Gilgit - Baltistan

Bomb blast at hostel in Gilgit city

 Protesters in the main Bazar area


  by Farman Karim Baig


Gilgit, May 23: A bomb blast at Bagrot Hostel Gilgit, Konodas, above the river Hanisara has killed at least one student, also injuring two more. According to unconfirmed reports miscreants had planted a bomb in one of the hostel’s many rooms which exploded and killed at least one student. There are also contradictory reports about death of two students. Sounds of gun shots have also been reported apart from the bomb explosion. The hostel is in a dilapidated condition, with only few of the many rooms functional for residential purpose.

 Protesting against the death of innocent students and the efforts to terrorize citizens of Gilgit city and the entire Gilgit – Baltistan with bomb blasts and target killings, hundreds of people blocked roads, burnt tires and rallied through the city. Recent incidents, like murder of a school teacher, murder of the deputy speaker of NALA, murder of an employee of a private bank and, now, the bomb blast were angrily condemned by the protestors. The incidents of terrorism were termed as proof of the administration’s inability to govern a single city, let alone the entire region.

 Gilgit city presented a deserted look as all markets remained closed due to the strike and protests. Protestors demanded nabbing of the culprits behind attack on the Bagrot Hostel, which has traditionally provided residential services to students of Shia families, belonging to far flung parts of Gilgit – Baltistan. Speakers at a rally in Danyore questioned the logic of deploying high contingents of Para – military forces in the region when they have constantly failed to protect the citizens from terrorists and criminals. It is pertinent to note here that the hostel building is located at about one hundred meters away from the head quarter of Northern Police.  

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  1. What a pity.Attack on innocent students.Where is written in the Holy Quran to attack the innocents and where is police and where is administration,No punishment so far for any body involved,Its dragigin Gilgit back to Stone Age.And conspiracies cant be excluded to create situations like 88 .The tolerance will work only from both sides but the culprits need apunishment.


  2. OOHH!!! what a rediculous act by the coward attackers.. we the students of Gilgit Baltistan condemn such a mischievious act by the extremists and direct the local administration to take certain steps to avoid such acts and the culprits must be brought to justice.

  3. what happened ?i pray to not see even in my night mares the only place of pakistan which i supposed to safe from terror attacks.OH GOD ! its really disguisting situation .where is govt of pakistan ?GOvt of pakistan nothing do for us the nation of GIlgit-baltistan should coperate with each other and cut roots of terror so i appeal for my all my brothers to support each other GOD bless all of us.thnx

  4. all this whatever happened in gilgit is not a tragedy .now all the people of our area should have to think about it and take necessary action against the people who wants to destroy the peace of our area.this is a case which the police of our area can’t able to solve separately but all our awam should have to go forward to help the police in all cases like that .this is the time of exam for us if we not do any thing ,then we we will be failed in this exam and then we will see that what more will be happen with us.with u.

  5. Bagrot Hostel Gilgit ma jo bomb blast ka waqia hua hy wo bahoot afsoosnaak waqia ha jis ma students ka jani nuqsan hua. Is ziman ma hona too ye chahiye tha ki local govt berwaqt tehqeeqaat karti laikn hameesha ki tarh susti barti gai. dosri taraf soachny ki baat ye ha k hameesha jab b gilgit ma aman qaim ho jata hy 2 kuch apy or kuch gairoon ki ankoon ma khoon uter ata hy jis sy ye aman 2 bara khatum ho kr masalik(shia,suni) k darmian hamesha ki tara khonraizian shuru ho jati hain. mera sawaal ye ha k kya itna sub kuch hony k bawjood aaj tak awaam ko ye andaza nahi k ye masalik ka masla nahi balki ziadatr gair mulki sazishain hoti hain. awaam ka bila jawaz tor phor se apny he logoon ka nuqsan karna samaj se bahr ha iss lia kuda ra ainda apna nuqsan karny se guraiz karain or firqawarana huaahangi qaim karain.

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