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Pregnant woman dies on road

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Hunza-Nagar: A pregnant women lost her life while traveling a distance of 38km on foot in an attempt to reach a medical center for her delivery.

The deceased woman of Hisper Nagar was having labor pains and rushed to a medical center for delivery but the road was blocked due to heavy snowfall and she had to travel on foot to KKH in order to get into a vehicle to reach Gilgit city for medical aid but unfortunately after covering a distance of 38km she breathed her last before reaching the KKH.

It is merit to mention here that Hisper valley is cut-off from rest of the region due to heavy snowfall for the last two and half months. Six deaths have been reported and it is feared that the death toll may increase due to unavailability of basic necessities like medicine, food and warm clothes.

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  1. Its really a very sorrowful. Humanity is going towards death just because of lack of resources while we are enjoying our lives without thinking about these areas and these people 🙁

  2. this is very sad very sad and it should be bring into the notice of the gvt administration of Northern areas and should have a rally of women to shake the doors of the concerns to give the basic care unit for mothers
    please add voices

  3. The governemnt should also take the issue seriously and establish ,other child health care centres.Is there no any single Mother Child Health Centre in Hisper despite NGOs work.Like PAI.It i
    agreat blow to the NGOs that couldnt establish mother child care centre in Hisper. despite huge funds from all over the world and couldnt solve the basic health issue.

  4. Very sad situation, my heartfelt sympathy with graved family, it is not new for us, because we are people of that territory which is still disputed after 60 years has gone, our fathers fought war to liberate GB for our bright futures but we are still there where they were, I can just says Pakistan Zinda Bad.

  5. i think that local people should move forward and pressurise those political leaders who have shouldered the responsibility to facilitate their communities…..but unfortunately do nothing productive for the society….these leaders are responsible for all such types of tragedies…

    …felt really sad

  6. She has not died. She will be living forever reminding us that our mothers will also face the same situations because we are also having snowfalls. Our hospitals are also lacking the basic neceesities. Thanks to Imam Zaman, we have one good health care unit in Gulmit but what do you think, is it enough?
    I would say no, this is not enough. I wont blame the government nor I will beg my Imam to provide us more health facilities. When will I myself start realising my needs and wants? Do I really need to blame Pakistan or do we need to start something ourselves? We are living in 21st century, we must also develop our minds that would think of all these issues. Maashallah, we have sound people in our areas who are finacially strong. We need to be a little generous in our efforts to understand the true concept pf modernism. We must be ready to give pennies to join hands in development.
    She is just like our second mother and all we could do is pray for her soul and her baby’s soul. She will live, brave people never die making us realise that we need to be brave and generous enough to HELP.
    L 🙂 VE

  7. The situation shows such a miserable condition who can face ever and at a time not only one life but two lives were lost pathetically. It is really a time to wonder that despite of numerous NGOs and Government Organisations working there people are conditioned to face such brutal incidents.
    It is the responsibility of political leaders, Govt, NGOs and media to seriously take notice of such incidents otherwise all their claim of development will be so obvious to the world…


  8. With a very sad heart and soul for the forced demise of one of our mother and sympathies with the grived family. I agree with ABC that it happens with the people of area to loss its mothers, sisters, fathers, sons and brothers often due to lack of adequate facilities. Yes the leadership of the area is responsible for it, but the existing leadership is nothing more than ruber stamps in the hand of Govt of Pakistan. As Hub Ali said we are still in occupation even though we got independece more than 60 years from now. We are occopied people under oppression without any real power to do any good forourselves. Our resources are been used by those in Islamabad for their own Ayashee and our mothers are dying on roads in pregnancy, please wake up, you are still thinking that you are Pakistani, without knowing that you are under occupation and disputed.


  9. it is very very sad news.we need to give more facilities to the medical students from North.and also the Helth Centres in Different Places. and also we will in faver of our girls education.

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