Gilgit - Baltistan

Gojal’s transporters over charging

by Ghulam Nasir

Gilgit, 12 March: Commuters have complained of overcharing by transport companies working in Gojal Valley. “All transporters have reduced fares except for those operating in Gojal Valley”, complained a passenger to this correspondent. The transporters charge Rs 140 per passenger on the Gilgit – Aliabad route, while Rs 250 is being charged on the Gilgit – Sost route.

This, according to the passengers, is unjust because normally the fare from Aliabad to Sost is Rs 60/65 per passengers.  The relevant government officials have been asked to intervene and regulate transportation fares in the region.

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  1. Dear Nasir and Pamir Times,

    Thanks for sharing and highlighting this news item. Unfortunately, things go in reverse in the country in general and in our region in particular, either it is electricity problem or the transportation or the flour issue. Politicians, government official and civil society should raise these genuine issues. Now day’s common people are in dilemma and could not meet their basic needs because of the price hike, high inflation rate and unemployment. Recently I have been to Chipursun and Misgar valleys and as an eye witness I observed and realized the hardships of the people in terms of transportations of goods (wood and coal for fuel, flour, fodder for livestock’s, including passengers own fairs). According to the news the people of Shimshal valley face the same problems and nobody raise their voice. The indifferent situation of the people made it more difficult and the monopoly of the local transporters rise day by day. Even the law enforcing agencies failed to implement the fairs ordered by the transportation authority. Everybody should play their due role and stop the injustice and unfair means to keep the society alive.

    Thanks and regards
    Sharif Khan

  2. Nasir bhai has took a keen issue!
    the tranporter from gojal should reduced the charges! infact the oil charhes were reduced by the Government!

  3. Nasir,
    Well, it’s really a key issue highlight by you the concerns should take immediate steps to solve this problem …as the oil prices has been reduces more then three time ….

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