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National Poster Competition


Fazil Aman's Poster
Fazil Aman’s Poster

Fazil Aman of Passu Gojal, son of famous artist Nadir Aman, is one of the hundreds of competitors in a poster competition organized by Pakistan Institute of Human Rights, at the national level.

You can vote for him, if you like his idea and execution.  For more details click HERE


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  1. Dear Fazil,
    Congratulations for following the foot seps of yor father. we are proud of your capabilities; keep it up and there is always room for improvement.

    thanks and regards

    Sharif Khan

  2. Like father, like son! Has the talent and passion.

    I vote and support Fazil Aman in the competition.

    Mutabiat Shah, Islamabad

  3. Dear Fazil,

    I have already voted for you.
    We just want to see on the top.
    Good Luck !!!!!!!!!


  4. Dear Fazil Aman,
    I had heard about Uncle Nadir’s expertise from my father but have never got a chance to see him. Now you are the second person who has fascinated me to a greater extent.
    I really love the ones who have the potential to bring about some mega changes and the thing is to keep on with the same spirits and determination.
    This world has more space for the ones who put more efforts to add to the beauty of nature and are curious to come up with innovations.
    Keep moving up and up.My very deep hearted affilaitions are there to further boost your spirits.
    Aslam Ghalib

  5. Dear Fazil,
    Congratulation for doing such wonderful job.I vote for you and always pray for your success.keep it up

  6. Dear Fazil Aman,

    I vote you in the competition.We wish you good luck.Keep it up up up !!!!

    Ghulam Ahmed

  7. PT is doing wonder full job interms of introducing new talant to the folks, i just saw that Fazil got 120 vots, the highist vot, no doubt he is most talanted artes, like his father, we all should support all those who came from NA and doing this sort of job, where people can say NA has talant, thanks to PT

  8. i would like to congrate faxil aman and karim ahmad khan s/o raja safdar that he too has qualified for the final quest.
    hope both will win.
    we are proud of both guys.

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