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Police official roughed up in Gulmit

Gulmit, April 30: A group of youngsters has beaten a member of the special force deputed for security of the Chinese workers, in Gulmit. The police official has been transferred, with immediate effect, to another station on orders of the force’s superintendent.  According to reports, the youngsters had complained against unnecessary interference of that particular irrelevant official in the examination hall, where girl students were also writing exam papers.

Apparently the official tried to frighten the youth with his official powers. However, this show of force costed him dearly as the frustrated group of youth roughed him up. It is being said that the examiner brings irrelevant office bearers of the Tehsil administration to the examination hall, in violation of the rules of examination  which allow only designated invigilators to be inside the examination hall.

Local people have termed the incident as unfortunate and have appealed to the security officials to be sensitive toward local norms and customs. (PT report)

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  1. Right thing done by the youngsters.Though voilence is a crime,
    certain matters need such kind of response. Security officials are not supposed to voilate the customs and traditions of our area. They are deployed for security of the people but they must not go beyond the boundries of ethics.
    i request the concerned autorities to reflect on the matter and take the legal action against the alleged security administration to ensure the safegard of our people and area.
    i hope that in the coming era our youngsters would not be compelled again to take such steps.

  2. i fully appreciate what they youth have done, so we request all the noteables to support these youth to counter these types of situation in Gojal. well done, keep it up

  3. Dear readers

    We respect the views expressed on this post. We promote freedom of expression and would not censor your comments, untill they violate the comments ettiquettes.

    However, let’s make it clear that PT discourages violence at all levels, and in all circumstances. As members of an educated community, we shall eagerly look for peaceful means for resolving issues.

    It is also imporant that the law enforcers stop violating laws of the society and the state. The SP’s decision to immediately transfer the constable must be appreciated. It is also important to ensure that such incidents don’t take place in the future.

    Chief Editor_.

  4. Step has been taken at the right time. But not only the Youth ,other responsible stake should look after these afair.Try to find out the root cause and depute persons for the exam who is sincere with the students ,not harrasing them

  5. It is indeed an unfortunate incidence. Youth should be aware of the consequences of such events on their entire future career. I would like to suggest that violence should be avoided in any circumstances.

    I think in the true spirit of positivity and claiming to be an educated society such situations should be handled with great care. As these incidents harm the relationships between other communities which can not be afforded in the difficult times that we are passing through.

    I hope the matter may have been resolved peacefully by now and does not happen in future.


  6. Well done guys..keep it Up…These types of action is highly appreciated and need of the hours………


  7. this is show of lively youth among our society . everybody should pay respect to others…. i appreciate the act of SP for transferring the official .

  8. kya bath hai yar…….well done and i fully appreciate you people………bahot achi bath hia………..zindabad honi chahiye….

  9. The incident in Gulmit is really deplorable. When a law personal indulge in such activities, the rest is not assured. the policeman should be punished according to law. there should not be any mercy on him. However, i am also surprised to read the comments of our youth in comments regarding this news. everybody seems to be favoring violence if given a chance. the violent motives are just lurking beneath the civility and docility of the people of Hunza. I agree with what Sher Karim said and the note of caution by the Editor. A cock fights well on his own dunghill. What will happen if he leaves that arena? that is what Karim Sher was asking us to ponder.

  10. It is indeed a worst step taken against the examinees and it is against the rule of law. We apppericate the youngsters effort and courage. People should do their own business acccording to the law of Business.
    If the police force is too much powerful than i request them please go and find out the hidden criminals and the issues which are hidden.

  11. The boys involved in the scuffle and indeed everyone else in gulmit beware, the police will probably try to settle score and also show who is the boss..

  12. At the moment we the Gojalies have to admit to the bitter reality. Regardless of the fact that we have been living here in the Pamirs for many centuries this is were we have been part of the world.
    We are forever minorities in all aspect of life we are Muslim but we are Minorities called Ismailias. In Ismailias we are the poor Badakshanies (the who are chokidars, lack riches of live and do go with welfare in ever health problems) under the south Ismailies khujas (regardless of knowledge and education borne leaders and rich in all aspect of life) the rich and controlling power. We are the Hunza dwellers but the minorities called Wakhi. We all have degrees but minorities in education.
    We practices incomplete right to vote as like rest of the people of north, but are worst in leadership as we lack the word Leader, and as a result are minorities in leadership, because 80% of our leaders are uneducated Drivers, rest of the 20% are uneducated about political ideas or ways to see the rights that people of the are in need.
    This incident is not new to the Gojali, with history of oppression , you talk of Police torture, section pressure, form our neighbor, our heads is always down. Why? Because we are peaceful people!!!!!!
    We have many example of the incidents in which we were massed around by just any class one civil servant. If any action is taken most of the time leaders who never even have heard of the word “RIGHT” have to bag and they do no that they do not have any one to be supported by.
    What we are, we are afraid of protest because we take violence and protest as one, we can not be good in religious set up so many be we can work our ways, through, but we can because we are Badakshanis. We can not go to politics, because we are not fit for either PPP or PML, because the criteria to go into these parties is lacking because we are Ismailias that is the reality in Gilgit.
    So What should we do?
    We are they community that needs right the most, but the same time do not know what is it. We want our right at the same time we cannot leave our believes that is peace full. Sorry to say if your in this in this situation you have to chose to live. Fight or die in misery (which we are good at)
    We need to open our eyes and to yon with shout, so we can get form the hundred years of slumber of misery, oppression, self-ignorance , so the other must realize our existences , that the Gojalies are alive and that they have power.
    We need such bone braking and blood to make our point. But we can only do it when we differentiate between Religion and Politics.

  13. Raising forceful and loud voice, both verbal and written, against in justice, highhandedness, cruelty…. at appropriate levels and forums is considered to be permissible acts in civilized societies; while using hands with excessive force, particularly against any government functionary are branded as acts of violence, attracting prescribed punishments.

    The youth of Gojal, particularly of Gulmit are well advised to recognize the fine line between civil rights and violence, which separates law-breakers from social activists. The people of Gulmit/ Gojal have had a bitter experience some years ago; we should learn a lesson from that unfortunate incidence.

    Mutabiat Shah, Islamabad

  14. please post my comment PT.

    well done Guys:

    we had beaten up alot of peoples in Gulmit:
    but everone of our leaders and our seniors never ever Had apricieated us even they know that we had done fine:: i personaly want to hang these kind of officials with their uniform infront of everyone for a Day.

    no one is Gona kill us . wake up Gojaliz.

    but no one support us….? why ? are u peoples afraid of anyone that u People take thier sides infront of the police officials. these official who have came up there to safe us and to justice to the law. the are the most highly courupt people there.

    No need of police there!!!!!! please remove the policestation from there And Build a College for Us. So we Could study in our own society!!!!!

    thank u.
    dear readers :: is anyone in my suppot?

  15. i m proud f u my youngsters bcz they taken a step against the examinees and it against the rule f law.wel done…………….

  16. Violence is not the way of solution; political path is the best way of solution, we paid a very high cost for the last incident, so plz …

    I will also request the concern authorities to train the Forces how to deal and respect the local Culture and customs of any society

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