Schools closed in Hunza – Nagar district

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Hunza, May 12: According to information shared by the deputy commissioner of Hunza – Nagar, Zafar Waqat Taj, the schools and colleges in the district would remain for indefinite period, in the wake of a looming flood disaster.

It is pertinent to note that Hunza – Nagar has a relatively high school enrollment ratio and it is one of the most literate districts of Pakistan. The closure of schools and colleges would cause a lot of inconvenience for thousands of students.

Many of the schools would be used to house IDPs in case of mass displacements due to potential flooding of the Hunza River after over-topping or outburst of the disaster born lake at Attabad that has caused three upstream villages to submerge completely or partially.

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  1. This is a prudent decision. We should protect our future.

    But the students should be provided with learning material.AKESP should wake up and do it’s job of providing learning material to students so that they not sit ideal. They should also provide trauma education /material to parents. AKESP should waive fees for full year.

  2. this is good precautionary move in case of any sudden flow of the lake, more steps should be taken to overcome the issue of food shortage in case of emergency situation but hopefully things will be good, lets all pray for the safe passage of water during next weeks and months ahead.

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