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First development journal of Gilgit – Baltistan launched by KADO

by Ali Sarwar

kkhKarachi, February 12: Karakuram Area Development Organization (KADO) has launched the first development journal, “Karakuram Knowledge Highway (KKH)” , of Gilgit – Baltistan. The journal contains research papers, news and views related to the economy and politics of Gilgit-Baltistan and, specifically, Hunza. Among the contributors are Brig (r) Hisam Ullah Baig (MI), Dr Khawaja Khan, Ghulam Amin Baig, Sultan Ahmad, Mirbaz, Zulfiqar Ali Khan, Tikka Khan, Salman Abbas (Ail Al – Hakim), Abbas Ali and Noor Muhammad.

Zulfiqar Ali Khan is editor-in-chief of the beautifully designed magazine. It is available at Albela Signal, Attari News Stall, Garden East – Karachi and at Karachi Univesrity. Students and professionals have appreciated the constructive step and congratulated KADO for taking the unprecedented initiative.


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  1. Congrats to the Team of KKH Kharakurum Knowledge Highway, very good intiative and idea. Worth praise team to open the knowledge vistas in their respective knowledge background.

  2. I really appreciate the efforts of KADO ….managing development knowledge is really important these days…i’d suggest to make this journal avilable on web as well…


    Dushanbe, Tajikistan

  3. Salam ali kum

    I am living in Islamabad, Kindly inform me, where this Magazine is available at islamabad.



  4. …..Another unbeaten land explored! Congrates highlanders. for exploring Knowledge highway!
    i am of the opinion,this forum is flourishing ,stimulating and polishing youths of Gilgit-Baltistan,as time is runing rapidly and for sure managing yourths of the region. i salute Noor and Zulfi bhai for thier untiring efforts and class work for the youths betterment ,your every now and then initiatives toward new vista’s , expermenting and excercising youths in the knowledge society is a ray of hope. preparing us for the highest esteemed among the people and societies is remarkable objective!! i wish we all chas you and vision of our beloved Immam. and thanks to the other siniors for their valuable time and contributions,
    ofcourse it is a new horizon from high mountain Zone. i myself and youth of Gilgit-baltistan shouldl read and learn from this new Magezine, i would wish if i find one some where here in environ’s of islamabad ,rawalpindi..
    God’s Peace
    Congrats once agian.

  5. Dear Readers of PT,
    It is really a good initiative taken to compile the views and news related to the Giligt-Baltistan.
    I would personally request for some actions reflecting the views and news of the region. Only views and news can not finally resolve the pending issues rather some action points must be made to devise a lay out for the different issues relating to economy and politics.

    The step taken is indeed prospective and would bring about many changes but if is unbiased and free of any kind of favouritism.

    We need such developmental initiatives to provoke the tranquility of minds and give them a spark to activate their suppressed genes for better causes.


    Aslam Ghalib

  6. Congratulations for achieving another milestone!

    An electronic version of the publication on the website will make it more accessible to a wider range of readers and contributors.

    Best wishes for the initiative.

    Safina Arshad Harri
    AKU-IED, Karachi

  7. Congratulations Zulfiqar and team
    My Apprecaiations for all the comments but please go for making awrite up as maximum persons involve in different field.It will do contribute to the Journal but it will actually contribute for your career as making a zero 100 beause study every body does either weeping or sleeping but to go after some research activity and anylysing the issues and being in the field makes one sceintist thats all.We think and read about western Sceintist like Niel Bohr to Einstein,and think that they were some supernatural people,No way,they did one thing that was research,I dont want to pull all of you towards this subject but for agreat professional,research and writing is refreshing and reflecting all the thing he does and ais solution to all the illusions about the theories and things one has.I would also like to add that we love to give ideas very much on any issue,Believe me I will tell you that almost of them are mere speculations or just attributions.our society is based onj such attributions,we give opinion about others just on the basis of our very slight knowledge like walking somewhere in the moonlight in slleep.If we could get grip of knowledge of our whereabouts specially,geological,yoological,botanic as well as sociological knowlegde then we wil;l never need any American or Japanese professor to tell us about ourselvesy
    Akmighty bless you the KKH TEEM

  8. good initiative dear brothers but what will be roles of Brig (Rtd) Hasam and Dr khawaja if they have been taken onboard editorial board?

  9. The KKH magazine should reflect a total sceintific appraoch rather some political aspects to it..I respect Brig.Rtd Hassam Sahab as Social activist as well as a pride for our area,but the journals actually is edited by the researchers and Research fellows in cerain field,of course if some military strategic kind of papers are accepted then Hassam Sahab may be on board,but it will also depend on his previous research experience in his field.
    Being a Brigadier ,Medical Doctor or a great politician doesnt always mean a researcher or academician.I think if KKH must not forget including the PHD doctors like Dr. Saleem of Chilas,Dr.Jan of Hunza,Dr Gohar of Nagar and Dr Manzoor Ali of KIU and researchers like Fezel Amin Baig and Farman Ali and Ghulam Ali is quit justifiable.

    Its just asugesstion to bring the journal to optimum Seintific standards,although it may have its own indepedent policy.


  10. this name is not attractive nor impressive..
    but i appreciate the 1st step..
    a thousnad mile journey starts with a single step

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