Gojal, Attabad and Sarat declared calamity hit

Gilgit, March 16: Gojal valley, Attabad and Sarat village in upper Hunza, have been declared as calamity hit region by the interim governor of Gilgit – Baltistan during a recent visit of the disaster hit Attabad village. He said that the indirect effect of Attabad landslide on Gojal valley is enormous in scale and magnitude and due to collapse of the local economy people would not be able to live normal lives.

Tens of protests in Gulmit, Aliabad, Gilgit, Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad had been demanding calamity hit status for the region for the past two months.

While members of the coordination committee in Gilgit have welcomed the announcement they have also said that their struggle will continue till realization of the provisions that come with declaration of calamity hit status.

As citizens of a calamity hit region all loans of the people of Gojal valley would be waived. Fees of the students studying in the public sector institutions would also be waived off. Declaration of calamity hit status also means that the government will now take complete responsibility for all affairs of the region. International and national NGOs would also be allowed to work in the region.

The governor also promised that the THQ hospital in Gulmit would be made fully operational on war footings. He also said that the high school Gulmit would get status of a higher secondary school.

Utility stores at three new locations would also be established.

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  1. This is a gud news for the people of gojal . I specially thanks to the governar of GB for this act..

  2. Its really a good move to ameliorate the sufferings of the people of Gojal.But the dubious promise of the govt. made many times aftter gtting to the throne is again itching herart of the people.If these promises made by the govt ,not be fulfilled will agrendise the miseries of the dewellers of Gojal.The Coordination Commmitee needs to follow the repesentive to make them realise that they are accountable to voters about their performance.Its worth mentioning that the people of Gojal are highly educated and it will not be an easy task for the govt to decive them by fake annuoncments.

  3. Its has been observed in the last couple of years that the Govt has made monkey of the people and duped them., its now good to hear that it has been declared as calamity hit area, peoples must be awre that what would happen in the coming future as a result.

  4. Declaring Gojal as a calamity hit area is a sign of relief for the poor people of the region but there is more to do.So far the administration has taken the problem lightly and progressed with snell speed. The dwellers of Gojal have started undermining the promises of the Government. The administration should try to implement their so called promises swiftly.Otherwise they will loose thier crediblity among the public.
    I hope the administration will do their best for relieve of the masses of 25 thousand.

  5. The history of promises of the goverment is known to all of us.Unless the promises are implemented we cannot trust the government.

  6. I am skeptic….these statements mean nothing until and unless put into action.

  7. It is already in the National Educational Policy 2009 that all High schools in Pakistan can provide Higher secondary Schools education so, why he upgraded this school on this occasion? He want to take some credit?

  8. It is realy the valueable and commandable efforts of Rabita Committee (S) Mutasreen Gojal from Gojal to Karachi. We appriciate the members for thier sercrifices and consistancy as they stand united for this cause and projected this issue at every forum. There is still a lot to be done to enforce the government for implement the packages. We need to be united to convert this disaster into apportunities.

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