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Northern Wireless expanding services, with enhanced speed

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Gilgit, June 29: Northern Wireless, a joint venture of Dialog and SCO, plans to expand services to remote parts of Gilgit – Baltistan, providing cheap and fast internet, besides lucrative call rates. This was stated by Ali Anwar, the nwcompany’s zonal sales manager, while talking to Pamir Times.

He said that all seven districts of GB will be covered, including places like Kiris, Tirmuk and Chorbut in Baltistan, Gulmit, Chipursan and Shimshal in Hunza Valley, Yasin and Gupis of Ghizar valley, Ratu of Astore valley , Jaghlote of Gilgit district and parts of Diamir district.

He also said that the internet speed has further increased due to restoration of the SCO fiber optic link.

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  1. I will be thank ful to those who come forward and want to improve our region like this service. In HUNZA it is good that they want to give the faclity in upper Hunza but what about the lower and centre Hunza. My point of view is that this service should be provided to the most parts of Hunza as well as Gilgit Baltistan. I hope they will increase their range .

  2. i should congratulate you but not till the restoration of your service in Chipursan and Shimsal valley,because this statement may be a fire on the air…. any how persist your effort to change theorictical statements in to practice ..

  3. Great piece of developmental work is on its way toward the remote areas of Hunza and GB. World has became a globle village and till we are cut off from the rest of the world.
    It will lead us (tha people of GB) toward a new world. Change is what we can say……

  4. Lets see how long it takes to reach the above said facility in Shimshal and Chipurson valley of Hunza. It would be a challange for Northern Wireless. Actions speak louder than words.We are waiting for…

  5. i wish i could see the above words in practice……but again a nicen fancy dream.
    one thing i want to make sure the speed of these wireless internet service providers is so poor including the hidden charges which is for sure.
    the lay man n student community especialy suffers alot.
    i left these services coz of the above mentioned problems……..don’t know how n when they’ll improve.

  6. To attract more customers in the competitive market of telecommunications, as many other companies will launch their product in Northern Areas in the near future. The best strategy is to establish and maintaining profitable relationship with the customers by offering them the best quality services.

    Here are some suggestions to develop marketing strategies

    Identify the needs of potential customers

    In order to satisfy different segments of target customer’s groups, offer different package for distinct groups instead of one product and package

    The challenges for Dialogue Company including other competitors are maintaining profitable relationship with the customers; the company can achieve it by offering quality services to the customers i.e. connectivity, reasonable price, availability, area coverage and customers services etc.

  7. Waiting for this service in Shimshal and Chipurson,It will be great if applied as mentioned in the news report.

    Almaty KZ

  8. Shimshal and Chapurson still waiting for the services as promised by Northern Wireless two years before.

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