PPP launches massive election drive in Hunza

Wazir NAsirabad

by Zulfiqar Ali Khan

Hunza, October 26: Pakistan People Party launched a vigorous election campaign in Hunza after the arrival of world renowned climber and politician Nazir Sabir from Islamabad to take part in the election campaign for PPP ticket holder Wazir Baig.

newAddressing public gatherings in Nasirabad, Gulmit and Sost on Monday and Tuesday different speakers applauded the role of Nazir Sabir and Wazir Baig in the development of Hunza and assured their full support for the coming election.

Mr Nazir stressed on PPP workers to avoid blame-politics and disseminate the philosophy of the party to convince people to vote. “I am really happy that this time more than 8 candidates from Hunza are contesting the election as compared to only two rival candidates in past”, he said.  He applauded the self governance package of the federal government for Gilgit Baltistan and said that Wazir Baig is not only the need of Hunza rather the entire Gilgit-Baltistan to materialise the Nasirabad rallypackage. He said PPP is a liberal and pro-poor party and always protected the rights of the people of Gilgit-Baltistan from its beginning.

Wazir Baig, candidate for PPP in Hunza thanked the party high-ups for awarding him the party ticket despite he was not present in Islamabad for the meeting. “I will quit the politics if any one proved a single piny of corruption on me and Nazir Sabir”, he said. He also said that he was struggling for the additional seat for Hunza since 1994 and in this regards delimitations were done in his last tenure. He said Hunza will get one each of Technocrat and Women seats, if he won the election. He assured that Hunza will get the seat after the election as the new package has empowered the Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly to decide on. He said the construction of Shinaki Bridge with original design will start after the election. He said he will provide funds on priority basis for the water supply scheme of Nasirabad and construct a 10-beds hospital in Shinaki. The process to declare Shinaki a Tehsil will take time and he will put forward the proposal after winning the election, he said.

Addressing the gatherings in Gulmit and Sost Mr Wazir Baig assured a seat for Gojal in the Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly.  Six candidates including Karim Sher Khan, Ghadir Shah, Hajat Muhammad,   Rozdarullah, Doulat Karim and Ghulam Abbas announced their support for Wazir Baig.

Nasir Sabir NasirabadMeanwhile, the candidates of all other political parties have also geared up their campaigns through corner meetings. None of the candidates except Wazir Baig however held any open public gatherings in this regards. Political analysts are foreseeing close contest among Wazir Baig of PPP, Kamil Jan of MQM, Noor Muhammad of Hunza Action Committee and Sheryar of PML (N). The other candidates Rehmatullah Baig of PML (Q), Ijlal Hussain of KNM, Shahbaz Khan, Waheed Murad, Aziz Ahmed and Arif Hussain will play their role to divide votes of the main contestants. Analysts are also giving the visits of ministers to Hunza and Benazir Income Support Programme as advantage for the ruling party. Some candidates are also blamed for pouring huge money to attract voters.

It is pertinent to mention here that about 34,055 registered voters including 17,594 male and 16,461 female will vote on November 12 to elect a candidate from Hunza for the assembly.

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  1. Good coverage of election compagin of ppp. I think PT should also cover the election compagin of PMLN , Q, and MQM

  2. as mentioned by you in this article that wazir baig,kamil jan,noor muhammad, and shehryar khan are main candidates in the upcomming can you give equal coverage of all these candidates so the voters can get an idea of what they stand for.

  3. Dear Noor
    It looks that PT has neglected the election compaign of Ghizer and
    other districts of Gilgit-Baltistan. A balanced reporting is the need of the hour and readers would like to have more information on election of all Gilgit-Baltistan.

  4. Dear All,
    The political activity for the coming election of 12th October 2009 is very close. Due to his short sighted vision of planning and damaging the overall reputations of his ancestors Mr. Ghazanfar is completely out from the Scene due to Bank defaulter and achievement of his son.
    However, He earned enough money through SOOST DRY PORT and through LOAN OF NATIONAL BANK SOOST. He wants to live in hibernation for a year or two. This is actual the GUR in our beloved Country to make black in to a very attractive color white.
    People Party once again proved that this party is not more People Party so my humble suggestion is to change the name now and rename it Family Party or Fill in the blanks Party especially for GB Hunza Chapter.
    Dear Readers- of Hunza and specially Youth of Hunza-What a tragedy it is with us that the Action Committee led by Mr. Wazir Baig for the right of Hunza a few days before, changed the CARVAT and took the nomination by HOOK OR CROOK. Is it not a joke with us all & Pity for them?
    Today seeing Mr. Nazir Sabir- a few days ago claiming USED KARTOOS (used Nazir himself) is convincing for the Second Used KARTOOS Mr. WAZIR BAIG. What they have done in their last tenures WE Youth want to know from our Past Leaders. I am endorsing my suggestion to Hunza Time and Pamir Time to arrange an open debate what the future plan of the coming leaders are and what they have done in the past? We are not illiterate so, do arrange open debate we all want to listen them through media as it is customs in the Developed World.
    That only one character from the 50 is not sufficient. If we are claiming that we have an educated society my request to these rising media youth is to give this election a new shape and the final decision be kept with the people of SHINAKI, KHUNJUD and GOJAL. The candidate I want to see should be from the YOUTH not from the OLD USED KARTOOS.
    On the word above my special appreciation goes to the Great Son of Gojal Hunza, Mr. Nazir SABIR who is really loyal to the people of this valley by saying this word. This OLD USED KARTOOS generation should now HAVE TO give the chance to the young coming leaders of our future. This is now obligation on them to let the new generation to rule the valley. Why we are using the name of the Parties whom didn’t have any heartfelt interest in that area of GB, except controlling the FINANCE/fundS and using the available potentials for their own and family benefits. Do, these leaders have any comprehensive plan for GB or each individual is looking and guarding their own benefits.
    “Six candidates including Sher Khan, Ghadir Shah, Hajat Muhammad, Rozdarullah, Doulat Karim and Ghulam Abbas announced their support for Wazir Baig”
    My suggestion is to all of them. If they didn’t has the capacity 7 COURAGE of accepting the failureS. They should not dream of success. Where is Mr. BABA JAN- why the voice is disappeared in the gloom of siege?

  5. Biased site = biased reporting.

    Mr. Noor will advertise PPP candidates and make them heroes. He will write everyone’s full name, but will write:

    “Wazir Baig of PPP, Kamil Jan of MQM, Noor Muhammad of Hunza Action Committee and Sheryar of PML (N). ”

    Nazir Sabir is a matter of pride for Hunza for his climbing accomplishments. However let facts be facts, please inform me that the 10 years that PPP was in power vis a vis Wazir Baig and Nazir Sabir, name me one positive contributiion which was made? Just 1 please.

    @ Rehmat – why would Mr. Noor bother to give equal representation to all candidates? if he did, that would defeat his ideology of being bias.

  6. Lay ja uyam uyum 🙂

    I sympathize with you.

    your disorder is called “PAMIR TIMES PHOBIA”.

    instead of just criticizing me and PT, send me news or contact details of the people you want me to project. I would do all i can to get information and post the same online.

    i don’t have the super powers to reach everywhere and report everything. What reaches me gets published. What doesn’t reach me doesn’t get published!! Isn’t that logical?

    the candidates need to use my cell number and the PT email address, that we frequently advertise on P,T to reach us through their reps and let us know about their activities.

    PT is not paying money to its reporters so i can’t ask them to go beyond what they are doing, on their free will.

    Take an initiative, join me. Recommend reporters and then let’s make it more representative!!

    How does that sound? Rational?


  7. @ Dr Sabit Rahim

    respected doctor sb, believe me PT doesn’t have the capacity to do what it aspires to do.

    nevertheless, I agree with you that completely that other regions of GB are not being represented.

    Mr Najeeb Ullah Naveed has joined us to compile daily “election updates”, based on our research off regional newspapers to also report news regarding other GBLA constituencies.

    thank you for pointing out the lacunae. We hope that the daily updates would partially address the balance question.



  8. Dear Uyam….

    Please keep caurage…. Ofcourse this time Ghazanfar is going to loose and it is part of electoral politics. You have blamed PT, Noor and others without any justification and Noor has very rightly and possitively invited you to be part of this team and send them information of those, whom you are going to see… PT will give you chance i am confident.

    The second thing you have asked about one contribution of PPP people in 10 years in comparision of 30 years of Ghazanfar. The answer is very simple i.e. Corruption and Badmashi. Which your lord have been doing for years.

    We the people of Hunza now wish to bring this culprits into the court of people as well as in the state court

  9. Good Going,
    But We People Need One Jo kam Karey Gilgit Ke liye humay Wo Chahye Jo Har Mein Pakistan Ka Jhanda Lagaye Na Ke Party Wo Jo Hamare Liye Kaam Karey Aur Jo Party Se Balatar Ho Ke Malehat Ke 7 Kam Kare Aur Sub Ko Le Kar Chale.!!

    Tat Will Be Great For Us..!!

    Sory Agr Kisi Ki Dil Azari Houi To..!!

  10. Dear Mr. Noor, PT Times, Uyum & Dr. Sabit,

    Let’s not kid ourselves. The elections are hardly two weeks away. Each party’s campaign trips are over-lapping eachother. Each candidates visits and public addresses coincide with each other. If PT and its reporters can be present on PPP’s campaign tours, are they blind enough to by-pass other candidates busy with their campaigns?

    Did Mr. Wazir Baig or Mr. Shahbaz Khan use PT times cell number and email address to inform them before their campaign tours?

    You don’t need superpowers to report news from anywhere.

  11. Dear All, I will try my level best to cover the main open public gatherings of all candidates, if i am informed about. As PPP was the first to have the public rallies so i have forwarded it. You will soon read the detailed coverage of MQM public gathering.

    One thing is sure that i will not give coverages to the corner meetings or special interviews as desired by Uyum (who is actualy a very active lady in Hunza politics).

    Please understand my constraints as a volunteer to report everything happening here.

  12. @ Noor: You have everything positive to say about everyone, except a certain family. If you are as fair as you proclaim, there are tons of material on every candidate, its surprising how you only find the negative about a certain one. Nevertheless, your suggestion is welcome, if you allow, I can report the actual facts for you as well, but i sincerely doubt you would have the courage to print the truth, which would be based on provided facts.

    @ Karim: Please learn to think, before you write. The ‘lord’ ship was elected for 30 years and brought badmashi for you? Did the ppp in their 10 years transform the Hunza region to new heights then? You talk about badmaashi and corruption, and your leader of the action committee is the one with 6 murders and rape on his head along with tales of corruption. How come you did not agitate the badmaashi of kidnapping the NATCO manager? or like everything else was ghazanfar responsible again?

    1. Dear Uyam

      I do think and write with full thinking…. The first think it was lack of awareness which provided these lords to rule for over 30 years, however this will not happen now onward.
      Scondly which heights are you talking about which needs to be transformed, you really confused in your statement.

      Dear there is no hieght for development thus it called as development it is on going process and will continue in future with horizans.

      Thidly HAC, i have never supported nor the so called leaders of Hunza Action Committee are my leaders… As I know it was Ghazanfar and family supporting this HAC. Thus in this way you might support them

  13. Dear Noor
    Thanks for the reply. I know you are trying your best. Trying our best is what counts. The rest are in the hands of rapidly changing events. One thing, I would like to say with respect to the election. Tried cartridges should not be used again. It is time for a change of Guard.
    Dr.Sabit Rahim

  14. “Used Kartoos, Badmash, Murderer, and so many other names to our candidates” what kind of message we are tring to convey?????
    We must not over look the best and strong traditions of our lovely paradise where we are taught to respect the elders.
    Every human has their own school of thought and considerations, so you are, free as far as the political sympathies are concern, but I urge you to please avoid insulting or renaming a personalit.
    Remember they are no others but our Hunza blood.

    Irfanullah Baig

  15. Baised mind to be changed. Where are News of Misgar, khudabad, khyker and shinaki and Hunza proper. U got to cover just Gulmit.Why not named GulmitTimes.
    As for as elections are concern, u still confine to criticise Ghazanfar and nothing else. Covering just PPP compaigns, why not other parties? Try to be impartial dear.


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