Coordination committee of Gojal community formed in Gilgit

People of Gojal attending a meeting in Gilgit city

by Ali Ahmed & Zeeshan Ali

Gilgit, January 21: A group of residents of Gojal met here at a local hotel to discuss the disaster situation developing in the valley. The meeting expressed dissatisfaction at the pace of government action. Some of the participants were highly critical of the local politicians.

A coordination committee, comprising of people from almost all villages of the Gojal valley was formed to mobilize the public and to coordinate with the government and non – governmental organizations for quick action for releasing water from the artificial lake formed on Hunza river.

The meeting was attended by professionals and youth belonging to Gojal valley. Members of the coordination committee are Ali Qurban (Coordinator), S.U.Baig (Co Coordinator), Fayaz Karim (Secretary), Didar Hussain (Finance Secretary), Ali Ahmed (PRO), Muhammad Ali, Jahangir, Jalal Shah, Rozdar Ullah, Muhammad Aslam, Muhammad Jaleel, Sher Wali, Fazal Karim, Syed Akbar, Sajjad Ahmed, Ghulam Musa and Israr Ali.

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  1. Very positive gesture has been taken by our seniors and youths living in Gilgit as three weeks has been passed the government has failed to take any concrete step to release the water from the artificial lake except distributing few bags of wheat to the disaster effected dwellers and the local government has totally failed to bring the particular matter to national and international level As regularly the water level is increasing and has already started effecting the properties of the peoples and I don’t know for how long the government will keep the people in daze.
    Yes now it is the responsibilities of the people of Gojal living in different cities of the country particularly in Gilgit Islamabad and Karachi to come together to persuade the government for immediate actions.

    Ali Masud


  2. We were sleeping for almost 3 weeks and the Govt made false claims as usual to release the incidental Lake within six days (Kaira before press) We were expecting much from the Govt. it claims to be the representative of the people and working for the people, we remained complacent towards the impact of this unfortunate mudflow from Attabad.Photo sessions were repeatedly done by Governor GB as well Manzoor Watto in Altit and Gulmit.We never thought about the destruction of sweet homes at Ayeenabad Gojal which is still moving toward Shishkat and Gulmit.How calm and innocent we are and not protesting our justified demands before Zardari and Gillani as well the champion chief justice of Pakistan. We expect much from AKDN and volunteers that is fine but can they release the artificial lake? which is devastating the beautiful valley of Gojal.
    Please be clear about your agenda and go the the top leadership Pakistan with Wazir and Mutabiat Shah and if possible write to the ambassador of EU and USA.Where is the time tested friend China who has a great strategic interest through KKH
    Be Clear I am with you

  3. A very sincere initaitive has taken by Aslam shaib and his team. The current situation had created by the previous governemt.
    Dear Masud we are living in a developing country and the government is doing his best efforts to fullfil the requirements of the effected arreas to transport peoples and relief goods

  4. dear ali sher rumi

    the worst things seems good to you what mr president is doing

    i never c any news related to the disaster in the area but the chinese team is thr to help us i don know y u r prtecting the gvt an politisizing the issue might u have some personal interest in it…

    Assume your home is near to the river and only 5 minutes after it will go down what will be yr reaction …

  5. Dear all Gojal Hunza readers,

    If we all not tack soon action for the releasing of Hunza river Dam then 50% of Gojal Hunza will destroy and it will be under the water, so please wakeup all Gojal Hunza Political and Social leaders, and to mobilizes the National and International Organization for releasing the Dam water before March 2010, otherwise it will be a big disaster for Gojal Hunza.

    Ali Aman Gojali

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