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NHA staff demanded at CRBC camp, Gulmit

by Noor

Gulmit, June 4: Absence of NHA staff at the Chinese camp is causing difficulties for the Tehsil administration in consistent record keeping of damage to property of the people, Pamir Times has learnt. The absence might lead to incorrect or no recording of damage to fruit bearing and non-fruit bearing plants, boundary walls and other constructions that are being destroyed for expanding the KKH.

Mir Alam, Magistrate of Tehsil Gojal informed Pamir Times on phone that officials of the revenue department are only recording the land being used for expansion of KKH. He said that NHA is responsible for developing a list of the damage caused to trees, boundary walls, water channels and other constructions. He said that there is an urgent need to depute officials of the National Highways Authority at the CBRC camp, Gulmit, to ensure that all damages are recorded accurately.

He also said that so far no compensation package has been notified for the region. He, however, confirmed the news that different options were being considered, keeping in view demands of the local people. He further said that the popular demand of 1.4 – 1.6 million rupees per Kanal, might not be possible.

Commenting on the law and order situation Mir Alam said that the region is peaceful and there is no law and order situation. He also said that the Tehsil administration is giving first priority to security of the Chinese engineers and workers in the region.

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