[PT Election Cell] Campaigning ends in Hunza with massive rallies

Action Committee rally in Hunza

by Zulfiqar Ali Khan

HUNZA, November 10: The election campaigns in Hunza for the forthcoming election of Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly ended with mass rallies by two independent candidates.

The Hunza Action Committee (HAC) organised a public rally in support of his candidate Noor Muhammad. Addressing the gatherings in Aliabad and Nasirabad the speakers blamed the successive governments for their ineffective role in the development of Hunza.

Addressing a gathering in Nasirabad, Noor Muhammad blamed a candidate for trying to purchase voters. He said a person has been caught from Altit while giving money to a woman. He warned to avoid disturbing the political process through such tactics. He also blamed the federal Minister Khurshid Shah for making the local people fool through false promises. He said that the Action committee will continue its movement for the additional seat of Hunza.

Those who spoke on the occasion included Wazir Mujahid ullah Baig, Hoor Shah, Iman Shah nad Noor Muhammad.

Similarly, an independent candidate Arif Hussain also addressed public gatherings in Ganish and Aliabad. He said the people of Hunza should give chance to educated youth in order to introduce changes in the society.

The candidates of all other major parties held corner meetings and visited different villages to mobilise supports.

The President of PPP Islamabad, Babar Minhas and PPP ticketholder Wazir Baig along with other party leaders visited the house of Jan Alam in Karimabad, who passed away on Monday due to cardiac arrest. Mr. Minhas announced jobs for the sons of the Late Jan Alam.

Independent sources expect a close contest among Wazir Baig of PPP, Kamil Jan of MQM and Noor Muhammad of All Hunza Action Committee. The candidate of PML (N), Sher Yar Khan is also putting all efforts to mobilise public support. Political analysts in Hunza are of the opinion that the independent candidates Arif Hussain, Aziz Ahmed and Shahbaz Khan, Rehmatullah Baig of PML (Q), Ijlal Hussain of KNM will play vital roles in dividing the votes of the major parties. People are also of the opinion that the distribution of money during the last night, will also have a impact on the result.

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  1. welldone AHACfinally you show your strength and unity and jolt all the hunza .inshallah on 12 we will practically show our power .
    inshallah WE WILL WIN THE RACE

  2. Zulfiqar , you should be ashamed for being so biased and only showing only the HAC rally and their pictures and ignoring all other candidates. HAC should also be ashemed of showing most of the deaf and dumb and small boys gathered from Altit and perhaps mominababd!! What a great strength and hypocrisy our mr. Noor has been surrounded by with people like hoor shah the famous chamcha of ghazani and wazir zadas ….

  3. “Fight for rights”
    Hunza action committee conducted his last campaign a long huge crowed as called that time “revise its history” because Hunza was a state on this reason it has its own identity since the colonial period, even British Empire did not conquer this state. Now it is the democratic period and through democratic ways the people of Hunaza raised up their voices to snatch their political rights from the federal government of Pakistan. It is positive and constructive political initiative by people of the Hunza while through political autonomous, this region people will fulfill needs rather than feeding and implementing by federal government. Strategically it has its own importance because it’s territorial borders link with China and central Asia corridors. Therefore Hunza people can utilize this opportunities for the area development.

  4. MR. Jami its the first time that Pamirtimes has posted these pix of AHAC. You should avoid such kind of language against our brothers from Mominabad and other notables of Hunza, We can respond u in the same language but being a Hunzukutz its not our tradition.
    Thanks pamir times for posting AHAC’s pix

  5. mind ur language before u speak out .uncle hoor shah is respACTABLE PERSON OF OUR SOCIETY ,………….CHAMACHA TUO APP LOG HAIIIII

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