“Wakhi Festival” to begin on 21 October

Islamabad, Oct 17: “Wakhi Cultural Festival” organised by Gojal Educational and Cultural Associtaiton in collaboration with the Lok Virsa will commence from 21st to 25th October, 2009 at the Lok Virsa, Islamabad.geca

Artisans from all areas of arts from Gojal valley will participate to showcase the rich cultural heritage, folklore, oral traditions, handicrafts and music of Wakhi people.

The festival will start with presentation of the traditional folklore, showmuborakbod while a seminar on Wakhi culture, history and language will be the main attraction at the first day of the festival in which Scholars, intellectuals will read papers and make their recommendations for preserving and promoting, perpetuating folklore, culture and language of Wakhi people.

Stalls of Traditional Cuisine will be se up for sale all through the festival while master artisans will set up their stalls at the festival grounds and display authentic arts and crafts of Wakhi people.

The days following will include folkloric performances as folklore songs, dance and dramas depicting the rich traditional values of wakhi people.

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  1. Its good beginning, but our cultural heritage must not be preserved only in words and sound. Some concrete out comes should be emerge from this beginning and must continue.

  2. Just wondering if the Wakhis from Iskoman and Chitral are also a part of this event…?

    1. we have got some participants from wakhan corridor Brughul and Ashkoman also with us in this program.

  3. Good to know about this program, enjoy it guys. Wakhi speaking people from China and Afghanistan should also participate in it, which will give more exposure to this program.

    Almaty KZ

  4. Dear All,

    On behlaf of GECA Managment, we are here inviting all the wakhi speaking natives living arround the globe to attend this festival.

    Your presence will be highly appreciated.


  5. It is a great achievement of the Wakix of Gojal to arrange such programe in Capital of Pakistan. Their joint ventures with the concern Govt. Department is a voluminious example for rest of such institutions, working for the margenalised community of their respective country.
    Further, collaborations with the respective countries in their capacity building and working on national and international platforms will help in cultural, social and economic fields for the margenalised community and specially the people of pamir. i.e, KERGHEZ & Wakhix.
    I am working since, long with the two race and till now these are rare one in our this globe in the light of their- socio cltural, respect to humanity and other areas- they sacrifice them self to save.
    I congrats. the Wakhix Toojiks and do hope to make joint ventures with the KERGEZ as well. The wakhix sould open the hard boarder of WAKIX to Pamirs and other races of the indigenious people of Mountain ranges of HImalia, Hindukash and Kharakhrum.

    My warmest and sweet wishes are always with you people.
    WAKHIX TOOJIK Zinda Bushad-Afreen Sad Afreen

  6. Its a very good starting and i hope we all will give hand in its success, so one day we would be able to promote our culture on national and international level.

  7. nice to hear about this festival. it will be a great achievement for GECA to successfully organize such an inspiring event when our country is in the range of terrorist attacks. i hope and pray for this event to be successful.
    best wishes to all of you

  8. Why can’t we invite our other brothers and sisters from our region like other people from Hunza, Ishkoman etc? That way we will create more respect for each other and also understanding of our culture from a bigger perspective!

    1. Dear everyone was invited irrepective of languages.people from our Hunza were specially invited,Due to security threats Lok Virsa posponded it. But it will be celebrated in Nov and everyone espacially people from all region of Gilgit batistan are invited. How can we ignore Hunza people as we are like one family memmbers.

  9. Well, as we see new organizations are being formed very regularly, I think there is a lack of practicality. We strive to make ourselves popular by creating such societies. Someone told me that there are nealy 100 such bodies formed in Gilgit Baltistan. and they die out after some initial enthusiasm.

    Now comming to this particlular Association, First of all we must know what is our culture. Despite the face that we seem concerned about preserving our culture, we are very much facinated by the Modern Culture and leave no stone unturned in adopting it. there is a clear conflict what we want and what we do!!!!

    Now YOU decide about the probability of success of Such Associations. I fear it will fail just like other 100 associations!

  10. There may be 100 reasons for their failure but here are 100 reasons that GECA will not fail because it has a clear vision and objectives to achieve.

    So lets glue together and bust the myth that our organization are built for failure.

  11. Congratulations!!!
    Am very happy to hear about this festival. An important milestone in the history of the people of Amu Civilisation outside the Pamir region. This is a great achievement for GECA to successfully organize such an inspiring and high profile event in the capital of the country–Islamabad . This region and our country need such humanistic expressions to celebrate the plurality of human culture and heritage. our faith–Islam demands this from us all.
    Best wishes to all of you.

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