7th All Gojal Tape Ball Cricket Tournament in Karachi

Passu Students Association and Passu Sport Academy have jointly organized the 7th All Gojal Tape Ball Cricket Tournament in Karachi. A total of sixteen teams from Gojal are participating in the event. Various teams played matches at the ground of AKHSS – Karachi, in Karimabad on last Sunday. The following link will lead you to a summary of all the eight matches played. [by Gohar Aman]


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  1. Very nice and healthy activities being initiated. Keep the pace and promote constructive and positive activities and involve the minds otherwise destructive activities will instigate the fresh minds.
    Regards to Rahim at Almaty.
    Aslam Ghalib

  2. Well done PSA

    Keep your efforts on going, we have a lot of potential players in Cricket and other games, you would be surprised to know that there was an Inter Institutional Cricket (Garden Jurisdiction) tournament held at Aga Khan Gymkhana School Ground in 1996, in the event almost 24 teams /institutions of Garden Jamat Khan participated, out of the 24 teams only 1 institution won the final match and that was “The Pak Ismailia Gilgit Hunza Welfare Association” just imagine the potential and efforts.

    PIGHWA also provide opportunity to the players of Gojal, as a result Mr. Shah wali (Chapurson), Zahid (Khyber), Ameer Jan (Gulmit) and I from (Ghulkin) represented Gojal

    There is no doubt that sports play an important role in youth’s life but it would be very good if some one keep balance between sports and education.

    Please correct me if some one notices any error or omissions.


    Shah Zaman

  3. It is really much needed activity that is getting less and less attention due to various reason and particularly due to the demands of modern needs. Thank you all, who have organized the event. You have really hitted the nail

  4. Wel done PSA for organizing such a tournament of Gojal Level at karachi.
    Being an Official of Gulmit Young Stars a wish best of Luck for Gulmit Young Stars Team for upcomming matches.


    Ali Anwar

  5. It is really very good news that PSA has started organising such an activities for our youth in Karachi as well good to see the yong stars of Passu to follow the foot steps of their seniors.

    Well done and keep it alive in future

    Ali Masud


  6. gud psa. hamare youth ko aise he activities ki zaroorat hai taki youth ghalat sargarmioun se door rahey or ek achche mashre ka fard hone ka saboot de.

    keep it up PSA

  7. Well done PSA for organizing such healthy activities in Karachi…
    Best of luck for all participating team from Gojal for upcoming matches….

    Muzaffar Karym

  8. Its a very good activites for our youth, these things are keeps our young ones from other sins and adictes. Its also improve the helth of our youths and keep healthy……..

    Iftikhar Ali

  9. this is the step to get the youth togather very nice PSA best wishes for you and nice job for the detail given on this site but try update reguarely it’ll be better,, keep it up

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