Tracking the potential spillway of lake on River Hunza


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  1. Thanks for updating the people with the latest developments regarding the blockage and the lake formation in Gojal. The efforts of PT is very appriciatable and very courageous.
    Keep it up!

  2. Seems a small human knock on the surface of unfathomable inhuman mountain of debris but of course in the long run winner is this small human knock.

  3. We really appreciate the hard work of Zulfiqar for updating us about the HUnza River disaster, Bewcause of your hard work international media are able to to get infomation and images from the Pamir times,
    your work is more result oriented as compare to the newly elected rep. of GBLA.

  4. There over 100 million cubic meters of landslide debris/rocks
    The peak height of dam blockage is over 270 feet
    4-5 bulldozers will take over 6 months to make a small breach.
    The machines employed look very very old; did you notice the black smoke coming out. With snow melt,the water level will further rise.PLEASE TREAT THIS MATTER AS VERY URGENT AND PUT MORE EQUIPMENT/BULLDOZERS/BACK-HOES to make breach in the dam and release water.Thank you every body for helping

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