[Pictory] Earth Day celebrations concluded in Hunza


Images: Zulfiqar Ali Khan for Pamir Times

Due to slow internet speed in Gilgit – Baltistan some readers of Pamir Times complaint that they are not able to view flash videos/slideshows. For their convenience we are also posting the photographs in the form of a gallery. Editor.

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  1. Infact, such organized events manifests a high profile civic thought by a community, and i would like to appreciate KDO and all private schools of Hunza for enhancing vision in the perspective of our needful heathly envoirnment,,,,hats-off to KADO and all Hunza community.

  2. Well done Hunza Public school. U R RISING!!

    Again Karimabad –Aliabad SHOW as mentioned previously by many. Is the celebration of International Earth Day only meant to clean garbage of Ali abad – Karimabad market area for KADO?

    What steps has KADO taken regarding the Attabad disaster and lose of land, trees, houses of Ayeenabad and Shishket? Shouldn’t it be agenda for KADO’s Earth Day Celebration?

    Please come out of your traditional areas and approaches………… the world has changed a lot ……… Broaden your vision and be mature…………..

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