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A similar poll will also be hosted at Hunza Times. The poll is a collaborative effort of PT & HT. 


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  1. good initatives but unfortunately, all the proposed candidates are from the same category even seems illitriate and unacceptable even Ghazanfar and Nazir Sabir could be afforded hardly. do we mean that Hunza is in leadership crisis and therefore we are looking twords hoorshah, abuzar and baba jan, it is shameful again.

  2. This is the time for the youth of Gojal to rethink and to unite
    We should work together to find new leadership from the youth.
    Lets the youth of Gojal join hands together for the cause ….
    I suggest Mr Ghadir Shah from Passu and Bakhtulla Baig from Khyber Gojal to come forward. its also recommended that they should come as a independent contestant.

  3. sorry to say that none of them competent enough to lead the community of beautiful HUINZA…


  4. Haider Tai has also good raputaion as a political and social activist..he is the potential candidate as well.. add his name in the poll

  5. sorry to say we are used to buy second hand items at the same rate. what about mr.sultan madad,or any one else from the youth.

    sherali n.l.

  6. Guys! try to bing people who are very highly educated who be able to represent your area at both national and international. levels He can be able to talk to the media, who can communicate your problem to the outside world very politely, precisely and professionally
    Who know what is politics and how development happens. Our future leadership should have a long term vision and have the capacity to lead the nation. If some one makes a good political speech – does it mean that he is a good leader. A good leader should have many qualities – Leading a nation is not a joke. Don,t take it easily. Unfortunately, we don,t know what. kind of leadership we want. There is a huge difference between running a transport company and the nation.
    We have to think about these things from now. Think carefully and make decisions nicely. There are many educated people in Hunza who have worked at key managerial positions with government and international NGOs in Pakistan. Can,t we think about them?
    It was just my idea- May be most of you don,t agree with me but that is the beauty of the democracy

  7. I think no one will vote for the mentioned candidates, our area has experienced all of them in past with no results…. this is now a valuable question that apart from these names who will be able to represent Hunza?

    Almaty Kazakhstan

  8. Emotions are destructive but intelect & wisdom always everlasting, before any dicision, we must think intelectually. The people of Hunza are considered to be honest,thoughtfull & sincere.

    First of all we must think about what our Imam advises us,while leading our lives spritually and physicaly. What I have seen in the people of Hunza, especially our youth does not lead their lives according to will & wishes of MHI. The will & wish of MHI, whome we have pledged ourselves to obey & act upon.
    As far as political leadership, vote those who are influential & do some thing for whole Hunza but not individuals.Elect those who have some impotance amoung leading class of Pakistan

    Jehangir Shah(Hunzai)

  9. We should not forget the great Dynasty of Hunza and continue to bring our King back into Power.Its our identity,our respect and our uniqueness in the world.Just do it again to live with pride.All the world respects our King and Royal Daynasty of Hunza

  10. The Hunzuktz have experienced the leadership of male folk of the community and productivity is not much different among them so now we should look for a leader among our female folk instead.
    I am sure the graet aligar university of Gilgit Baltistan “AKHSS, Karimabad” must have breed a leader. Is it or not!
    Hey Sisters Where Are You! Come up and Lead us!

    Aziz Karim

  11. We should think about Nazir Sabir. We all know that other all candidates were slaves of Mir Gazanfar in the past and they don’t have any real political background. His failure in the past was mainly due to the central Government of PMLN, which not really favorable for him. Now the time is different and central Government is belongs to his own party. He can do his best for Hunza even for whole North with his capability, sincerity and his personal relations with the President and Prime Minister of Pakistan.

  12. The whole lot is unfortunately proved spent force when seen against the backdrop of their respective performance in political arena. Let us import someone either from Nagar or for that matter from China (that way at least we can get an honest cheater if not a sincere leader). borrowing leadership has remained no more a taboo as good examples can be cited on our national scene. it is equally lamenting to note that the entire constituency (from Mayun to Kilick) lacks ledership, thanks be to NGOs and AKDN and their donors who knowingly bulldozed political process to adjust fanatics of sects, region and ethnicity and current political vacuum has been filled by bigots from these domains. Today Hunza reps the crop of depoliticization initiated by NGOs and as such Aziz Karim’s comments regrding AKHHS Karimabad deserves elabortion because almost all our institutions encourage apolitical lot. One option may be to outsource NALA Hunza constituency. Victims of NGOs please stndup!

  13. Mr Hakeem:
    your much touted king is in power (the chief executive of NAs) nd ask him bout his dynasty where his subjects are without firewood, LPG, electricity, flour and without essential edible items. i guess you hve been reading a hisotry book on last days of Mughl Empire. why are you putting many modern hunza people to shame referrig to tht brutal dynasty which was symbol of ignorance and oppression. More loyal than the king himself attitude is no more held in esteeem, Mr hakeem. please come out of nostalgia and do contribute to spread democratic norms, if possible. the whole region faces identity crisis and your lost dynasty will never give you a seprate identity. Be with the flock.

  14. Who ever is succeed to get Central Govt. sympthy will definetly become NALA member let them to compete the 1st round in Islamabad
    We should emphasis for district member form gojal that may give our youth an opportunity for leadership
    I specially request for unity. . . . . . . Ja go Jawano Ja go !

  15. Chance must be given to a new face. At least he could do somthing for himself; make some bank balances,get a new car purchase land and spend AYASHI KI ZINDGI at least for four or five years.

    For people no one is going to do anything good.


  16. I take pity on you my brother durbeesh ali, you are so much frustrated……., AKDN has enabled you to write these words when you were nothing.

    This is not a topic to discuss who may or may not be responsible for lack of political leadership. If you know somebody a well deserved leader, vote for him and don’t try to beat about the bush.

  17. The name of hunza and its King MIR shouldnt be lost at any cost.We are Hunzukutz who have along history of sruggle.Our kings defeated Dogra and make it possible to live in a Musli Country ,Now the world respects MIR.MIR was highly welcomed in MECEDONIA who are our blood relatives as we both are proved to be sons of Skandar Azam.Dont Forget ur Hostory.World respects the people for their History,So common we are in ademocratic country why shouldnt we make ourselves Unique and Distinguished and Respectful.It will boost our Tourism andEconomy

  18. I agree Ejaz Karim’s comment on Election Poll. Nazir Sabir is a well-known person globally and he gained experience from his last representation as MNA. I believe that Nazir Sabir is the best person with his sincerity and dedication, to elect him as our MNA to serve for the nation of that Mountainous region.

    Shamim Ali

  19. agree with Durbeesh what he has mentioned in here about the leader ship, and the reasons why were are in this state today, our folks always discuraged youth to take part in any political activities, so the result we are looking to import leader from china or Nagar, this time for all the youth of Hunza Gojal to think about it, regarding Nazir he is also not different from Ghazanfar, when he was member of NALA, he proved him self the most honest man on earth, never did any thing for their voters, if some body approched him for helping in getting job, he always said to them i cant do this, so he may thought that he is the member of that country where every one is honest, beside this he has some controversal link with Naseer uddin, he support him very strongly in the past i am sure he may do it now, beside the above all, personaly he is good man.

  20. it seems hard to find any new face in Gojal, even in Hunza, the reason behind the lack of leadership is our communal setup, where our religious leadership alway discourages youth to paticipate in any political activities. we mostly depend on our institutions to handle political and social issues, and never allow to flourish political mindsets. Our govt is also suppressing the emerging political thought, Main stream ploitical parties have no plotical interest in Northern Areas, We need to encourages the existing plolical leaders and also wellcome new faces with intelectual thoughts. Students organizations of Hunza valley can play very important role through active angagement in indentification of leadership and political issues. Seminars, workshops, meeting and discussions on issues with communities will help to streamline the overall election process.

  21. It nice to have such discussion prior forthcoming election in 2009. who ever leads the region must have respect for the people and should be able to represent the country at various levels. Personal gains and achievements may matter but is not necessary for leading the generations. It is wisdom, intellect, awareness and leadership quality which make things happen. I would urge my younger brothers and sisters to realize importance of politics and come forward. You are the leaders and you have to strengthen the leadership. Personal contacts may not exist longer.
    Personally in the current situation i think Nazir Sabir is the best option

  22. Darveesh Ali Bhai I’m sure you have no second opinion on what Ali have said….
    See the enthusiasm of our female folk, a sister have volunteered herself for the leadership and you will see a line if we give them equal opportunity and you will not look here and there for leadership. I am 100 % agreed with your ideas on the so called King.
    Personally I am looking for a boycott of the elections until two seats are not allotted for Hunza.

  23. As the poll contain the names of people who are illiterate and and the well known fraud persons and the beautiful valley is hiring these person to represent it
    The well known fraud person Ghazanfar will be deleted from the poll because he all the time did for himself not for yje people of hunza and gojal

  24. I completely disagree with Mr Dilawar sahab, our institutions are nourishing leadership across the world and worldly the leadership style has been appreciating. we have the talents, we have the potentials and we have the leadership guts required else where on the earth for political enhancement. one more thing, making distinction between Hunza and Gojal is not appropriate, Hunza is not a specific area name, it covers the whole region Maon to Kilik.

    I do respect every single of the above mentioned names and know them since i learnt abcd…. and till now, I read and hear about them… and almost fad up to hear them again,
    Mr., Ghazanfar and his predecessors have done great for the region in the past many decades. You know it all!!! I WOULD WISH IF HIS NAME IS REMOVED FOR ANY OF THE ACTIVITIES IN THE REGION, AFTER HIS REPUTATION OVER THE PAST YEARS. I and May be most of you, would also want him to stay home, to take rest, he is quite tired for doing such long journey …. I myself appreciate and thanking for his time and indefatigable efforts that he put for the regions development… Isn’t it right????

    The rest of the candidates have also experimented and the result have been found Zeroo, therefore give them also a leave from political activities, the fact is that, if some one couldn’t produce any result in the past two decades, what would one expect of him in the coming 5 years or ……better not to try them or involve them again,
    Who so ever, how materially or politically influential doesn’t make sense, it is the UNITY that makes things work, in a democratic and in a literate society, and mashahallah, we are proud to be the most literate people in the country.

    The reason for being retard in political movement and activities, that is
    2>We have no Unity politically and consensus.
    3>We have been driven by the looters and cheaters.
    4> We never wished to develop combined political move,
    5>We have been dictated by Punjabis or Kashmiries
    6> We are still unable to understand our self-esteem
    7> We never encourage The local bodies
    8>We never wished for accountability
    9>We are not politically mature

    May be I am wrong with my observations but what I, as person and student from the region believe in, is cause of our sluggish and mortified political body. It’s an old fashioned structure, which is about to collapse, an immediate step is needed to be taken to reengineer and reconstructed the system out of new architects of the region the messed politics. We have innumerable potential and talent, just need to unify them and yes the youth of Hunza region is very unified, better to finish all those small political parties, and come up with HUNZA UNITED FRONT or GILGIT BALTISTAN UNITED FRONT. No need to say Bibi zinda hai, Mian Painda he ,chaudhry bastan hei or Qazi flaan hei ..… And get the basic rights and maintain the prestige high as the high mountains, such as K2


  25. Nazir Sabir well experienced with representing Hunza nationally and Internationally the perfect selfmade person.

  26. i totaly disagree with the comment given by Hakim Sb. his thinking level is still beyond the stone age when the kings of hunza robbed our ancestors that time. if you are still favouring the family of robbers in hunza it meanz that u r still the slave of those robbers. so be optimistic. i think its the time to wake up for the people of hunza and gojal to take the right decision and elect that person who has the ability to lead and work for the betterment of the people of hunza and gojal. so put ur right vote for the right person in the right time if you want a bright future.

  27. First of all i am thankful for pamirtimes to make an online forum for people of Northern Areas to share their problems and future strategies online. I am totally disagree with the comment of Mr. Hakim. That is a ***** statement. Mirs are not important to run our regional democracy. Every body knows about their frauds in the past. So i request the YOUTH to be careful for their future vote and cast the VOTE for right person who is eligible for that.

  28. Dear Tariq
    Its not the thinking of stone age.Comeon it means the British also are in Stone age who still give their Royal Families a say in the highest desision making.Hunza has a golden status of being uniqe in the national and ijternational scene,Common lets underscore it and develop culture.Of course Mr nazir Sabir has a great reputation of being a great sportsman and I am sure he is honest person but politics is the name of links,historical relationships with the political actors in the country.So dont waste apolitical Capital you have in the form of Mir Sahab,Please lets assert ourselves in the mainstream of the country as we are the best.

  29. To Ali and aziz krim;
    I have no cure to suggest for your obsession with AKDN that of course contributed in some way but socially nd eductionally the network creted more divisions of clss, regiono-ethinic politics in the region by throwing vrious lobbies to grb the job market.
    Second, it is silly to presuppose for you that almost all the AKDN beneficiries (or ismailis) can only write and speak master’s language (a slave mentaility indeed) and thnks be to the state of Pakistan that it enbled me not to look towards AKDN.
    third, it is well known to all that how brutally people from Hunza, Gojal, Shinaki Hunz, Ghizer and Chitral re fighting like dogs and cts for jobs within AKDN and today the job politics has deepened the chasm mong these lots which was unknown to them before arrival of AKRSP. You seem not reding history of your region which amply reflects that you are AKDN-parasites and thus lack political thinking. You know that how Krachi-based welthy Khojas turned you against each other by throwing few bones to fight over and today the community has surrendered to the whims of khojas – all in the name of AKDN. Of course AKDN benefited fat cats and you should not dubb someone as frustrated if criticism is directed against your institutions on solid grounds. AKDN’s contribution is that it isloated ismilis from mainstream and freed women to the extenrt that suicides and elopement cases are on high side. It modernized its beneficiaries without making them enlightened.
    It is stupidity on your part to assume that only AKDN beneficiaries or Ismailis can be subscribers of this dynamic websitel and it is this thinking that people like have become suspicious in the eyes of rest of communities. It is a discussion forum and every person irrespective of sect, ethnicity and creed can contribute according to his/her ability. this exclusivist thinking about English reding and writing betrays the very purpose of your being lietrate and plz don’t try to promote such stereotypes. People from other regions, ethnic gropus and and sects have gained enough capability to understand their needs in English that is why every year the top govt jobs go to “non AKDN beneficiaries” in NA and you are still prisoners of your ‘superior thinking”. Please come out of this AKDN syndrome.

  30. My dear Hunza people(specially Male+Females) who are well educated in all fields. I have one important view to share with all my Hunza people, please please and please vote for the right person and also i will strongly and fairly suggest every one of you to use your supreme power(vote) in favor of your dearest, sincere to the region, religion(who can make or have a ability to build the bridges to others our Muslim brothers) as far as region is concern we live on very sensitive part of the world where every supreme powers eye is on us to decide and elect the most intellectual leadership who and not only rescue us from the world game turmoil, but also give us a destiny to live our lives fairly and sincerely with making strong relation to rest of the world.

  31. Guys you all should read what Durbeesh has mentined in his comments, dont take it aganist AKDN, it is his view, what he thinks right, but what he has narrated about the whole situations is no different, we need to mobilize ourselve as politically.

  32. Dear Moderator please ignore the previous comment sent at 11:14 am today-thanks

    To Durbeesh-
    Firstly, you are de-tracking yourself from the purpose of the pool on the discussion forum. You must know the society and culture of Hunza which has enough space to bear oppressed and sick people like you and this is proven by publishing your sick ideas on this forum.
    You have cry over an institution which is a single respected and honorable among the renowned institutions of the globe from Islamic World in respect of quality research and services for humans from Central Asian Mountains to living in African Mangroves.
    You have pointed out a community in your comment who always believed in peace and love even not with her sister communities but with whole humanity as a fundamental spirit of Islam. People like you defiantly the viruses of the modern society who try to propagate their sick and unacceptable ideas on masses and create hatred and mistrust among them which some time makes co existence difficult.
    You can see Hunzuktuz not only in AKDN institutions but majority of the populations are now employed in multinational companies and NGOs in and outside the country performing their duties in leadership scale and all this happens due to their cultural and social norms where they grownup.
    You indicate a language blaming that pointed community owe in past, common, nourished and logical ideas can be expressed through body language even not required to be a speaker of English.
    I am sure, you must be a member of sectarian pressure group which is always seeking jobs in government sector thorough religious influence or but lesser, so called socialist who had never understand even abc of the philosophy of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels . How much you and people like u are accepted to other societies just imagine yourself in a place in Waziristan or Qum or a place in west or Chaina performing your daily routine works freely. So the community you have pointed out is much more respected compare to other sister communities in the World and your acceptance is not required to make it authentic.
    Finally, It was indeed a pleasure if the moderator of this site published your ideas on another head instead of pools comments so the sanctity of the pool shouldn’t be disturbed.

    Aziz Karim

  33. hmmmm its something related to delevopment of the region……for the beatiful region we need a talented and honest individual, which we dnt have actually…………..

  34. dear allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
    why do people think that there is only two option left MIR and NAZIR SABIR the most talanted leaders are available in hunza the most educated people are in our home land but its a shame for us all that we thing MIR is the best he is the servent of hunza NOT THE KING change ur mind specially mr hakeem , du u think that the king of british and ur KING MIR are of same level . mr its good to kow that u have more information related to king of hunza and british , he is not the king of hunza his father and his forfather were that was a past time let it u r in the 21st centery do compare urself , tariq ,me and ur mir with those at britsh , u r the leader u have the ability to lead
    the educated youth is to lead us ,
    what about the new president of america , was his father a king ,do he belong to a royal family ? no mr hakeem he was very poor his hard work made hime the leader not the ticket of his royal family plz plzz, u can lead us dont go after that MIR who is not our identity , if he will no more be in this world what u think who will be the leader of hunza ????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  35. my dear hakeem
    i would like to mention here for u that we had tasted Ghanzanfar ever before and he has not the ability to lead, he is working for his personal interest and all the people of hunza and gojal are getting sick of that man and he is the robber of the past and the present and will remain robber in th future. now its the rule of PPP and we strongly force the people to elect that person who has the ability to lead. so dont favour that person who is now the slave of the public. every country has its own culture and in our country we are not supposed to respect these kind of persons. all are equal in this society.

  36. IIts clear that majority of writers here suport nazir sabir but the silent majority who cannot write should be interviewed

  37. Aziz Karim:
    plese vote to a sensible Mukhi or waaiz s AKDN guys have no time for your votes and polls nor do they need any because they need more dollars than your ineffective vote. Have ever studied the “question of empowerment of NALA”. Never, I guess as you have no time apart out of praising AKDN. Do try to read economy nd politics together, please.

  38. To aziz:
    Firstly, you comment is based on your fake optimism about AKDN which has now become an agnet of capitlism thn agnet of change and mischievously bringing capitalism to poor (like you). The poll issue is a deb te which can not be discussed without its strings attached to it. I am niether a member of sectarian group nor a socialists as you accused me of the former which I ignore to underpin the debte and am not as hollow as you to go to pinpointing upon failure to argue.
    The purpose of the poll is another cheating becuse parliamentary democracy do always represents the interests of rich people and poor like you are puppets and cogs in the scheme of such polls.
    You must know that you are unable to realize harsh realitites about the society and culture of Hunza which has been sliding into darkness due blind aping of western values that affording oppressed and sick people like you and this has been proven by your childish ideas on this forum.
    You have been crying to defend an institution which has no roots in the region by driven by dollars doled out to backward people like you and you are happy to polish the shoes of donors for few dollars (plz don’t get angry). It is a single institution in NA known for begging from the west and est, south and north capitalizing on the mental poverty of people like you. The globe of Islamic World has alredy distnce you 10 miles away from their nucleus, Mr Aziz Karim and you hve become pranoid due to moonshine of AKDN. As far quality research and services for humans, why are you still languishing in abject poverty and mental malaise. plz find some solutions to your problems through your “research nd services”.
    I have pointed out not a communitybut people like you who always believed in money and love to find jobs at NGOs. The sister communities are doing better in the reion than run away from the region under the excuse of finding jobs in cities.
    People like you distort values in the modernity and do propagate your borrowed ideas for creating confusions among the society.You co-existence slogan is farce and come prech this in Gilgit, if possible.
    Yes, I can see Hunzuktuz not only in AKDN institutions but also in mrkets of cities wasting their time and resources with their funkey looks everywhere becuse they are shy away to work in NA and prefer to become waiters in hotels or tourist porters. I indicated a language not blaming ny community but referred to people who hve no logic and ettiquestes to put forth rguments.
    I am sure, you must be a member of jobless group which is always seeking jobs in AKDN thorough religious influence or but have never understand even abc of the philosophy of NGOs and their designs in NA. I am very muchaccepted to other societies like Waziristan or Qum nd what bout you? How many accept you in NA? You are unnecessrily demanding respect without being with sister communities in the World.
    Finally, It was indeed a pleasure to read your mind which is full of bogus ideas and selfpraise and of course a flawed interpretation of ethnocentrism.
    Cheers Mate
    Durbeesh Ali

  39. Dear Aziz bhai,
    Thank you very much for your shut up call to Durbeesh for imposing his frustrated and sick ideas about AKDN Institutions. It is very disappointing for the people on this forum that an educated person enjoying his life because of the AKDN development work at his doorsteps, denying the realities just to release his frustration. On this forum we should discuss and share ideas and views how to manage leadership crisis in the region. AKDN has nothing to do with politics and nothing to do with individual characters in the institutions. I know DB, you are a good reader of history books and you have a research work on socialism but u never tries to study your social and economic status in the past or before AKDN institutions…


  40. Aziz and Darbeesh!!
    This forum was not meant for any other debate but a bit comic issue. I consider this electoral process a waste of time and resources as this NALA (better say “dirge”) is of no importance. In other parts of Pak even the local bodies enjoy more powers than our so called CE Mir and his stoggies. Please avoid any conflicting issue — focus on present state which is of identity and rights. We are not going to get anything from these goofs (list of candidates). They have no acumen to lead us on any forum.

  41. Dear Derbeesh Bahai,
    I regard your opinion but let me justify the contribution of AKDN to rise this part of country from down in a corner of the world,between high mountains where no eye could see the grievenses and sighs of people to the assembelies of the nations of the world community in partnership with our government and the community representatives.
    let me remind yoy what the Northern areas before two decades was,it was an area where only fairies and people live,yes any tourist or researcher might come for his leisure or study and went back with some fairy tails.It was an undescovered area to the world.But soon after the initiation of AKDN,things were going to be evolved communities across the North without any discrimination of race and sect or religion came together,Sir,
    Now go on these communities in the mountains knew one another,that WHO THEY ARE,
    THE WOMEN KNEW ONE ANOTHER ACROSS THE VALLEYS AND BEYOND THE MOUNTAINS.It was first time in our history.And it was AKDN.Now you want to say that We would be far better if AKDN was not here,Then I will offer all the facilities from my pocket to give you all travel expenses to have a NICE visit into the deep interiors of punjab,Sind,Sarhad and Balochistan,You will indeed be thankful that if AKDN like inintiative started their theier presnt SITUATION would be not that DEVELPOED .And you could further say that They should not start NRSP,following AKRSP here in Hunza because they are so developed due to their POLITICS.
    With due respect,I will dare asking you that whether you try youself be very inspirative to the international Slogans of ISMS,which have nothing to do with the societies of the world.
    I would also like to say that our education,our genuin basic health awareness is due to AKDN in all over the Northern Areas in equal partnership with the government,Today I am proud as a Hunyukuty that my fellow youth are known in all over the country as an example for both social ethics and quality education.These are our values,we ahve got from Education and awareness,indeede initiated and spread by the AKDN,
    Now waht is politics and Political parties and their role,Yes they have arole,but again we are lucky that we have a highly aware,eduted and responsible communties who believe in peaceful politics ratjer chanting slogans and spreading negativism in society,So Politics is always there,No AKDN agency has forbidden any member to run for his office,Yes moral role of AKDN has been of peaceful politics which I think no civilized person in any corner of the world could deny.
    Please when you analyse the pastn to present and compare this region with the left and right there is abig answer,if have have courage to accept it
    I hope you willnot take these comments as personal,or agaist your personality.

  42. Durbeesh-
    You are knowingly make your eyes off from the facts. It does not make differnce you accept or reject parlimentary way of govt. because you and persons like you knew zero and no idea about alternative system which is accepted to masses and helps the people to make their living. Not only humans every living thing needs bread to survive and every persons have right to make his/her earnings where ever he/she get opertunity. The fact is, what you eat daily is certainly came from somewhere but source never be you owns? See how your hypocratic mind is accepting these! You should thanked to East, West, North and South for their kindnesses which you are enjoying for example see you are propogating your sickness through modern means and it comes from west!
    you have focussed some jobs doing by Hunukutz and your sicknes about the jobs is clear. No work is untouchable, it is your mind make them dirty. Your folish ideas advise people in the mountains to live and be happy with reources avaiable in the region. I am thinking of your immidiate depedents (if any) and feeling sympathies, how they make their end meets and will they grow up be a responsible ctiezen?
    You have changed your statment from community to now individuals? You are realizing truth!
    You and your ideas are from the cave age. You are frutrated and the reason of frustration is not society it is because of you. You know just to cry. You never try to grow with your mates. You blame your failure to the society you live in.
    Your sick mind never noted the developments happened in the Gilgit-Baltistan region and which are mainly due to AKDN institutional initiative. And to find diierence just visit the areas where AKDN is still awaited to reach, your eyes certianly will open by observing the facts people facing there specially women in child birth and general public heath issues, education and way for bread earnings. You counted individuals in it but not the philosophy of human service behind the AKDN. You are illitrate although you may get a so called degree or read books of history and socialism and your mental level is unchaged and never try to understand what modren society is and what are needs and what should we do to adopt day to day developments in the world?
    Your sick ideas focused to baricate women to house. Being equal by all aspects, they have right to do what a man can do. Only perpect schooling and family systems make perfect a man and a women on moral aspects and if there is any weekness in any idividual your sick mind should not take this as to whole sosiety.
    The comunity you think they live apart from neuclue, You know nothing about what nucleus really is!
    I am sure, your next comment will provide us more about the intensity of sickness in you.

  43. We accept every leader,they will do their best for the devlopment oiof the area,but the KIU SENERGIZERS are agree with Mr Abozar Ali ,and excepect alot that he will prove himself a great leader and lead our public in a better way.


  44. Durbeesh
    nice observation……

    It is a single institution in NA known for begging from the west and est, south and north capitalizing on the mental poverty of people like you….
    What do you think Durbeesh World Bank is your own or is it a pakistani instituation……your country is also dependent on the dollers of the WB….you must have seen it very recently…that is not begging right…….
    i can understand your jealously, frustration and disappointments and everyone(like you) must be free to talk and release their frustration…

  45. Cool down Gentlemen,
    Lets listen durbeesh,
    But remeber,in democracies,difference of thought and arguments should be respected although they may be very STUPID or PRUDENT to call somebody SICK,FRUSTRATED,JEALOUS and DEPRIVED makes the case of durbeesh strong that you people are very zealot about the issue.Therefore use parlimentary language.he is also a respected citizen although his ideas are not according to my perception or Aziz or others,So to express himself is right of evrybody but to respect opinion of either kind is also pure democratic,otherwise we could not discuss more,For discussion needed not freez but openness and patience.
    Almighty Bless You all

  46. Thank you everyone for so eagerly participating in this discussion. I agree with Hakeem that we need to listen patiently to others’ divergent views. Personal attacks – calling people paranoid, close minded, “poor” etc. ruin the essence of intellectual discourse.

    I, now, request you to kindly debate this issue on the relevant post – editorial article by Abbas Ali. Meanwhile, the poll will continue till Monday afternoon.


    Noor Muhammad

  47. Lets believe in change as the world is on path for a change in world. I strongly recommend mr hoorshah president pml n hunza chapter to be our next leader. Bring him out from the ordinary people. we have tested nazir sabir gazanfar, but had got no results in their results. Although there would be favouritism but if some one is really committed to development, i strongly recommend his candidacy

  48. Dear all

    I fully agree with the suggestion given by noor, as we claim over selves civilized, literate etc. unfortunately doesn’t reflects from kind of language and opinions we are showing,
    As Mr. Ejaz has appreciated to silence Darbeesh, if he reads his comment carefully he has used the word “ Slave of MIR” to the candidates (other than Nazir Sabir), he has no right to use kind of words to anybody. This shows his mentality as well.

    As far as the change is concerned, the names given here cannot be called great leaders. Each of them has given a chance. In fact Nazir Sabir has a great reputation being a climber and is great human being, but not gained the kind of reputation as a political leader. We must go for a person who doesn’t belong to MIR or Zardari Alliance.


    Malang jon

  49. Who shall represent Hunza in NALA?


    What for? What will he/she do there? or rather what he/she can do?

  50. i think we should think about some1 from youth..
    kia inn k illawa koi or leader nahi hai?? hum bar bar inn ko q aazma rahe hai?? humey chahye ki kisi educated person ko appreciate karain chahe male ho ya female


  51. As i noticed goin through all these comments that everyone iz suggesting a name that he iz a nice person ,hez done this n blah bla but nobody iz ready to come forward and lead the community. the only person who came forward is Ms Amina . i dont knw wheather she iz serious or not but thts really a nice gesture.

    leaders need support from the people.if we are united then it will be easier.First we were talking about HUnza and Gojal and now it seemz that a new game iz started between upper and lower gojal.


  52. Thanks my critics
    The discussion and feedback helped me read the minds of my crticis on this prestigious local website and they manifest their true colours. My conclusion is that one can fear that next waziristan and Swat will be in Karimaabd and its surroundins (neo-talibans) provided such minds get fire power and courge. It is alrming to note that intolerance hs long penetrated the minds of people behind the facade of ‘peacefulness’. My sincere regrets and ashmed of seeing brewing mess in my region. I can shudder seething intolerance.
    Durbeesh Ali

  53. Could i suggest the name of Ghulam Amin Beg to come forward and lead the peole of Hunza. i think despite of differences in political ideologies and ethnic affiliations he can be an acceptable person.

  54. I have put the name of Noor Muhammad on Hunza Times but do not show it here. Please give due consideration to this name as he is a real dark horse in the coming political secnario.

  55. Dear zulfi

    fully agree with your suggestion, if we talk about the real change, then we must go for people like Amin Beg or any other person who does not beleive or belong to the rubbish politics of this country………

    Malang jon

  56. Thank you for your criticism on my comment. As you said i appreciate shut up call to Mr. Derbeesh which was not fair, i personally agree with you. He is my brother and a good educated person with multi dimensional thoughts. My only concern was the AKDN institutions where he comments in a negative way, which we all still don like. His criticism abt Mir, Wazir, Abozar, Nazir etc were not criticized by any one. We all have right to critisize our political leaders if they are not sincere with us, but we have no rights to say bad about our institutions. Any how, I used the word (slaves) to other some candidates in the context that they were supporters of Mir in the past which u don’t understand again. It really doesn’t mean that they were working at Mirs house or what so ever you thought. In my opinion if we support those who were belongs to the same group or toola then our struggle for a real Leadership could not be fulfilled.
    Dear MOLONG JON, we should think over it together positively and we all must try to come out from darkness of regionalism and find a leader who should not believe in these regionalism, racism and extremism etc.



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