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Additional seat for Hunza valley demanded

Press Release

Aziz Jan, senior vice president of PPP Hunza and Farman Ali Razi, vice president of PYO, met federal minister for Northern Areas, Qamr Zaman Kaira, here in Islamabad. According to a press release issued by PPP Hunza, the two party leaders briefed the minister about issues faced by people of the region. They demanded an additional seat for Hunza valley in the Northern Areas Legislative Assembly, the press release says. 

The minister assured the two party leaders that a comprehensive constitutional package is being prepared for the Northern Areas and it will help resolve most of the region’s issues. He also said, reports the press release that an additional seat will be given to the Hunza valley, as envisaged by the constitution.

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  1. Good effort made by the two young political activists, hope it will bring great change in the region but the most important issues of electricity must be resolved.

  2. we apreshat these 2 young leaders doing good work…… keep it up……

  3. We should appreciate the effort of Aziz Jan and Farman Razi and this shows our youth are now on the right track towards the political awareness and activities. Whether the demand is implemented or not is another issue but we should morally support this new generation political works …
    I do hop our other political workers too should follow such political activities.

  4. What a joke,,, I think both of them are free now a days, one is waiting for the upcoming potato season to start his business, and other, is perhaps not having good profit in his business, so they thought to become leaders of PPP, to gain some popularity. I even doubt the photographs taken with the KANA Minister?? thanks to the computer softwares like photoshop,,

    If both of them are trying to make their reputation for the next elections, then I must say it is a cheep way to do so. Mr. Aziz Jan, you are the Chairman Union Council, if you really want to increase your popularity, please work for the people who elected you, instead of sitting in Islamabad and wondering around Ministers.


  5. Dear Aziz jan and Farman Razi you doing good job
    This is a great news for Hunza region as a separate seat because this is our need and basic right.
    So keep it up your straggles for the interest of Hunza region and you people should be meeting with the community leaders too for the betterment straggles

    Ali Aman Gojali

  6. My dear Mr. Junaid,
    It is really shocking to hear words like that from a young and talented personality, it is not the matter of a single person and the potatoes issues is personal so you ought to aprreciate the efforts of the two young leaders who are working at Hunza level, so don’t even discuss the personal issues over this site.

  7. What is this junaid talking about?, where the potatos and tomatos come from,

    they are real heros….trying to do something for the people of OUR region…. Who are you to Critisize their efforts????

  8. Both of you looking too smart. keep it up………………………………………………………

  9. I wish instead of meeting high officials in Islamabad if they find solution to the basic problems existing in Gojal. Most importantly, the issue of compensation to those who are suffering due to the expansion of KHH, for me it’s a photo session for upcoming election, whether it is Aziz jan or Shahbaz khan. Sorry to say…


  10. Dear AZiz and farman you did superb job keep it up we respect your work GOOD LUCK and GOD Speed.

  11. Dear both – wonderful but not only showing your reference, please highlights the problem of the region which people are facing. You people again the same demanded which you have demanded from Mr Farhat Ullah………… so keep in mind you representing Gojal

  12. Aziz keep it up and dont worry we all are with you time is yours now and you are the hope of not only gojal hope of all hunza we proud

  13. Dear Readers of PT,
    It is a very good work being carried forward by the two energetic young members of the society.

    It is quite unfortunate that still we are deprived of the basic rights that are either social or political or other than these.

    We need to give back up to all those who have the guts and right intentions for the reinstatement of the basic rights to the really deserving petriotic citizens of Pakistan.The people of the region are more affiliated with this country emotionally despite the fact that the treatment from the concerned authorities in the past has not been effective and constructive.

    I appreciate both the individuals for their good intentions and determination towartds the task.


    Aslam Khan Ghalib
    Lahore, Pakistan

  14. This morning when I open the PT site, the only voice who are trying his best to highlight the real and core issues of the remote and neglected Area of “Hunza Gojal” Pakistan.

    No doubt, the people of “Hunza Gojal” are really humble, warmth and innocent who are suffering since long to achieving there basic rights within the GILGIT Politics, Administration, Health, Education, Legal rights and others.

    This really give me immense pleasure to see few of our young, talented and far-sighted politicians on PT, which seems that we have the potential to move forward and share our voice with high officials and raise our basic problems and work with positive approaches to sustain the kidmat of the real needy peoples of the Area.

    There are black sheep who are personalizing these common issues and they are Jay less of your success. Keep it up and struggle for the betterment of the neglected Area “Hunza Gojal”.

    I am confident if you provide services to the needy peoples God will help you.

    Amir Ali (Advocate)

  15. good job farman bai, keep it up chairman aziz jan.
    a political worker has to be “chalta phirta purza” like u both

  16. Dear Readers,
    We should encourge these leaders who are conveying people grievences to the top officials of government.

    Keep it up.

    Israr Ahmed

  17. Dear Editor PT…
    It is requested to you that don’t approve that comments in which they are using their niks instead of their real name, which ceates doubt in the readers mind and they are making the problems personal, so kindly consider this issue and approve the messages with their real name.

  18. Good job mr aziz jan dont worry you are going now in wright way every body from hunza knows that the seat in NALA is very important demand of all hunza no need to get permition about that again and again from some one
    task is very hard but we know you can do this so please keep it up no need to see personel comments which are against you.
    with best regard
    zahoor karim

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