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Gemstone market established in Gilgit

 Gilgit, October 10: The Northern Areas government has finalized establishment of a Gemstone Marketing Center in the heart of Gilgit city, capital town of Northern Area, which would offer multiple facilities to traders as well as buyers in mineral sector, an official of the Mineral Department said.

Talking to APP Deputy Director Mineral Directorate Shah Jahan said that the market includes 32 shops adding that the establishment of this market is aimed at providing wider opportunities to the people across the globe ensuring that the gems are available at one place. Constructed at a cost of Rs. 5 million this Gemstone market would attract foreign investment to the region and local economy would surely be promoted, he added. He said the Diamer Mineral and Trade Welfare Organization (DMTW), Baltistan Gems and Mineral Association (BGMA) and Northern Area Gems and Mineral Association (NAGMA) have been formed by the local traders to boost this sector which enjoys complete official patronage.

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  1. Its a great step towards promoting minerals of northern areas in International Market.As the conditions of the country are worst ever in 61 years.So in my views its a great step towards devlopments.Hats off to the organizations promoting the markry of Gemstones.

  2. A very good intiative toward the devopment of gems in the region as NAs considered very rich in this sector and the gems projects of Rupnai Foundation is very constructive and positive chnage in this sector, speading very fastly in evry district of NAs and Chital.

    some unique collection of gems photographs………..

  3. Very good initiative if the objects & aims are set on sustainable basis and as mentioned if all the Districts are worked coherentely and sustainable basis.
    If the track is used as earlier history recalls ” GEM CORPORATIOB OF PAKISTAN” then let me fortell that, this will work only for the wealth gaining of the concerned people and not to the local community.
    Looking the brighter aspects of the incetion of this project and other such like projects WE ALL CAN PRAY ONLY>

  4. This is a wonderful effort from the stack holders. Initially we all should support and feed back to such efforts. Errors happens but every input should be with positive and progressive attitude.

    Rupani Foundation has opened six centers in Northern Areas two years ago other than Afghanistan and Pakistan to promote this gems sector. we all are hopeful to work together to uplift the economic condition of mountain people.

  5. Mineral is one of the most important sector haveing the potential to excell the pace of development in the mountainous region like Northern areas.The meneral department after its inception is very actively engaged to promote meneral sector in NA’s for the last three years.This is a very positive step to establish gem Market in Gilgit, and this market will play an important role to introduce the precious menerals to the world.currently the menerals of NA’s is being sold to the world market with the label of NWFP.I appriciat the managment of Mineral Department ,KIU and the NGO’s ,like Rupali Foundation,AKRSP and KADO for their positive step to boot this employment generating sector.lets hope thiese steps will contribute in upliftment of our society.Thanks

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