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Your Voice: PT’s Reporting Quality

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  1. PT Editors,

    It is definitely better than many contemporaries in NAs. Are there many English newspapers around?

    Keep the good work up.

    Best of luck


  2. It is good but if you say than you should inculde news from all over Gojal…..I am seeing that you are posting news of some areas only and you are not posting all news of all over Gojal….If you posted all news about Gojal it will be great,we will know all about Gojal that what is happening and in which part of Gojal is it happening..


  3. It is indeed good efforts and team work in this remotest area of the world.we are abe to get latest news and openions of our young and educated youth at one good wishes are with you and hope this will continue and progress in future.keep it up

  4. Dear Sajida

    Thank you for sharing these candid thoughts. Would you care to tell us more about this issue? Which villages of Gojal, if you can kindly specify the names, are not being covered?

    You are not the only with such feelings. We have been trying really hard to cover not only Gojal or Hunza but also other parts of Gilgit – Baltistan but we would love to do more.

    Your further observations and comments in this regard would help us work more effectively. I would also like rest of the readers to contribute in this discussion.


    Noor Muhammad
    Founding Chief Editor

  5. Congratulation PT
    It is nowmost importent part of our daily routine to visit Pamir Times to acquire news,information and ideas of different people.
    Thanks to PTs for updating us.

    Good work and keep it up.

    Israr Ahmed

  6. Reporters report a story which seems to them news worthy. Now it is on the reporter that what sort of standards for news worthiness he/she has fixed. as far as gojal is concerned in terms of news and highlghtings on PT, it has a main reason, the streamline of flow of information or news is from gulmit. Mostly news and editorials are due to the struggle of Noor And Zulfiqar particularly and others generally.
    For noor and Zulfiqar it is more easy, comfortable and cheap to get news from gulmit as thier native village, so it is seen on PT. I, you ,he, she , any one can’t balme that PT has news from only a specific part from gojal. If it is so then it is the dedication of the people /reporters of that specific area. I am not paying Mr Zulfiqar that i would ask him to cover the stories from shishkat. To do so i have to come forward and facilitate him and make a way for him to get and publish news. PT is a platform of coordination so come and coordinate.

  7. First of all I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulation Pamir Time’s team on their dedication and sincerity. No doubt there is always room for improvement but I think we have to appreciate the efforts of Pamir Time. It is not only the source of giving news but also a platform for the young generation to enhance their analytical ability through intellectual discourse which I think the today’s world require and desire from us.
    As some people showing concern regarding reporting would be correct but the question is that why we are expecting from those who are assigned as reporter. Pamir Time is our (All Gojalis/Citizens of Northern Area) and we need to work for that. If someone thinks that it reports only a particular area would be right but I will humbly request all those educated persons who belongs to far flung areas to volunteer themselves and bring news to PT and I belief the editors will contentedly accept it. We all need to contribute for the betterment of Pamir Time rather then expect from two persons.
    Pamir Time Zindabad, Gojal Payindabad

    Hameed Tajiki (GLT)

  8. How much they have access to different valleys and villages they are trying their best to update us about the news and views, its very easy to say PT is not coving all Gojal or Hunza, its everyone responsibility to contribute if we want it a successful news blog, PT is not only presenting Gojal,they are trying in their capacity to cover all Gilgit-Baldistan, its a voluntary service, everyone should contribute to make it more informative to readers. Regards,

  9. TO the Editor OF PT
    It is a better reporting By Pamir Times’ about all over Goal Because gojal is not
    a village or 2 villages together. Gojal is consist on waste area to get news from all parts
    of gojal is not easy at this time. what you pameir times and staff are providing the information
    it must be appreciated

    the reward must goes to all the Voluntarily staff and editor.for this marvellous effort
    upon the time more communication more facilities been provided at all over Gojal
    your reporting will be more quick and more informative Please keep it up for Exellent job
    Hikayat shah Saudi Arabia
    ===== QUOTE =================
    This world is A shopping place for eternal life.
    The time of Lucifer is always with you
    Seek enlightenment from the GOD.
    Nasir khusraw

  10. Dear PT Editor(s),
    It is indeed an exemplary effort by you guys. At least, we have seen for the first time such wonderful, serious and thought provoking litrary contribution by our professionals,students and every member of the society. I would say,
    “Those who walk to the way to success, look ahead not back”
    We are proud of you for this wonderful job. It seems that we are now moving toward a global commuinity by using Inormation and Community Technology (ICT). It is our need of the hour. We have to walk in tendum with rest of the world.
    You guys have given an inspiration to those who know where and in which direction we have to move fast for progress and prosperity.
    Keep this wonderful job continue… I would not vote for your reporting quality[why] because you are new in this field. You are learning and you have to learn more. Time itself will prove wher do you stand in terms of quality of reporting.
    Lagy Raho!

  11. Dear Readers of PT,
    In this crucial era of changes and challanges,it is very difficult to devote yourself and your time for something apart from your daily routine.
    The initiatives taken by some of the enthusiastic and zealous young members of the society deserves great appreciation and would get the rewards many folds in the time to come inshallah.
    We expect every young member of the society to come up with higher spirits and strong determination keeping in view the significance of the area and its dwellers.
    We strive hard for personal benefits and never bother about what really would happpen to the whole humanity if trumatic and devastating situations arise.
    We need to equip ourselves with all the utensils that can make us credible to serve the nation in true meanings.
    I hope and expect that every young member of the society will follow the foot steps of Zulfiqar and Noor for being generous and sacrificial.
    Aslam Ghalib
    Lahore, Pakistan

  12. Dear PT Team

    Pamir Times is an outstanding initiative, and your success emobdies the spirit of selfless volunterism and dedication.
    While i have voted for you but let me also express my best wishes and prayers for your continued sucess in the future. May Allah give you the strenght, courage and intellect to pull through all the trials and tribulations of time. Amen.

    I have to say one thing and that is that, in this era of globalisation PT has successfully brought togahter the people of Giligit-Baltistan living in different parts of the country as well as across the globe. Pamir Times has created an intelligent and a cohesive community while keeping us engaged through discussion and debate on a range of issues that we face in our area. I think this healthy discussion is already illuminating the minds of its readers as evidenced by the critical comments that we so often read, but i think it has also started to influence memebers of the establishment in our area. In my view this is no small feat, it is a big achievement..
    I am really proud of Pamir Times, it ediitors and its contributors.

    Best regards
    ali al-Hakim
    London, United Kingdom

  13. Love the work.
    Love it bcz u r the poineers.
    well, comments must be encouraged even if its not welcoming for the writer or viewers. articles from diverse thinkings must be included no matter what they think either it be positive or negative. The top minds must have a very big heart rather a giant heart to accept criticism of any type wheter it be positive or negative from anyone whether they be top minds or low minds.
    Diversity must be encouraged and the feelings and views of others must be respected and considered.
    These are just sugestions and am adding cosy love to create a friendly environment.

    prayers and love for all your doings.


  14. Pamir Times has won the hearts of many people from Gojal, who live within the country or abroad but they are well aware of the development or non- developmental activities. It has become a source of aspiration and curiosity because it gives us information related to our area, our people and community. It allows us to feel the attachement and brings us closer to each other. So we appreciate the team members’ constant efforts. Excellent, keep it up.


  15. If there is will, there is a way. I can see PT emerging as a community which is making stronger connections at local, regional, national and international levles. PT is being talked about in all speheres of life which is the indicator of its success. I must appreciate the dedication and above all the quality work being produced by these young fellows- we are proud of you.

    On the other hand, as rightly said by Hamid et al, we all have our roles to play and shouldnt wait becuase it is a volunrtary work.

    Said that, let us not be cpmplacent. Work hard and make new strides for a great cause of knowing and letting others know.


    Sultan Ahmed
    Royal Roads University
    Victoria, BC, Canada

  16. Great effort in field of information technelogy, we all have to say our thanks to Mr, Noor Muhmmad, Mr, Zulfiqar Aly, and off cource my good friend Aslam Galib.
    i would say that the remoute place of Hunza, pamir times is the voice of Hunza, beacuse of these poineers has taught us how to express our thinking and share our ideas among our self and entire world.i would like to share that during visit of MHI Golden Jubilee here in Gulf, Dubai different media organizations has given there coverage through print and electronic media.later on the Council of Dubai ( Commnucation and out reach port folio) has publish a book of print media coverage.i am proud to say that the published report it is inculde the coverage of ‘Pamir Times’.Only the Pakistani web based news.

    we all have to share our views ideas and suggustions to build an inteluctual society for future Genration.

    “Salam Pamir Times”

    Best wishes,
    Rahmat Karim
    Ismaili Centre Dubai (ICD).
    Ismaili National council Dubai
    United Arab Emirates.

  17. Dear PT Editors!
    You guys are doing a great job and I would like to thank you for prividing us the latest news from our home. You people are doing a superb job keep it up!!!!!!

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