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N.As Chief Court grants bail to DIG

GILGIT, March 5: Northern Areas Chief Court on Thursday suspended an order passed by the Anti-Terrorist Court’s administrative judge against the local deputy inspector general of police (DIG), officials said.
The ATC judge, Raja Shahbaz, had sentenced DIG Mohammad Hanif to three months in prison after he failed to submit a challan in a murder case despite laps of considerable time. The court also imposed Rs10,000 fine on him for contempt.The police were supposed to present the challan within seven days of sending individuals to jail on judicial remand.

Administrative Judge Shahbaz had issued several notices to the police so that hearing in the murder case could begin, but the court orders were not followed.

Finally, a show cause notice was served and the sentence was announced following a short hearing.

DIG Hanif moved the Chief Court against the ATC decision, and Chief Judge Raja Jalal suspended the previous order, ruling that regular hearing would begin from March 11. The DIG was also granted bail. Dawn

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  1. The event heralds a new era of judicial assertiveness in NA. The courts have started to put their foot down. Hope their new-found courage and confidence spreads to all the cases that are put forth in them!!!

  2. Every one is aware of the judiciary system of Pakistan where Chief Justice of the Supreme Court himself is victimized.

    “Might is right”

    “Move” and “change” the system

  3. Just to laugh on this decesion, and want to more laugh on suspension of the decision of so called chief court, Hanif who is famous for is many deed, but yet not arrested, he should be behind the bar for his deed

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