[Opinion] Anatomy of society

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by Khameto

When gods inhabited every sphere of life in old days everything under the sun exude meaning. The snow was abode of fairies, trees was rendezvous for fairies to ogle at the boy they love, some trees connected us to supernatural world, flowers and fragrance had effect of transporting one into ecstasy which in its turn brought forth exquisite poetry not contaminated by commercialism and vogue for 15 minute fame, we were oblivious of and not effected by the big events that jolted our surrounding polities, we had a local ethos that connected us to the syzygy of nature, supernatural and human beings.

Suddenly, everything collapsed before our eyes. The terra firma on which we were standing, and established edifice of culture and society, turn out to be an ice that rapidly melted under the heat of change that we failed to comprehend.  Suddenly, we found ourselves looking aghast at novel things of post industrial society. For the mind of a closed society everything was unfathomable. We failed to make sense of order of things because our cognitive apparatus is not attuned to objective world. In a nutshell, we found an ‘existential hole’ in our existence. In desperation and without guidance we filled the existential gap with whatever we found exotic. And we were justified in copying everything exogenous because when we did not have anything at all. We turned into paupers and beggars and no choosers.

We are living in a society where meaning disappeared with, in the words of famous German poet, ‘the departure of gods/God’. Consequently, we are condemned to carve out meaning through gossip, wine, books, sex, self righteousness, misogynist attitude etc, to count a few. We exist by consuming the leftover of those societies who have entered another paradigm. 

First ever Burushaski Rap Song – ‘A sign of things to come’ appeared in this background. The complex interplay of social, cultural, economics, religious, personal and tribal processes have given birth to this creation. It encapsulates the dilemmas we are facing at individual and collective level. The album is aptly title ‘a sign of things to come’. This is our future appearing in present as sign. Majority of our children will be doing what we are opposing now. I disagree with some of the comments about this album. I neither encourage nor discourage the young lads who indulged in unknown genre, for creativity should emanate from within not to be triggered by a flattering mouth. This form of music is meant to shock sensitivity of a society that refuse to raise question against its established norm.

Can anybody tell me what Hunza culture is? I do not know. We are the only people who are proud to be good speakers of English, then why we hesitate to accept its cultural forms including vulgarity. In every matter we are confused to the core. I agree to disagree with people who said this is not our culture. If calling bad names is not our culture then how come our languages contain good stock of obscene words?  Some of comment exudes air of self righteousness. We are constantly bombarded with images on TV which are more obscene then the words here. So what the heck objection to vulgar words.

In order to extricate ourselves from the dilemma of being mimicking apes to authentic beings we ought to engage with primary questions that have not been addressed with the advent modernity. These questions related to direction/misdirection of our society and angst that persists at individual level but could not get cathartic outlets. To put it interrogatively we need to question: the idea of progress, purity, success, history, culture, tradition, superiority of tribes, self righteousness, definition of knowledge and intelligence in our social setting, our place or extinction in the world stage in future, how to provide spaces for individual creativity without letting collective instinct stifling his ideas etc.

Raising questions about aforementioned issues will consequently lead to harsh realization about their irrelevance or socially constructed nature. Ultimately, we will undergo a drastic and agonizing spiritual pain at individual level. Only after that we will come out with new realization and understanding about the agonizing relation of individual’s interaction with society and agonizing process of making a society that encompass heterogeneity of individual interests. That will be a point where our society will produce authentic Being who can engage with primordial question of being and being in society.

The writer identifies himself as a pseudonym “holding a degree in literature from a non-reputed university. For individual queries he can be reached at khameto@gmail.com

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