“An activist of BNF Killed, two seriously injured in Sher Qillah post polling riots”


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ISLAMABAD, December 22: According to unofficial results Pir Karam Ali Shah, a candidate of Pakistan Peoples Party, has won the election in LA – 19, Ghizar 1, as a result of the polling held today.

Announcement of this unofficial result disappointed and infuriated supporters of Nawaz Khan Naji, BNF candidate, and they started protesting against the results.

Pir Karam Ali Shah (File Photo)

Protestors clashed with security forces at a polling station in Sher – Qilla village of Tehsil Punial, in Ghizar district of Gilgit – Baltistan.

Sher Qila is the home town of Nawaz Khan Naji, the supreme leader of Balawaristan National Front. During the clash, reportedly, police and rangers opened fired on the citizens and killed at least one person, while injuring several others. The protesters torched a police van and also pelted the security officials with stones.

According to Shafqat Ali Inquillabi, former spokesperson of BNF, “At least one activist of BNF was killed due to the firing of Rangers and Police,  while two others were seriously injured in a post polling clash, after supporters of Nawaz Khan Naji started protests against the unofficial result”. He also expressed the fear that the number of killed and injured person might increase. Shafqat has said that brutality of the security forces is a gross violation of basic human rights.

There are conflicting reports about the number of people injured or killed.

“The PPP government shall conduct a probe into the matter and shall bring those responsible to the books”, he further said. He has also demanded of the PPP government to declare the results unacceptable and to conduct fresh election in the constituency.

In the meanwhile there are reports that contingents of Gilgit – Baltistan Scouts, former NA Scouts, have been sent to Sher Qillah to normalize thelaw and order situation.

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  1. Pakistani rangers ko fori tor per GBL se nikaal bahir karna chahiye. Gilgit scouts bakrian charane ke liye bani he kya?

  2. First of all i condemn the killing of an activist. Furthermore, i request the politicians especially the so-called nationalists to not exploit the emotions of the people. We are facing such extreme positions from some of the nationalists in Hunza also. The kidnapping, torture and unhuman games with a NATCO employee by the activists of a nationalist parties are the most ecent incident.

    The responsibles in Sher Qila incident should be punished while on the other side such elements using the innocent people for their hidden agendas should be discouraged.

  3. This is unfortunate incident and the loss of life is regrettable. The government should institute an indepdent investigation of the matter.

    Ghizer is a peacful district. If there are excesses by the machinery, those involved should be brought to justice.

  4. Very unfortunate incident, in the peaceful area of district Ghizer, a 16 years student of Government High School sherqilla killed during election. an independent investigation commission should be formed to look into the matter. I condole to the family and people of sherqilla for the loss of an innocent life. May Allah rest his soul in eternal peace.

  5. The news extremely saddened me. Are we incapable of holding a fair and free election despite the fact that the outcome does not matter now with respect to the formation of the govt. I join all the above mentioned commentators in demanding high level probe and sending condolences to the breaved family. Human life particular at such young age invaluable.

  6. @ Faqir
    What do you mean by so-called nationalists?You are using it in a derogatory manner while on the other hand PPP is joininh hands with their own Sindhi Nationalist and seek their support but in case of ours,the politicians as well enlighted people are also projecting hatred for the Nationalists.
    Shame on Us..

  7. This is a shocking news for all of us residing outside our home land. Distt. Ghizer was an example of unity, peace and tranquility with almost zero percent murder rate. But this unfortunate incident of killing a young student brought this impression at stake. I agree with the statements made my respected commentators on this unfortunate incident. May Allah rest the departed soul in eternal peace.

  8. BNF?????????????????????????????????
    Anti Pakistan party should realize the death of a young boy and should apologize to his family because bnf has done un forgettable mistake in election. The young boy never belong to bnf , Nawaz Khan now trying to show that the boy was belong to bnf. People of district ghizer shall soon know why this happened, who was planned this all and disturb Ghizer’s peace and how much money received from India and other anti Ghizer elements…..

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