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Hunza Action Committee decides to stick with election boycott call

by Zulfiqar Ali Khan

Hunza, October 01: A special meeting called by AHAC was attended by over one hundred notables of Hunza here in Aliabad. It was decided in the meeting that the election boycott call would be continued till a new GBLA constituency is crafted in Hunza valley.

At the end of meeting it was announced that a two-days public sit-in would be held in front of the civil court Hunza to stop candidates from filing their election nomination papers.

HE2K9In the meanwhile earlier supporters of the call for boycott, Ghazanfar Ali Khan, Attiqa Ghazanfar and their two sons, Saleem Khan and Shehryar, all members of the old ruling family of Hunza, obtained nomination papers from the civil court. Also obtaining nomination papers from the court was former MD of NATCO,  Zafar Iqbal. Apart from the above mentioned Group Captain (r) Shah Khan, Bahadur Khan and Shehbaz Khan, also obtained nomination papers.

All probable candidates will have to submit election papers within a coupe of days, to be eligible for further scruitny process.

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  1. The PPP Government has set a clear directions for delimitation of constituancies and allocation of additional seats. All above mentioned demands can be fufilled through GBLA. Why these seasonal birds are leading us towards politics of confrontation??? To get the asnwer I think we have to go beyond our Borders……
    Letr us sent our representative to GBLA and he/she will fight for our legitimate right along with other two representatives, Technocrate and Woman Rep.
    I doubt these elements don’t want us to get special seat, too,

    Sorry for been bitter rather realistic.

  2. Going through the prospective candidates names who are going to file there nomination for the upcoming elections it seems that the people of Hunza are again setting a ground for the old ruling family of Hunza to rule the people again. Boycott from the election by the AHAC is a bold step but strategy should also be put in place to prevent these wild animals to contest the elections. Other wise they will not only again get chance to play with the future of Hunza, as they are being doing for the last many decades, but also will cause sever harm to the effectiveness of the boycott.
    It is the people of Hunza by themselves now, who can play their political role very effectively and thoughtfully to make the boycott a record success and put the black sheep’s on the wall for every.

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