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Sultan Ahmed’s accomplishment

by Najeeb Ullah Naveed

Islamabad, November 29: Hailing from the Chipursan valley of Gojal, Hunza, Mr. Sultan Ahmed, has recently completed his MA degree in Professional Communication with a specialization in  intercultural and international communication. He began his studies in 2007 at Royal Roads University, BC, Canada and completed the same in a span of two years, getting the prestigious scholarship award from Aga Khan Foundation, Canada.

This course was a combination of online and on campus instructions which is a unique course for working professionals.   Mr. Sultan was holding a Masters degree in Public Administration from Karachi University which he completed in 1998 and after 10 years, he go his second Master degree from aboard. He is
planning to do a PhD in communications and would like to engage in
academic and research activities focusing on media and culture.

Currently he works as CEO of Rupani Foundation in Gilgit. Before this he has worked for FOCUS Pakistan, AKES,P, KADO and IUCN. He has also done some private consulting work for the government and private organizations. He is also known for his social work and has found Sadaf Memorial which is aimed at helping potential students in their education.

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  1. Many many congratulation to Sultan Ahmed. He is a real source of inspiraton for younsgters of Hunza-Gojal.
    May God almighty bless him with success in his entire life.

  2. Dear Sultan
    Congratulations for this big achievement. You are always a role model for our youngsters. Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Many Many congratulations for your achivement in forgien studies, youth/people of HG will proud of you.

    Ali Asghar, Gilgit

  4. Congratulations Sultan for having this degree from Royal Roads University, BC. My best best wishes to u to get your Ph. D as well.

    Sajjad A Khan
    Riyadh. KSA

  5. Many congrats on such a gigantic achievement and I do hope you’ll fill the gape between Gilgit-Baltistan and rest of the world in communication and obviously in culture.
    Good man keep it to the climax. We’re proud of you and your achievement.

    Your brother,


  6. Congratulation Brother Join for your greet achievements keep it up.

    Ali Aman Gojali

  7. Its a big achivement and we all youngsters of HUNZA must follow Sultan Sb as role model for the successful professional life.
    I on behalf of RUPANI FOUNDATION main office Gilgit staff offer heartiest CONGRATULATIONS and wish him best of luck for further unending successes in professional life.


  8. Great acheivement. Live example of hard work and focused approach. Well done Sultan. Best wishes

  9. Dear Sultan Ahmad congratulations for the compellation on Professional Communication.
    As chipursanic I am really proud of you and also you are the first from that valley
    To got your two(2) master’s I am sure that you will be inspiration for other youth’s
    from chipursan valley to flow your foot steps.

    Hikayat shah

  10. —-Congrats of the great Son of BABA Ghundi CHIPRSAN GOJAL HUNZA. We the team of GECA and HCF are all togather in saying such wishes and words of Congatulation.

    ———-WE ALL DO HOPE YOU WILL CONTINUE FOR UR Ph.D in the mentioned field. Which have really demand accross the GLOBE. In the light of YOUR RESEARCH will help the globle community the cross culture understanding with in the meanings of DIVERSITY, PLURALISUM and acceptibility of all in Co-existence for a better World.

  11. Congrulations to Lupyor Sultan
    Besides his Excellent educational career he has been a good leader having exceptional motivational skills.His education and experience will ultimately benefit our area and our people.
    Best of Luck for Your Ph.D

    Sher Khan

  12. Sultan Bahi congratulations to you and your family, we pray for your bright future

    Best wishes


  13. Nice, Congratulations lopyor for having digree from Royal Roads University, BC. My best best wishes with u keep it up lopyor and got more digrees……………,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    iftikhar ali

  14. I join many of the wellwishers in appreciating your academic achievements ,being one of the IWTP participants ,I also offer congratulation on behalf of ITREB RIPMA .I am right in expecting more as an honrary alwaez benefiting the community , of course this endeavour is preaching through action ,I pray your success and achievement.

  15. Perfect job and tremendous example for the youth of Gojal and the educated youth will expect yours extraordinary talent for the utilization for the development of the area. I congratulate you on my deepest heat and yours entire families for the well known performance.
    Well done Sultan

  16. Dear Sultan

    well done! soft step with may hidden ideas, keep it up as its inbuilt . best of luck and enjoy the step and be your self. Keep the pace as it is to be

    Very happy

  17. wonderful and great. I and my famly and chilrern are those of the proud persons who celebrate your great achievement and real success and congratulate you for this. This indeed because of Mawla’s blessings and your hard work but the sincere prayers and best wishes of your parents can never be forgotten. May we dadicate this success to the soul of you late mother? God bless you!

  18. congratulation lopyor for realy great achivement,you are role modle for all us, and this is an examplel for all our youth to looking ahead for better.

  19. That’s just wonderful achievement dear. I wish you all the best for your future assignments and we really expect allot from professional’s like you. Cheers

    Almaty KZ

  20. Congratulations on this accomplishment and I am sure Mr. Sultan will definitely complete his PhD. I wish him well and he is a true role model for the students and professional of Hunza in particular and Gilgit-Baltistan in general.

  21. Bravo, Sultan Bhai

    You are really a source of inspiration for our youth. I congratulate you on your achievement and hope with the level of spirit you have, will definitely achieve highest levels in your career.

    I hope our young students will follow your path.


  22. great job sir….
    it’s nice to see you full of bliss on this pamir times exclusive with your gown and degree sir… we are proud of you and wish you all the best for your future sir…
    best of luck sir.

  23. Dear Sultan Bahie
    Congratulation for the brilliant and tremendous achievement. May god help you with all your future vision and success.

  24. Congratulations Sultan. You’ve done a great job. Wish you all the best for the future plans………

    Mehboob and Nusrat


  25. Sultan Vrout!
    With Salamati-Du`a accept my heartiest congratulations on this flowering and fruitioning moments and movements in your life.

  26. Hi Sultan

    Many congratulations from myself and on behalf of my family from Ishkoman on your great success.

    i had not forget the vioce of your Garm Garm chai that always reminds me when we make tea.
    Once again many congratulations to you and your family


  27. Determined and intellectuals like Mr.sultan are always a source of inspiration for us. I congratulate you for your extraordinary achievement.

  28. Dear all,
    Thank you very much indeed for all your kind words and expressions. All these messages have been so humbling while adding more energy to my commitment for the future plans. It is with this spirit that I will soon be joining a fellowship program at the University of Victoria (Uvic) which will pave ways for my admission to PhD in the future.

    My deepest gratitude to all those who have been inspirational during the entire journey from my school life up to this stage and during my professional life. How can I forget the continued guidance and mentoring from visionaries such as Alwaez Muhammad Aslam, Aming Beg bhai, Gul Beg bhai, Muzaffaruddin bhai, Baig Ali bhai, Farman bhai, to name a few. All these have really impacted my life in one or the other way and I dont have words to say thanks to all of them.

    Rightly said by Alwaez sahib, I dedicate this achievement to my late mother who has been an invaluable inspiration for me.

    I am also grateful to PT for providing such a platform where we can connect from around the globe and let me tell you, it becomes more important in our lives when we are out of country.
    With best regards and prayers,
    Sultan Ahmed
    Edmonton, Canada

    1. To this end, I also acknowledge the gracious support from AKFC which enabled me to come up to this stage. I am also very much grateful to Mr. Jan Madad and Ms. Khadija Khan who gave all their level best support and advice during the entire process. One of the persons who has been so much strength to my professional and academic work is Ms. Nusrat Nasab, who is a real role model for the people of Gilgit-Baltistan. She had given me the idea that if I do something in Communication, I will have greater laurels in my career. So I salute all those who have been giving their precious advice and I have always respected such advices.

  29. dear sir, this is realy inspiring and examplory achivement,
    accept our heartiest cogritulation on this succession. on behalf of CESF, every idividuals paying you warmest congritulation. and also best of wishes for your future plan. we hope that your hard work, crismatic personality, intellectual leadership and inspiring habit will lead the youth of chipursan in the future.

    with best wishes
    Aziz karim kiu/CESF

  30. congergulate lol for your brillent Achivement and best of luck for your future plan.

    With best Regard
    Majeed ullah baig

  31. Dear uncle
    congratulations on such a remarkable achievements. It is really a moment of joy and happiness for all of us. May moula successed you in your future endeavours.


    Fazal Karachi

  32. Dear Sultan I am late to congratulate you on your tremendous achievement.Hope you will apply your knowledge for the better future of Gilgit Baltistan in general and specifically for the people of Hunza who appreciated and motivated you to this level.

  33. Many Many congratulations uncle for your great accomplishment.

    I should have been the first one to congratulate you on your achievement, when your guidance and mentoring is involved in each step of my career, but, this is not possible for a banker to visit internet frequently while wrapping up the year.

    I wish you best of luck in your PhD program. I also congratulate all your family and particularly Baji Zahida who accompanied you in the Graduation Ceremony in Canada.

    Ali & Family

  34. Hi dear Sultan!
    Congratulations on the successful completeion of your second Masters in Communication and intercultural studies. You did it man! We hope that you would not stop here and would continue and pursui your PhD studies.

    We are glad and wish you new horizons and successs in the time to come. You are a role model for our young generation and they should follow your foot steps on the way to success.
    Please also accept our warmest and deeply heartfelt Greetings on the Happiest occasion of “Salgira” on 13th December 2009.

  35. Dear Sultan,
    I am really sorry for wishing you a bit late.I was in Pakistan for a couple of days and couldn’t manage to read the news about you.
    We are really proud and happy after knowing about your great achievement.
    I hope that this degree will further convince you to put your utmost efforts towards something really exceptional and extraordinary.

    We are always proud of those who comeup with something exceptional and a young man from Chipurson Mr.Sultan is of the kind.
    I am really pleased to have one of my senior and friend, copmleting a period of two years successfully and setting an example for others to look at and to follow.

    God bless you always and wish you many more successes.

    Aslam Ghalib

  36. AA! Lupyore i congrutulate u for your greate acheivment and wish u best of luck. thanks
    Danish Muhabbat

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