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Shishkat – Gulmit Bridge submerged


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  1. Have no words to say… it made me cry…. it remind me the beautiful past…. when we would wait for the “khla kuch” on this bridge… when we would look down the river 100s ft down through the tiny holes in this bridges… when we would see down and enjoy the roaring of water there… when we would through a piece of paper from this bridge into the water and see how far it could go…. when we tried to break one of the lion’s statue fixed on this beautiful bridge…every moment it remind me… so sad today… so sad….

  2. this is something ………….

    we are watching helplessly the death/end of veerything which we have grown, built and loved, our homes, land and lovely place is taking its last breath and how helpless we are infront of mother nature can not do anhything …….

    wah ray khudrat teray kehl niralay

  3. so sad moment for the people of Gojal especially for Shishkat community, we have already seen the cooperation of the governemt and political leaders , …… now its our tern what we can do for our self to save our houses…. i would like to invite every individual of Gojal to wake up and take action to save our house and properties

  4. I think the point is how the people of gojal would react and unite them self. it is good to see people r protesting in karachi,lahore& some other cities but it would be more effective to protest in gojal to attract the attention of the govt. The prime demand should be to declare the area as calamity hit area.

  5. Indeed a huge loss for our economy and trade. Unbearable moment.The bridge,was use to the symbol of Pak Sino friendship,finally get dissolved in the lake.

  6. still no one nows in our onw country about this our govt is busy in their politics

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