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BISP: 450 million rupees being spent in Gilgit-Baltistan annually, says Mehdi Shah


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Gilgit, January 9: The government of Gilgit-Baltistan is committed to the development of impoverished segments of the society. PPP is the only party which has taken concrete measures for improvement of the lifestyle of the poor people. 450 million rupees are being spent annually in Gilgit-Baltistan as part of the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP).

This was stated by GB Chief Minister, Syed Mehdi Shah, today in Gilgit. He was addressing a gathering held in connection with a training organized by the Gems and Jewelry Company, as part of the Wasila-e-Haq Rozgar, employment, scheme.

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  1. BISP is not a long term solution to eradicate poverty from the region, I would suggest you to follow the footsteps of our former President, his plans and initiatives were very much fantastic to reduce poverty from 34% to 24%, please try to get some learning and avoid cosmetics solutions and window dressings

  2. My request goes to the Educated people, intellectuals and honest leaders, if you think over the BISP program and investment of 450 million rupees in GB and the current investment in the Gems and jewelry company, what makes sense of investment for public affairs.Another question what it concerns with education it spent on teachers development, students quality education or parents awareness. it is a corruption. For your God sake don’t try to make plan fool the people of GB for your shining embezzlement.

  3. totally rubbish PPP is making beggars in the area what is BISP we are not living in Sind under any land lards and they are paying us 1000PKR a month PPP is thinking of Sind we are in GB dear CM sahib we need log term programs any how bens key samney been bajana educated admin education ka qadar janta hey inko kia pata

  4. No doubt it is a good step towards reducing the poverty if all deserving people of GB avail this opportunity regardless of cast, colour and party affiliation. It is also a good sign that recently an agreement has been signed with transparency international pakistan to ensure its transparency and fairness.

    It would be dishonesty if i would not share its improvement areas.
    1. When I analysed its facts and figures, these were fake as average house holders size was showed 4 to 5 in GB which is totally wrong the average house hold size is 8.5 in GB. I had to conduct the population survey in some regions 4 times to trace the figure of out of school children. In all those surveys the average house hold figure was 8.5 to 9 while in BISP survey it was 4 to 5. People have shown more house holds in stead of reality to get benefit in their perception.

    2. Some most deserving people do not fall in criteria while some most senior officers meet criteria. I.e . There is a widow . she has two dis able sons. monthly income is zero. but she has rcc house and TV. She does not fall in current criteria while another person has no house, No TV due to rigidity. no cattle but earns more than 50 thousand falls in criteria. The purpose of presenting situation is need to modify in criteria where a widow with zero income might be eligible to get the benefit of Government package.

    3. I had asked AD to deliver the list of my concern area to ensure its transparency but he could not do so. As external social auditor I would be in position to convince the public more regarding its transparency and fairness.
    4. It was also heard through reliable sources that there is also demanding of certain amount for AD positions. If appointment of AD is not made fairly or legally or on merit bases, how can we expect that he would maintain justice , fairness, transparency and deal the office honestly amongst the poor. Really alarming and challenging for all of us especially for competent authority.
    5.For proper utilization of available funds the experts opinion may be seek for maximum out put and future planning.It is a good initiative that through newteck skill enhancement is made by youth with the coordination of BISP.

    6. Still some senior ministers and GBLA members are not familiar with ground realities as they are miscommunicated about their concern departments. i.e two days ago Food minister was swearing that each and every GBIAN is getting his due share of wheat qota as this is told by his officers and jayalays. Last many months i am constantly writing that I am following a case of 622 house holders of Danyore Gilgit for last three years, So far they have lost more than ten million on purchasing flour in black as their due share is not provided by food department. Two secretaries have written to Director which has been forwarded him but still it has not been solved. I do not know how many Governments or secretaries more required to address such minor issues. If any relevant person need evidence i would present so far i have not publicize it. My question would be with Sr. Minister, is he confident that In baltistan, Ghizer and Gilgit all GBIANS are getting their due share that is probably 14 KG per person per month or at least 100 KG per house per month. If it is there than excellent , when I had conducted a social survey it was lacking and no equality was noticed except Astore and Hunza/ nagar district.

    7. Last five days after off my office I notice the trucks are on the roads with loaded wheat due to not having proper place or stores, but these do not go in the houses of GB according to the population of GB that is 12,70 ,670 in 2013. While GB gets 20 lac Sacks annually. Still needs to have a proper mechanism to ensure its proper distribution to avoid human rights violation.

    the prime purpose of this elaboration is changes in behaviour and perception and establishment of reform society that would be really a democratic ,welfare and Islamic state.

  5. The BISP programe is the biggest fraud in the history of Pakistan, perhaps a political bribery to prolong the corrupt PPP govt. Look to the recruitment criteria which is 100% on nepotism and instead of recruiting professional staff most of jobs have been sold and rest have been filled by jialas. As per the appointment criteria Tehsil office staff should be appointed within Tehsil jurisdiction but in Gojal even the Watchmen has been appointed from Chalt Nagar because he might be a relative of M A Akhter and most of the people of Gojal are not even aware that BISP office is operational in Gojal for the last two years.

  6. I hope you all are familiar with the old good saying,”Do not buy a fish for the poor, teach him how to fish” The stupid government is distributing the rotten fish among poor so that they would always remain beggars in front of so called BISP. I also have my reservations on the name of BISP. Has this money being provided from the father’s fortune of BB?????? Shame on all those politicians and bureaucrats who think it will reduce poverty and look at the proportion of direct vs indirect cost being incurred in BISP…. shockingly disproportionate!

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