Ten motor boats reached Hunza to replace choppers

PT Report

Aliabad, February 13: The much awaited motor boats sent by NDMA reached Hunza today to facilitate movement of commuters and other supplies to and from the isolated Gojal Valley. The boats are four feet wide and ten feet long, reportedly, and would start workig from Monday.

A large number of people were stranded on both sides of the lake in Aliabad and Gulmit for more than a week. The boat service is likely to finish the complete isolation of Gojal valley.

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  1. Although much awaited but at least the isolation of the people of Gojal valley will get finished after the arrival of motor boats, it will bring some relief to the valley people in terms of food supplies, while the stranded students would be able to join their classes and emergency patients will no longer be waiting for days and weeks.

  2. This is a happy news for all passengers stranded on both sides. Thanks to NDMA for making alternate arrangements for the affected community.

  3. All should know the chopers are very expensive to run whole year,what ever the NDMA is doing is great for us,everyone should realise that the GOVT is also helping alot interms of releaf work.anyway it is a great echeament of NDMA and thanks to General Farooq Sb.

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