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Margalla Climbing Club Islamabad (MCCI) – an introduction

by Faisal Ayub

faislaThe Margalla Climbing Club Islamabad was launched with the view of catering healthy sporting services to adventure lovers. It also aims to prepare its members for dealing with disaster situations in the mountain areas.

It is a not-for- porfit organization and those living in Islamabad, or Rawalpindi, can join the club. Already four youth from different parts of Gojal Valley are part of the club, including, apart from me, Sami Ullah Baig (Gulmit), Ghazi (Shimshal), and Rozi (Ghulkin).

 For further details you can contact or cell number 0345-5930911

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  1. Dear Faisal

    Can U share the Procedure , Criteria,Rules and regulation to be a part of MCCI.

  2. inshallah we will join u soon
    the Gpsf is always in fever of these things
    and we wish you all the best

  3. Thank u all for such a positive response…
    for the procedure u can contact me
    Cell no: 03455930911

  4. Hope our youth would not only join the club but make a name to. I wish my brothers best of luck.

  5. Hey guys,
    Its really a great step, just go on with your extreme efforts. My best wishes and prayers are with you and for the success of your club. Well done


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