[poetry] Dasht-e-amal


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  1. Wonderful Noor. I like that.

    Keep the good work of making people think!



  2. Your poetry depicts the beauty of Art though it always seems incomplete. Is it due to unavailbilty of space on this page or this is
    your style of writing?

  3. @ Abida

    Shirin v’och

    it might be a reflection of the incomplete world that I live in 🙂 I would very much like to learn from you because of your expertise in literature. I am not a mature poet and, surely, space is not the issue.


  4. Noor Bhai,

    Really your heart-touching and thought provoking poetry is superb and fabolous.Please let me know if you have published any anthology of your nice poetry.I would feel pleased to read it.
    please keep it up NOOR BHAI…..!


  5. Dear Noor
    My sweet zeq yur, that is just super, amazing and full of thought, nicely dealt, the flow of words tell the story its self, the massage is clear. In simple words it is amazing expression, remarkable massage, incredible manner of words, and marvelous flow. In the end its NOOr.
    Keep it up young man. It is to fresh up minds complex

  6. Dear Noor
    I’m not that much of a poetry man, but to my understanding a copy of this should be sent in to all the AKDN people (AKRSP, AKESP, FMFB, AKAM ) and any other who are said to be working on poverty . may be they will be needing it more. Stop talking that you have been doing for about 3 decade and for the sake of the words of His Higness , who has been trying is effort hard to reduce poverty and introducing different people and concept. But not working it not because of him but because of the leakage at the bottom.

  7. Dear Noor,
    Congratulations!!!! on your marvelous poetry. Your creativity will provide fresh air to Urdu poetry like oxygen; indispensable for breathing in human life.
    My dear keep up this wonderful job and rule on the world of intellect

    Thanks and regards
    Sharif khan

  8. ………dear Noor,,
    its natral that i do read hearts in real,,,,,,,,loooolz

  9. PooPzz!!

    the topic “ghurbat” and “real efforts” connection really means somethn.. to give the idea a shape in form of poetry is really heart touching..

    Keep Moving
    GOD Bless YOU

    CIIT Abbottabad

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