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Rally for the rights of Hunza valley in Karachi

AHAC Protest (Karachi) 035

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Karachi, September 27: A huge and peaceful rally was held by the people of Hunza  here in  Karachi to express support for the popular demand of additional constituency for Hunza valley in the Gilgit – Baltistan Legislative Assembly. The rally was called by All Hunza Action AHAC Protest (Karachi) 025Committee’s Sindh zone.

The rally started from Lasbella Chowk, comprising of people in dozens of buses, cars, jeeps and bikes and moved towards the Karachi Press Club. Holding banners, flags and placards the people chanted slogans in favor of allocation of additional seat for Hunza valley, while also condemning Governor Kaira for refusing to accept the demand. Some of the slogans chanted and printed on banners and placards were “Zulm k zaabtay – Hum nahi maantay”, “Seat do – Seat do, Hunza ko Seat do”,  “Kaira teray zaabtay – Hum nahi maantay”, “Nara-e-Hunza – Jiye Hunza”, “Nara-e-Gilgit – Baltistan, Jiye Gilgit – Baltistan”.

The rally assembled in front of the Karachi Press Club and was addressed by leaders of AHAC, and other regional parties, social activists, lawyers and journalists. All speakers highlighted the sacrifices of inhabitants of Hunza valley and Gilgit – Baltistan for the country and lamented the AHAC Protest (Karachi) 015fact that the state of Pakistan was least interested in welfare of the people, as manifested by the delaying tactics used in case of Hunza’s demand for increased representation in GBLA.

Vice president of AHAC – Sindh, Mansoor Khan, Advocate Noor Khan, Fida Ullah Baig, President NASHAK, Faqeer Hussain Chandio (KSO), Noor Muhammad, Chief Editor of Pamir Times, Tasawur – ul – Karim Baig, media advisor of AHAC,  Farhat Kawish (KSO),  Iqbal Barcha, secretary general of AHAC, Comrad Amir Udin (KSO), Shah Alam, Mohd Karim, Sher Karim and Safdar Khan, member of AHAC, addressed the procession, highlighting different aspects of the demand. Other broader issues of Gilgit – Baltistan were also discussed by different speakers.

The speakers said that Hunza is the most affected region of Gilgit – Baltistan by the construction and expansion of Karakuram Highway but the people have open heartedly sacrificed their scarce mountain land for the project, for betterment of the state. The speakers also mentioned AHAC Protest (Karachi) 020sacrfices of the soldiers of Hunza, in particular, and Gilgit – Baltistan, in general, for safeguarding frontiers of Pakistan. They deplored the efforts by segments of the press to tag this movement for administrative reforms in Hunza as an anti-Pakistan activity.  Speakers also condemned the establishment for spreading negative propaganda against the peaceful and legitimate movements for the rights of Hunza. The procession continued for more than two hours in front of the Karachi Press Club.

According to estimates shared by AHAC over one  thousand people participated in the rally, making it a rare moment of unity for a collective cause of Hunza valley.

AHAC Protest (Karachi) 011

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  1. well…………………….the people of hunza-gojal are on fire. this is the sprit we want from each individual…………..

  2. Rallying is such a huge. Yes this is our youth’s spirit, we can show the spirit of Change, Hope & Yes We Can do what we want…………….. “Nara-e-Hunza – Jiye Hunza”, “Nara-e-Gilgit – Baltistan, Jiye Gilgit – Baltistan”.

    saleem hunzai

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