Pamir Times crossed a milestone tonight, entertaining 1, 000, 000 + visits, starting on October 23, 2007. 13, 223 comments have been approved and over 1600 posts have been made on the most popular blog of Gilgit – Balitstan.

Thank you dear visitors 🙂

Noor on behalf of Team Pamir Times

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  1. It is indeed a great success for this blog and for its Editors.Noor and his team are really committed to this blog and provide a good deal of information and news to people of area living around the world.I feel this blog has given us a sign of unity along with providing an opportunity to share our ideas on different topics.For people like me it is equivalent to a one time meal in a day, without which my health will remain unfit.we hope this blog will go ahead in its endeavors try to be much effective by improving its quality of news and information.
    Congrulations to all who contribute to it

    Sher Khan

  2. Great achievement. congratulations on this milestone and bringing together the mountain people on a single platform by utilizing the modern means of communication into real practice.
    this is a single right step toward building a knowledge society.


  3. Congratulations on this great achievement Noor and company…
    Doing great job…
    Best of luck

    Basharat Ali

  4. Congrats PT. Keep rising and shining. You have been doing a fantastic jon, for sure.

    All the best

    Sultan Ahmed

  5. Dear Noor, Zulfi and other team members,

    We are really proud of your excellent work.

    Keep it up.


  6. congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we are proud of your excellent work guys,,, Keep it up..

    Aktau KZ

  7. Dear All PT

    Congratulations for the tireless Efforts

    PT is only source of news for overseas people, on behalf Saudi residence,
    I appreciate the efforts

  8. Another milestone in the journey of success. A giant leap in the way forward. A recognition worth deserving. A trust well built up. A hope accurately attached. A light travelling beyond the ordinary. An impact unprecedented. A channel so authenticated. A communication so far reaching. A voice a audible. A medium so effective.
    Congrats PT, for your achievement! You have to go a long way ahead!

  9. Congratulation to all team members of Pamir times on this graet achievement, Keep it up .

  10. PT great, thumbs up!

    ابھی عشق کے امتحان اور بھی ہے
    تیرے سامنے آسمان اور بھی ہے

  11. Félicitation, PT initiaters and its team indeed you guys are true representers.

    Best of luck for your future endeavour

    Ali Masud


  12. The team Pamir Times and its founders really deserve to be congratulated on this great success. The precious time, intellect and monetary resources of the volunteers is simply commendable.

    I salute the tireless efforts of the founders Zulfiqar, Noor and all the contributers, commentators and well-wishers of Pamir Times.

    You have proved to be the only source of information since the start of this blog and you have further proved it during the current situation after the catastrophic land slide which has devastated the whole Hunza – Gojal region.

    It is my dream, wish and prayers that PT becomes a full-fledged online News paper of the Pamirians. Insha Allah.

    Sher Karim

  13. It is easy to work for a reward but it is very difficult to work as a volunteer. you peoples are consuming your time, energy, financial resources and your intellect for updating us…… Congratulation for crossing million…..

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