirements have started becoming inaccessible for the ordinary people because of an abrupt change in the scenario of market. The smiling face has been wiped up and every face seems to be full of questions for the survival. The concepts of eugenics and survival of the fittest have started occupying more space. Because of the energy crisis many industries have just stopped their normal activities and many are planning to shortly leave the place so that further losses could be minimized.
    The education sector is also facing many challenges. The disbursement of the necessary funds for the mega and mini projects have been stopped and it is predicted that many other educational areas would start suffering as the conditions prevailing in the country depict a very different picture which is out of expectations.
    We the dwellers of this state which is on the verge to collapse must realize this fact and should try to strive hard to save our identity.
    Aslam Ghalib

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