PPP general secretary gets show cause notice

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Karachi, February 9: Secretary general of PPP Gilgit – Baltistan, Ghulam Muhammad, has reportedly recieved a show-cause notice from the party’s central leadership for violating party policies and using party stationary illegally.

According to information recieved by Pamir Times  Ghulam Muhammad used the party letterhead to write a letter to president Zardari and premier Gillani, demanding action against two bureaucrat brothers from Ghizar district, Law Secretary Hafeez – ur – Rehman and AC Momin Jan. According to our source the letter was signed on behalf of Chief Minister of Gilgit – Baltistan, without his consent.   

According to the source Ghulam Muhammad had sent copies of the letter to Kaira, Wattoo, federal secretary of K&GB and commandar of FCNA.

Scanned copies of the letter and show cause notice can be seen below

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  1. Desperate measures by Ghulam Mohammad, it will isolate him further not only from the locals of Yasin but also from locals of GB.

  2. Ghullam Mohammad is most corrupt politician in Ghizar.He came in to the arena of politics with the support of GSF.

    He had won the election because of being poor and people had great expectation from GSF at its peak times. But once he won the elections he betrayed GSF and joined PPP. The decision to join PPP was triggered by the lust for money and wealth not in the interests of the poor people of Yasin .A shina proverb fits to Ghullam Muhammad ,Chino manozo baro nay baiy, baro billo to kafar baiy )

    Within a couple of years Ghullam Muhammad was among the most weathiest people of Ghizar district and now he is one of the most wealthiest politicians of GB.

    Ghullam Mohammad never stayed in Yasin throught his tenure. He was rarely seen in his office in Ghakuch . He and former District chairman Ali Madad Sher had made Singal rest house a club where they used to drink and dance and enjoy on public money.

    Ghullam Muhammad has been rejected by the people of Yasin and whole Ghizar.He was defeated by independent Ayub despite worst ever rigging and use of Benazir Support program card.

    Ghullam Muhammad is also accused of planning violence during polls at Sher Qilla poling station where firing by PPP and police firing claimed live of sixteen year student Zubair.

    An FIR has been launched against Ghullam Muhammad and Pir Karam Ali Shah along with five others.

    Police has been reluctant to arrest both Ghullam Muhammad and Pir Karam Ali Shah while those arrested have been free on bail.

    1. Obviously his political roadway was paved by GSF as far your concern about corruption committed by GM is controversial.

      Remember: There is no sympathy with poor’s where poverty is below the line-of-poverty. He won the elections because he loved-es down-trodden people, he believes in equity and equality of humans in the society. He has not deviated from the manifesto of GSF and joined PPP for the national interest.
      Definitely he emerged from very humble circumstances while believing in the rights of Human beings. He had played a key role in eliminating the tribal differences in his area. Before his regime; people were suppressed under the blind rule of peers/shahzadaa and feudal rulers so called Thums.

      As for as your concerns about his wealth, better if you quantify your statement; Can you provide any financial of figure of his revenue/property on which you have scaled-up him as ‘Wealthiest’ politician of GB.

      I don’t have any valid comments against Drinking plus Club House entertainment if enjoyed by both the Leaders and I would say; there are accountability bureaus and authorities for audit of public money. They are in a better position for maintaining check and balances.

      Again controversial statement about defeat and victory. He (GM) has never been rejected by the people of Yasin. Would you please see the election results to know the strength of his supporters? We all admire the services of GM and we believe that he is one of the great Leaders of Yasin. The Victory of Muhammad Ayub is again a great change. We the natives of Yasin are happy with both leaders. We strongly believe that “Politics is not game of victory or defeat; It is nothing more than a ‘chance’ ”.

      You are not clear in your last three sentences; either you are criticizing political leadership or Law & Order authorities.

      Finally I would suggest all of you to not propagate fake news, such specific comments promotes tribal prejudices is our areas. My last words to all readers “We can maintain peace and harmony by our words not by amours and muscles”.

    2. ok dear. If you are interested in politics then you should understand the most basic priciple of political system. otherwise i don,t think i you are reducing GM fobia in a right way….. Anyhow it is democracy…

  3. Inshallah he will soon receive a notice from court to prove the allegations otherwise he will be fined not less than 10 million as per the defamation law.

  4. Dear Noor
    Thank you very much for exposing such corrupt politicians. He has also played a very dirty role in the Sher Qilla incident where an innocent young budding life was lost. It seems that the blood of Shaheed Zubair is screaming for his murderers. We thought that being a commoner,he will serve not only the people of Yaseen but the most neglected Ghizer District. But als, it was not to be. Such people should be brought to book as his own party is now after him.

  5. In the first place, it is yet to be determined whether this is true or not, therefore, it is not the proper time to comment in favour or against it.
    Secondly, Ghulam Mhommad has lost the recent elections, so his opponents now try to defame him and even want to see out of the second highest slot PPP in Gilgit-Baltistan. During his tenure the opponents were unable to succeed in their designs against him so now they want to take the advantage of his being out of the Assembly.
    Thirdly, there was just a difference of couple of hundreds votes between the winning candidate and Mr. Ghulam Mohmmad, which shows that he is still popular in the people and there much brighter prospect for him so some people do not like that and they want to reduce his popularity by using such tactics.
    Fourthly, as Mr. Ghulam Mohammad is the General Secretary of PPP Gilgit-Baltistan and due his position and his good offices he is expected to be appointed as advisor or in any other capacity so those who don’t want to see him in the corridors of power, they will try to create obstacles for him by alleging him of malpractices. It is should be recalled that there was every chance for Ghulam Mohammad to become CM in case he had won.
    Fifthly, every one in Gilgit-Baltistan knows that Ghulam Mohammad appeared in the political scene as the challenge to the traditional system of politics, where there was only place for royal families or pir families and it was even beyond possibility that a member of a poor family could change this system. Ghulam Mohammad came out as victorious in his struggle and the politics of area changed forever. The credit of this change goes to none but Ghulam Mohammad who did not only established history by defeating the traditional politicians but also set a history by winning three times. He has also the credit of being the youngest member of NA Council. When someone makes the history then of course, he also get much opposition so the criticism against Ghulam Mohammad should surprise anyone.
    Sixthly, Ghulam Mohammad has become General Secretary of PPP Gilgit-Baltistan not by any favouritism but only by merit and performance, so those against merit and performance do not want to see him in that position and they will try their best to get him out of that.
    Seventhly, he is a believer of integrity of the country and is not motivated by the ideas of regionalism and nationalism, which also is a reason for opposition to him.
    Eighthly, during his tenures, Ghulam Mohammad has done tremendous work in all the villages of his constituency and people appreciate him for his work as well as his behaviour and he has truly get a place in people so now it is the time for his opponents to defame him and try to pull the people away from him.
    We should remember Pervaiz Musharaf who in the beginning of his regime once said “I as well as the nation will see how Benazir and Nawaz Sharif will come back.” Then what happened? Everyone saw that Benazir and Nawaz Sharif came back and Musharaf himself disappeared. Who knows the same will be true about Ghulam Mohammad and he will once again stage a come back.

    1. Dear All, Just commenting on the issue is not the Legal Notice issue its described hypocrisy of politician in our area. first of all let me clear you all that its generally perceived that Mr.Ayub Shah is representing tribe sections of Yasin, but we are proud of the yasiniii people’s that they all are change agents. In the recent elections Mr. Ayub . Shah got 5230 votes out of that only 30% votes were being caste through family members. While 70 % mandate was given from people of Yasin. while as far as GM result is concerned he Got 4920 out which now we have established ground that he rigged and got at least 1800 bogus votes, 1000 purchased votes with investment of Rs 3.5 Million thus GM rest with 2120 in this way Raja. Jahanzeb is second on Public Mandate. For all those GM voter for which they perceived Mr. Ayub Shah is tribe representative, we say sory. Our leader has public mandate. for the answer of Representative of poor and so and so, how he represent poor is clear now.We don’t want to start new compaing here, we just want to tell other people that, Yasiniii people’s are change monger, they proved it. GM who said no to trible politics no to peers but even himself tried to became Peer by wining all elections is rejected by people’s of Yasin. So all jiyalas of GM please stop anti Raja, anti peer and anti baigal slogan because you all failed to made your peer, your Raja. next time people’s of yasin will bring new leadership in valley of yasin, new face in their areas. But I am sure GM giyalas will only stick with GM as they believe in his visionary leadership . for which I prefer the vision of all our illiterate and marginalized people’s of yasin. I preferred their thinking on my educational capabilities. Giya yasin, giya Yasiniii awam. Voted for change, voted for new leadership.

      1. Dear, we are not behind GM, we wish that PPP may make him Prime Minister of Pakistan. But be Honest in your words and Comments, you said that about his contribution, But my Dear in our Time we work we brought 800 Million project for Yasin, along with Minister ship first time in history of Yasin. But you also being GM voter along with other GM Supporter is Shikar of Buggs, you people take him as leader of poors and only option for poors, My dear No one can made himself leader for Poor just by Hypocrisy. this is the one of great cause GM Loos the Elections. In his statement GM told to newspaper that he will teach lesson to all government employees of Gilgit Baltistan, I will provide the List of E government Employees from Gilgit, Chilas, Astore, and GB and they fully played their role to defeat PPP in GB, and I will give many names in Halqa No GBLA 1 and 2 where Jamil and Mosa both Loss the election. I bet him just take the names of those government employee and see the consequences. But in our case People of Yasin Know very well in which capacity Mr.Hafiz-ur-Rehman and Mr.Momin Jan is working for them in Gilgit. Both are wokring day and Night for People of Yasin, If he AC gilgit he working he is dedicated not only to Yasin but for whole GB. When People Party Gilgit has noting to do with their involvement in GB 1 and 2, then how Person from GBLA 21 smell conspiracy in his Halqa. be rational my dear friend, Buguss Mawia ka shikar na hu app saraa.

  6. Ghulam Mohd was dreaming about becoming the CM of Gilgit-Baltistan but Mohammad Ayub Shah shattered his dreams defeating him in the elections. Now he has lost his senses and in this situation of madness he is committing illegal acts.

    The people of Yasin rejected Ghulam Mohd and we will take him again to the court of people for this act and the people will decide.

  7. Mr. Noor Akber, I agree with you, People of Yasin were well aware of his malevolence deeds and they rejected him in the elections. He has done nothing to the poor people of Yasin during his tenor. He created hatred among people of yasin valley and now he is doing the same on Gilgit Baltistan Level. His allegations against the educated people of yasin show his low mental level and political insanity. Now it is our (youth) duty to keep eye on such corrupt politicians. We can play an important role to bring new talent to the politics. I request all youth to come in front and reject such selfish and corrupt politician

  8. My Dear SBA, who ever you are,

    I did not want to reply for what you have written but for the readers i would like to respond to your points that you have raised.

    First of all, Please write comments with you own name.

    For your first point, the documents will be made public very soon. And do give me your e mail ID, I will mail you.
    For second point, Ghulam Mohammad GM has written the letter to president and all others and PPP leadership has issued Show cause notice, and above all people have rejected him not the reporter of this report. So there is no concept of Defame, Loosing elections and active role in Punial have already left no fame for him. As he was not elected to be member of assembly, therefore it useless to comment over the advantage you want to mention.
    Third point: What so ever he has lost the elections, by a single vote or 1000 so bear it my dear brothers and his popularity is evident from the show cause notice.
    Fourth Point; try to understand Party leadership has issued the show cause notice and believe me nobody is afraid of his popularity, if he was defeated being the General Secretary during his party’s rule, he can be defeated any time. No one is afraid of his so called and self-exalted popularity.
    For the information of readers, in Last elections (prior to these elections) GM won by 400 votes and 750 votes of M. Ayub were rejected by his maneuvers.
    Fifth Point; off course there was a change in politics and it is admired by every sensible person, but as said by Mr. Sabit Rahim and a very clear history name anything good that he has made to Yasin, besides getting contracts for himself, his brother and his supporter group of contractors? Name any significant point? The issues are still the same of GM’s voters.
    Sixth Point; Pick up the newspapers of times when he was nominated as GS PPP, you will notice the merit thing there; BTW these are PPP’s party matters.
    Seventh; everyone knows what motivations he has regarding national and regional issues, BNF has been his close allies in all past elections, and Mr. Hameed has favoured him in all manners, financial and social support. Any way hard luck this time. By the way the ethnicity / clan issues in Yasin, as per my perception, are flourished by GM and his supporters (which include some very educated individuals)for political gains which is indeed shameful.
    Eighth; from elections it is very clear that how famous he is in the masses after election, as per information 2000 extra votes are cast in elections through unfair means and this information will also be disclosed very soon with proof.

    My dear no one is defaming GM, it is only the desperation of his defeat that is leading him to such acts and do not expect that people will not respond to the crap he is making. Actions are always followed by reactions. No one else but he has started this thing.

  9. Dear all thank you for taking intrest in a genious issue.
    Let me to insure you the first thing that Gullam mahmad is not pepalist, but he is a defraud having dual partnership using the boat of B.N.F and ppp in previous election. in 2009 elections B.N.F leadership kicked him off, this is good enough for degradetion and he lost his political value in Yasin valley and whole Ghizer Dictric. this was the reason of defeat after that he is frastrated ,
    there is a saying” that froststed Fox Baites His Own tail”
    Honarable SEC LAW Hafiz u Rahman is most senior educated individual of Ghizer Distric, he sreve main part of his life in BALTISTAN as pp and people of Batistan till now honoring him because of his honesty,trasparent and for fair decisions, this is good enough about him.
    Gullam mahamad is showing his dishonesty and poor political vision , dirty thinking, doing this type of nagative reporting to expolite a carreer of a senior buearucrate.
    Dear all dont try to dis figur of reality and do not deny the projects made by Muhtarama MUSHER Sahiba , ex Technocrate Ali murad sab and let M.N AM AYOBE SHAH BAIGAL to make a real differece and change.

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