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Editorial: paying for deeds of the ‘royals’!!!!

The decision of National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) to degrade its regional office in Gilgit to ‘sub-regional’ level, in the wake of a loan scam allegedly master minded by “Prince” Saleem Khan, elder son of NALA – CE Ghazanfar Ali Khan and Ex-vice chairman of Silk Route Dry Port, Sost,  is not in line with reality. It defies logic because the ordinary people of Gilgit Baltistan (GB) have done nothing to deserve being deprived of the facilities provided by NBP’s regional office.

Instead of announcing closure of its regional office, NBP shall press for punitive measures against those involved in the scam, be them the “holy royals” or the bank’s own rats.

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  1. very rightly narrated, why folks of NA be take on task instead of the creminals, like so called prince, mirs and raja’s of Hunaza, why the whole folks of Gilgit Baltistan. The higher Management of NBP shuld think twoice before closing the office in Gilgit, it is not new in NPB there are many case throughout the country where the influncial people do this type of scams. did NBP has closed its office in Karachi where billions of ruppes has been lost due to the fake prpoerties, on which NBP has issued loans, why not NBP shuld take their own employees on task who are involved in this scam.

  2. Again my point of view is the same, how the banks and other machinery of the Country are working for the ruling class. We being educated people, Know well the family background of Mr. Ali Raza and never expect such action just to save an for the individuals, to punish all the People of Northern Areas,
    I personally strong protest, and if the status of the NBP not retain we ll approch to the International Agencies and high-ups with in the Country. We suggest to RAZA for the complete investigation and brink in lime light the culprits.

  3. tody his wife Atiqa demnded restortion of regionl office without telling cuse of the closure! Naive indeed.

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