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JUI sees “Israel-like” state in Gilgit – Baltistan, seeks the rangers’ help

Gilgit, 23 February: Members of the Jamiat-e-ulama Islam, Northern Areas, said at a press conference that imperialist forces have increased their efforts for conversion of Gilgit – Baltistan into an “Israel like” state. They attributed recent rumors and uncertainty, ‘deteriorating atmosphere of law and order’, to the ill designs of such forces.  

Luqman Hakim, regional leader of the JUI, said that international evil forces are trying to expand the war in WANA and Swat to Diamir, Gilgit and Hunza, mentioned separately, as well. He further projected that the war could also be extended to the Xingjian province of China, also.  

Analysts see these comments from the JUI’s regional leaders as continuation of JUI Chief, Fazal ur Rehman’s diatribe against USA and Israel. The JUI chief, in a gathering of party workers belonging to Gilgit – Baltistan, held last month, had prophesized existence of schemes and mechanism working for creation of an “Israel like” state in the region.

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  1. JUI has truly highlighted that extremism can be spread upt o Xinkiang.I agree with Maulana Sahab,but only Rangers will not be enough it is the people who can stop these factors.And JUI can play avery important role in it.

  2. I hope “International evil forces” means Taliban. The two forces at war in Swat are Taliban and Pakistan Army and i don’t think Mr. Luqman is using this word for the Army.

    I also agree with Mr. Luqman, the next target of Taliban would be Khoistan than Diamer and then the rest of Gilgit-Baltistan. We all should join hands to thwart this nefarius design of the Taliban. I also agree that the Taliban want to create a “Isreal like” state which would have no respect for the rights of the minority.

  3. I hope the proposed state will be more enlightened, more progressive, responsive, more responsible, democratic and accommodative and will not shove us back to the medieval ages.
    It should be seen in a context that somehow or the other it will respect civil rights, women rights, freedom of speech, human liberties, social justice and constitutional rights than living under the clutches of continued constitutional limbo or bloodshed.
    Thus it may be taken as an opportunity than a danger to our proaperityt. Why comrades of JUI are so afraid of this? The movers of the news statement have obvious reasons and deserves no comments and that is why they knowingly propose/import monogram of Israel for the ideological structure of the new state that might be in their minds or wombs but no responsible media or think tank have so far revealed the pith of this new state. Be that as it may, the statement might also be a prelude to divide people further on sectarian lines multiplying the sense of insecurity in a sectarian-charged atmosphere. After all, we must not shirk the responsibility of having our hands in the sectarian frenzy and should not blame others for our own follies.
    The widespread mistrust and alienation amongst the communities of Gilgit-Baltistan drives many of us to perceive sheer hallucinations and titanic fantasies about new states and conspiracies. The lost identity or lack of identity has reduced us to laughing stocks and as such the news calls for provision of substantial evidence without which it is mere demagoguery. Please probe this with a bayonet, if possible.

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  5. What does “Israel Like” means anyway? Ever heard of anyone claiming about a “Promised Land” in Northern Area and Baltistan?
    I haven’t….! Seems a new divine revelation on JUI. if so we would be interested to learn more.

    wily old Fazal I think he confused Sawt & Fata for Gilgit Baltistan..hahahaha

  6. I am abit surprised with such comments that if there exists Azad Kashmir with a prime Minister its not an Israel.If you give a setup like that here it is Israel.How and why waht we want to prove that the people here are disloyal with the Nation of Pakistan, in case if they are empowered.if yes then in every war the people of Gilgit Baltistan from all segments have proved with their blood that with whom are they loyal and who they are,definetly Muslims100 percent.Its proved fact but why many people are not staisfied.What else they need to prove your loyalty.I donnot believe if there is something more one can give than his life like that of Lalik Jan and the Pakistan constitution gives you freedom of your faith practices according to your faith.Perhaps such people want only faith change.Such comments come soon after when a government talks to give rights to the people of the area.AlthoughI respect JUI but am surprised with some people despite being the people of this region and against empowerment and constitutional rights.

  7. I fully agree with local leadership of JUI F that the sponsors of war in Wazirstan, Bajor and Swat will want to shift this war to Northern Areas to disturb the peace in the region, eventually if this war prevailed in NA nobody will stop this to be enter in to China, now it is very cleared that war in Fata and other parts of NWFP is not fought by local people, there is some concealed forces who invested in it to destabilize the every corner of this country. Thanks to JUI Fazal Rehman Group for pointing out this.

  8. Well, the young state and society of Pakistan is in a flux; on the one hand, the forces of modernity and liberalism are roaring as manifested through a culture of consumerism and openness in our cities, corporate entities and free media; on the other hand, forces of conservativism, feudalism and revivalism are making inroads into the larger society and state as manifested through suicide bomb attacks, dynamiting girl schools, slaughter of Muslims by Muslims and bands of people taking law, life and honour of people in thier own hands on gun-points, in the good name of religion or tradition and making whole populations hostage to their imposed views on how to live, work, think, behave and even cry or laugh!

    The silent majority, the so-called moderates, are the victims.

    Much of the media and the analysts blame the establishment, the rotten elites, who govern this country through Musharafs, Zardaris and Sharifs.

    The state of Pakistan already has many ‘israel-like’ mini-states, if that means in the eyes of the report as selective, ideologically motivated, repressive dens, ignorant of the rights of minorities and other people: Islamabad and Rawalpindi is governed by the establishment, FATA and Swat by Al-Qaeda and Taliban, Karachi effectively by MQM and the agencies, parts of Balouchistan by establishment, Tribal Chiefs and BLA, much of NWFP by taliban and tribals, interior Sindh and southern Punjab by Waderah Sayins,Pirs and Mirs etc. Besides the Cantonments are a governed by special laws that could be termed as a state within a state.

    As for AJK and the poor NAs or GB is concerned, it continous to be firmly governed by Islamabad through a non-declared FCR, and by that extension by the establishment. And everybody knows who governs the establishment, and what is the relationship between the sponsor of the Islamabad establishment and the state of Israel??

    As for China and Xinjiang and keeping calm and peace around the western border of China, if we look at the economic progress in China, the patience and strategic thinking of the Chinese leadership, we may assess, they are very much aware of what is happening 3-500 kms from their border, and nobody should doubt, given the past events in Xinjiang that they have the will and capacity to handle such situations.

    What we needs in GB is not to allow rumours inflame us again; sustain the fragile peace and avoid internal feuds and violence this time.THIS TIME, If we acted as pawns in the hidden hands of those who created situations like 1988 and 2005, the ultimate loosers will be US ALL, the people of GB.

    This time, the establishment with all its double and dubious roles, the imperialist machinery with all its sectarian and religious bands and tantacles and our wicked and cautious neighbours, might act in unisum, as they have identified a common enemy for the time being to meet their diverse strategic interests in the broader middle east and central asia.


  9. It is very surprising to note the all such revelations are made of some religious parties. I still remember that the NWFP chief of JI also made such a comment a couple months of ago about the forming a a new country comprising of Chitral and other Gilgit – Baltistan areas.
    I appreciate the analysis of babu!!!

  10. Dear Readers,
    It seems to me that JUI has wxcellent connections with Israel that it knows very well such plots before.
    Furqan Ali Hakim

  11. Its an addition to my knowledge that RANGERS will be able to fail the alleged plotting i will be proud of such peramilitary force.Why such an effecient force is not used in other disturbed areas due to such plotings across the countries replacing the other forces/

  12. It is an invitation to the extremists on behalf of JUI to ths regions to stop this alleged Israeli State theory.

  13. A fack and backward thinking …… i think that no one can emitts their supper or whatever force on us as we are the most ellitrate area in pakistan, and about the talabination .., i think that THE are not one of us as a muslim so there is no way that the will come to gilgit …. or faraway to china….

  14. Great! conmspiracy theory . so what to do next? JUI may ready to contest elections for the seat of opposition leader?

  15. Our hirsute brigade have drove beyond the borders and may be they were thinking about a “Lebanon-like” state in GB. Why? Because GB has all the features, attributes, events, eligibility, circumstances and paraphernalia to become Lebanon when analyzed from the hindsight. The civil war between Shias, Sunnis, Christians and Daruze can give us a picture about to be balkanized GB. So the mistake of headline may be regretted. It is a overgeneralization to see a state due to insinuation that certain NGOs are expanding their network in GB unless the fate of region is decided by imperial forces vis-à-vis China. Zionist Israel has no such internal history of internecine wars to discredit itself. So what they meant was Lebanon and no one may doubt their designs and intensions if they are ready to orchestrate it.

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