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[AmiNama] Women of my valley

AmiNama is a new  term that cobimes “Amina” and “Nama” (letter in Persian/Urdu). It means “Letter from Amina”. Aminama will be written by Amina Khan, currently based in USA.   This segment is a symbol of Pamir Times’ support for equality of opportunity and expression. Editor_.


She rises with sun

Giving light to the earth

And sleeps with stars

Ever since your birth


She weeps when you ail

She laughs when you sing

She is always full of love,

Be it autumn or spring


She lies to the world,

After you beat her,

“He is very kind and gentle”

She tells your neighbor


She hides her pain

But eyes can not lie

She lies to the world

But tears don’t lie


She lives for you,

And she dies for you

And when you find someone else

She leaves for you!!


She leaves your house

Which she built with her blood

And you treat her, as if

She is made of mud!!


Very silent and simple

She is lady of my valley

My heroes and my strength

All women of my valley

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  1. Hi Amina khan
    Fantastic poetry I hop you will be the first women poet of Gojal try to use literal words in yours poetry. But really very nice and productive initiative, this expression shows yours love passion and devotion toward the area.

  2. Dear readers of PT,
    It is indeed a marvellous initiative by Miss Amina to create a conducive environment through her NAMA especially towards the eradication of gender discrimination.
    We have been having the issues of gender discrimination which is although not very much deep rooted compared to the areas found in our vicinity.
    The concept of working together for a common cause and a common goal is really desired in our region.We need to open up our minds and come out of the boudaries developed because of the external intervention.We have a very sound back groud and enriched and value added cultural practices.It nevers teaches us the lessons of being narrow and conservative.

    I hope women like Miss Amina will come forward and play their due role in changing the mindset for better future prospects.


    Aslam Ghalib

  3. This poetry is very telling and provocative yet gentle and polite. I really appreciate Ms. Amina Khan for her engaging poetry.

    Best of luck.


  4. Ms. Amina Khan I really appreciate such creativity and this is the step toword the new age wish you all the best.

  5. YAM n SALAM to alll

    hi amina sis/aunt…u wrote simply a FAANTASTIC poetry hm really..
    n i wanna ask…..can i COMPOXE this poetry?

    ‘irfan ally gulmit gojal hunza
    now in karachi……

  6. With very kind permission of you all… I just want to ask is this a literary appreciation or a bias one. I think one must be knowing something about poetics before writing. Its a suggestion. And amina frankly i do not see a single word that is capable of grabbing a soul. which is real essence of poetry.

  7. Miss Amina…
    Its really fantastic poetry and i think you have stressed on the role of mother in this poem.. no doubt she is MOM who does it all her worries behind.. and i appreciate such kind of creativity.. Great!! God Bless You…

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