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E – Discussion: GLOF Risk Reduction Initiatives in the Himalayas


DRM Asia Community of Practice (CoP) is hosting a one month long regional e-discussion forum ‘intended to develop better understanding of the GLOF hazard among various stakeholders and practitioners’. 

Pamir Times is one of the forums from Pakistan where these discussions will take place, the other one being Knowledge Network for Climate Change (KNCC). Other forums from rest of South Asia include Energy and Environmental Network (EE – Net), Solution Exchange DRM India and Bhutan and Disaster Preparedness Network Nepal (DP –Net). 

The discussions will revolve around three thematic areas, including; 

  • Key Issues, challenges and Approaches towards GLOF Risk Mitigation
  • Community Approaches for responding to, mitigating and preparing for GLOF events
  • Early Warning Systems (EWS) and land-use planning, practices for GLOF risk mitigation 

The first theme will be discussed from 6th to 10th of November

The second theme will remain under discussion from 11th to 20th of November. 

The third theme will be discussed from 21st to 30th November, on Pamir TImes. 

We invite all of you to actively participate in the regional e – discussion and share your experiences, perspectives and suggestions regarding the themes under discussion. 

Ours is the most GLOF threatened regions of the world. We have already seen a winter and summer of glacial lake outburst floods – at Passu and Ghulkin. Our region is surrounded by gigantic glaciers, some hanging at the roofs of our villages. We are better off, prepared and aware. This is our time to share our experiences and suggestions with a panel of experts from across South Asia.

 A report will developed based on the discussions and shared with the participants and practitioners, further more learning from the e – discussion shall feed into the deliberations of the Regional Workshop on GLOF Risk Mitigation, to be held in December 2008, in Bhuttan.

A page has been added to Pamir News Blog, starting the discussion on the first thematic area. Let’s participate in the discussion and share our perspectives.


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