Gilgit - Baltistan

Opinion: In retrospect

by Shujaat Ali

“Am I doing what I am supposed to do”, is a common question that we often ignore in our routine life. Everybody in this world has some responsibility and every one is accountable for his/her responsibility. Socially, morally, religiously and professionally we are responsible and accountable as well. An understanding of both responsibility and accountability will lead us toward self analysis.  Awareness is the first step toward analysis. Awareness may be related to self, social, religious (moral) or career. Understanding one self is a challenge many today still face as it helps in discovering new boundaries that one may not have envisioned. It is often the case that people do not delve into the unknown because of the fear that it will require too much work. Today it is becoming need of the hour. In professional life, SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunities and threat) analysis is a frequently used terminology. Let us focus on the importance of self analysis for young generation in future.

In daily life we often remain in search of finding weaknesses in others but what we forget is to take account our own weaknesses.  No one in this world is perfect is a reality that we can not deny. The question arises why we feel proud of our achievements, capabilities and God gifted abilities. Although, we know that every human being is respectable and no one is superior or inferior. One must not loose hope if he/she is deficient in something. Desperation may be due to any reason but don’t consider it a permanent phenomena.  First understand what I haven’t and then go for the next step that is how I can achieve it. Keep in mind that nothing is impossible for a willing heart and fortune always favors the brave.

A couple of days ago a friend of mine sent me a text message asking what will the biggest challenge for our young generation in future. It was not a simple question as such. I thought for a while and responded according to whatever came to my mind at that point. Later on, I thought that the world is changing so fast, are we ready to equip ourselves with the same pace and walk in tandem with rest of the world. Rupert Murdoch, Chairman & CEO, News Corporation, has truly said that “The world is changing very fast. The big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow.”

I am not saying that self analysis would the biggest challenge for young generation in future although it may be. Having said that let us discuss what the biggest challenge(s) is for our young generation. Every one would answer it in its own way. There would not be a single answer to this question. What actually matters is we think in our own perspective that what would be the biggest challenge(s) for me/us in years ahead.


The writer works for UNESCO, based in Pakistan.

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  1. Dear Sir,

    I agree in conformity that self analysis would the biggest challenge for young generation in future as well as in today world.

    Today’s youth especially the youth of Gilgit Baltistan are passing through a phase of transition and the principle of self analysis is strongly needed in order to develop a strong egalitarian society- which include the role of youth for the society and their abilities of assessment of the true functioning of institutions and to design mechanism to keep a check and balance in their affairs for example the credit society in the villages, political post holdings, the police departments in village and many others.

    Ali Sarwar

  2. If we are going to take charge of the future, we have to be generational thinkers. That means everything that you do, you have to think of the person who is coming after you and make sure the person coming after you, will not be worse off but will be better than you are.
    ali musa

  3. I appreciate your effort in putting forward this significant issue related to an individual’s life.I would say we have to take out time and organize such activities,which could help our” youth” to understand their importance and how to move in a society.Atleast equib them with a sense of being valuable and develop a sense of trust in them so that in future,they will be able to face reality and expect alot from their ownselves.
    we are responsible in shaping their future so we need to tell them again and again and show them the balance in life, between worldly and spiritual life.

  4. Hi jajad,

    indeed good effort, well formation of idea’s for future stimulations, constrution work starts after intensive structure study and then foundation, and lack of proper planing and lack of time management linger students to accomplish the desired gaol within a particular fram of time,
    appreciated for putting the good piece of work, you convinced me truly,hope there is more peruasion such as me.
    so better to manage ourselves in such hectic and metal excellence era! and definitely this transition phase certainly take time.
    cheers dear

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