Volume of water passing through the spillway has doubled

PT Report

Gilgit, May 30: Around 150 Cusecs water discharge is taking place through the narrow spillway constructed by FWO on barrier of the lake formed on Hunza River. Rate of erosion has also increased and the erosion is slowly spreading in lateral direction, according to sources.

In the meanwhile there is also information that road has been reopened for traffic between Gilgit and Hunza based on expert advise.

The volume of water discharge is likely to increase constantly over the next couple of days. In the meanwhile new houses are being dismantled in Gulmit because of the surging water level in the natural lake formed as a result of the Attabad landslide disaster. Inflow of the water in Hunza River is around 3700 Cusecs while the cumulative discharge has increased to 500 Cusecs.

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