Gilgit - Baltistan

Autumn in Hunza valley

Photographer: Zulfiqar Ali Khan, October 26-27, 2008

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  1. wonderful!!!!!!!!:)

    we are proud on our town , may God remain its natural beauty ………..

    son of hunza

  2. The heavenly Hunza valley does present a variety of amazing colors round the year: white in springs when apricot and almond trees blossom, lush green fields and high pastures in summers, awesome autumn colors like the one posted above – glittering golden yellow, and elegant white in winters – snow -capped peaks and slopes. That is definitely why the Hunza valley is so famous, well known the world over and rightly called the ‘tourists paradise on earth’.

    Mother- nature has so lavishly bestowed the Hunza valley and other parts of the Northern Areas with such a stunning beauty and splendor; let’s do our bits to make it more ‘livable and lovable’. We do love our villages, valleys, towns, mountain ranges glaciers, above all the serene environment around.

    PT editors and volunteers are thanked for the wonderful job they are doing for the common good of the people of the NAs. Keep it up bravos! and keep inspiring us all through your words and deeds.


    Mutabiat, Islamabad


    so charming that i cant expressed…LONG LIVE THE HUNZA….

  4. It looks fantastic with all natural beauty and attractions, you guys are lucky enjoying this beautiful season there in Hunza. Thanks to Pamirtimes for sharing the beauty of Hunza with all of us living in different part of the world. We are really proud of our area ..

    Almaty Kz

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