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Civil supply officials involved in black marketing of wheat caught in Aliabad, Hunza

“NAPWD officials using government  employees hired for Chipursan  Road maintainance as personal servants at homes”, says Shehbaz Khan (MDC)

PT report

Aliabad, June 4: A group of civil supply officials has been nabbed by an investigation team, led by the civil supply officer, here in Aliabad, Hunza. According to reports there had been news about black marketing and illegal sales of Chipursan valley’s wheat quota in Aliabad, Hunza.  

Member district council, Shehbaz Khan, informed PT on phone that two officials involved in the case, named Farman and subedar (r) Hasan, reportedly father and son, have been dismissed from job while a third one named Mehmood Jan has been transferred to Gilgit, for negligence. He further said that 100 sacks of wheat will now be sent to Chipursan, on regular basis. He also said that employment for five youth of Chipursan valley has been created, in the works department. 

Shehbaz Khan revealed that higher authorities of the NAPWD had hired non-local people for maintaining the Chipursan road and were using these government employees as personal servants at their homes. Shehbaz also said that negotiations for appointment of ten people in the Levis force are under progress.

A delegation of community leaders from Chipursan also visited Aliabad, to meet various government officials. The delegation was led by Shehbaz Khan and  comprised of Daulat Kahn, Ghulam Nabi (President VO), Zafar Ali (Captain, Volunteer Corps), Mirza Shah (Mukhi) and Noor Baig.

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  1. IT is election seassion, Raja Shebaz Khan looks quite active, keep this up shebaz, but remember this time you may not wine, b/c you were out of Gojal for many time, people understands

  2. dear All

    this is not first time with chipurson some times the quta of chipurson wheat is useing in gulmit depo store and also in sost depo store so this is a good step of Raja we need your help and plz also do some thing for the road of chipurson.thanks

  3. it is good shehbaz that you have start thinking. We would always appreciate such steps but remember one thing…what ever thing you do for the development always acquaint the mass.


  4. the precious votes of gojal youths are only for muhummud aslam ghulkin as a candidate of NA gojal.

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