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GBUJ cabinet sworn in

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Karachi, August 21: The new cabinet of Gilgit – Baltistan Union of Journalists took oath in a ceremony held at a local hotel, here in Karachi. Chief Reporter of Roznama Islam, Abdul Jabbar Nasir, administered the oath taking ceremony, attended by over 25 journalists from all corners of Gilgit – Baltistan.

The oath taking ceremony commenced with recitation of verses from the holy Quran, by Hafiz Iban-e-Shehzad Haqqani, senior vice president GBUJ. He also briefed the audience about the role and objective of the union and highlighted the need for unity in the ranks of journalists.

The new cabinet comprises of Rafi Usmani, President, Ibn-e-Shehzad Haqqani, Senior Vice President, Abbas Wafa, Vice President, Syed Minhaj Hussain Mausvi, General Secretary, Aslam Shah Hunzai, Press Secretary, Qasim Shigri, Finanace Secretary, Amin Azhar, Deputy General Secretary, Zulfiqar Ali, Program Organizer and S.S. Nasri, senior member.

Qari Abdul Jabbar Nasir, in his speech, briefed the audience about history of the GBUJ. He said that the term Gilgit – Baltistan was first coined by the GBUJ, which is now being made a part of the soon to be announced political reforms package for the region. He also shared accounts about working of the union and said that GBUJ played central role  in lifting of ban from daily k2, some years ago, and it shall work to protect freedom of speech and expression.

Speaking at the occasion Noor Akbar, from Waqt TV, appreciated the role of GBUJ and emphasized that the journalists of Gilgit – Baltistan shall highlight the issue of political and citizenship rights of the people of their region.

Noor Muhammad, Chief Editor of Pamir Times, appreciated the collective and inclusive approach followed by GBUJ in formation of the cabinet and asked the journalists to be objective and rational in their reporting. He also highlighted the role of online citizen journalism, presenting Pamir Times as an example of online local media disseminating timely and accurate information about the region’s issues to a global audience. 

Syed Minhaj Hussain Mousvi, correspondent of Waqt TV, acted as master of ceremony.

Towards the end Rafi Usmani, president of the newly elected cabinet, officially thanked the journalists for attending the ceremony in large numbers and promised that the union would play its due role in helping journalists of Gilgit – Baltistan in resolving their issues.

 Also present at the oath taking ceremony were S.S.Nasri, Qasim Shigri, Muiz Gojali, Noorullah, among others.   

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  1. Congratulations to both the out-going cabinet heads/members and to the in-coming cabinet heads/members.

    I agree with the points Noor Muhammad has raised about the objective reporting in the media. It is very important to be objective. This is what I have also learnt, being a student of social sciences research, as researchers, Journalists, lawyers and intelligence agents are somehow related in one way or the other.

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