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Probe into Sost Port corruption sought

 Yuan Ziamin and Ali Afsar during the meeting

by: Zulfiqar Ali Khan
The board of directors of Silk Route Dry Port Trust has unanimously approved the decisions of the Pakistan-China Sost Port Company and demanded a probe against former vice-chairman of the company Saleem Khan and others for their alleged corruption and mismanagement at the Sost Dry Port.
The board, which met at Sost recently after arrival from Urumqi, Sinkiang province, appreciated the role of Northern Areas administration and local community for their role in resolving the dispute over the Port affairs. 

A member privy to the meeting, told Dawn that the fifth board meeting of the Pak-China Sost Port Company, a joint venture of Pakistan and China, has unanimously passed a resolution to take legal action against Saleem Khan, former vice-chairman of the concern, for illegally securing Rs50 million loan from the National Bank of Pakistan without the consent of the port authorities and faking their signatures as well as drawing money from the company account.

The board, which met in Urumchi, China recently dismissed Saleem Khan, son of Northern Areas Chief Executive Ghazanfar Ali Khan, from the post and appointed Ali Afsar as the new vice-chairman of the joint venture.

The board also removed Ghazanfar Ali Khan from his post as chairman of the Sost Dry Port.

The board meeting was jointly presided over by Yuan Jiamin, Chairman of the joint venture company, and Ali Afsarm, vice-chairman.

The officials said Hoor Shah and Niaz Baig were appointed as directors replacing Shahbaz Khan and Barkat Ali. Similarly, Iman Shah was dismissed and Sultan Ali was appointed as the new deputy-managing director of the Sost Dry Port.

The delegates from Pakistani side included Ali Afsar, Hoor Shah; Senior ViceChairman SRDPT, Niaz Baig, Sultan Ali and Ahmedullah. The meeting was participated by board of directors and management including Deng Xiaobin, Houn Zou, Ping, Wang, Zhang Yi, Chai Hui, Yung Guyinggrong, Lou Rong, Guing from Chinese side.

During the two-day meeting both the parties unanimously approved eleven resolutions and memorandums:

Powers were delegated to the newly-elected Vice-Chairman and directors from Pakistan side.

Ghazanfar Ali Khan and his family members will have nothing to do with the port affairs.

The parties decided to register a case against Saleem Khan in a Pakistani court for the loan he got illegally from National Bank of Pakistan.

The meeting was informed that Saleem Khan has siphoned off about 70 per cent of the port income by pressurizing the management due to the political influence of his father.

The resolution demanded Saleem Khan to make settlement of the accounts till February 28, 2009, otherwise legal action will be taken against him.

The parties also changed the bank signatories and made the approval from Chairman and Vice-Chairman mandatory for drawing huge amount from the company account. They authorised the Silk Route Dry Port Trust to come up with any new agreement or project from Pakistani side.

The parties also approved the document of the registration of directors of the Pak-China Sost Port Company and its share capitals in the Planning and Development Department, Northern Areas.

The meeting approved the financial reports for 2007-08, operational plan for 2009 and appointed auditor and legal adviser.

The newly appointed directors and management from Pakistan side were awarded their certificates of appointment at a gathering.

The Vice President of Xinjian province, government, customs and Communist party officials were also present at the ceremony.

Yuan Jiamin, the chairman of the PakChina Joint Venture Company during his speech announced to celebrate the Nouroze festival in Sost, Gojal on March 21, 2009.  Also at Dawn

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  1. Bring both of them to justice ASAP. They r not going to pay back the loan unless they r being dragged to courts.
    Jaisa baap waisa baita.
    They have been stealing the wealth of local people for last 900 years. stop them now.

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