Strike at Sost Port

By Farhat Ullah Baig

Sost, October 23: Protesting against increase in valuation of imported goods supporters and office bearers of the Gilgit – Baltistan Chamber of Trade and Commerce and members of the Importers & Exporters Association are observing limited strike at the Silk Route Dry Port, Sost. Only the trade of fruits and vegetables, perishable items, has been allowed by the protesters.

Port operations have been badly affected by the strike call. The protestors have termed the increase in valuation as unjust and damaging for Sino – Pak trade. The protestors have vowed to remain on strike for indefinite period, until their demands are accepted by the authorities.

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One Comment

  1. on 26th October,2009 Pak-China Sost Dry port again functioning, Pakistan Customs has accept and trying to solve their Problem. meanwhile according trader today only allow destuffing Fruit Consingment. and others Miscelenous Consignment will allow, when Pakistan Customs will reduce Valuation of goods.

    Roomi Farhat Beig Sostiq

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