Gillani’s visit of Hunza cancelled

PT Report

Gilgit, May 14: Prime Minister Gillani’s official tour of the disaster hit parts of Hunza valley did not take place for unclear reasons. All arrangements had been made to welcome the premier.

It is interesting to note that the authorities refused to issue passes to local journalists for covering the prime minister’s visit.

The refusal to issue passes is being seen as an attempt on part of the authorities to hide ground realities from the prime minister. The troop of urban journalists who usually accompany dignitaries know little or nothing about the local situation, most of the time.

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  1. Prime Minister, his colleagues, and the Pakistani Media are not and have never been concerned over the suffering of the people rather they want to entertain themselves by flying over the lake. Where was the “Geo News” before who claim to be the first one to reach the site????????? Why was the media and the authorities unaware of what was happening there from the last 4 Months? The Local Authority, Media, and the Federal Govt are our culprits if, God forbid, the situation turns worst.

  2. The money spent on these visits should be given to the affected people. The visits of these generals, ministers and other bureaucrats cost in millions as it requires different logistic arrangements like security, hotels, transport fleet and many others. We do not want the higher ups to come to that area and make a public appearance on televisions for personal projection. In addition its financial and moral aspects, it causes a great deal of inconvenience to the locals instead of facilitating them. But who cares in Pakistan!!! It can happen anywhere in this country

  3. I fully agree with Ali member, where was the GEO from Jan-April 2010? some times give a big coverage to unnecessary issues that has nothing to do with the life of the whole mass or common man, like the wedding ceremony of Sania and Shoaib, arrest of pakistani couple in saudi arabia against charges of smuggling etc, it has a long list which shows an immature media reporting and coverage.
    further it was also supported by the incompetent adminstration of GB and federal govt.


  4. What we can expact from this puppet PM with arrogant GB CM, who cancelled the visit to the affected area after 120 days,,,it shows how much they have concerns about the people and the area. It,s a matter of shame to PPP govt. and all its associates.

  5. Thanks God, by cancellation of this visit, the Government of Pakistan saved tens of millions of rupees and the locals were saved of great inconvenience and mental and physical humiliation at the hands of the local brutal authorities.

    The intent of the local administration was wrong and against the local journalists from the day one of this disaster.

    In my opinion we learnt a good lesson that how much the GB government gives importance to the people of Gojal as till now they think only those who lived in Attabad are effected by this landslide and the population of Gojal, their losses and sufferings are not considered as effects of this landslide. The ethnicity also was quite visible in Hunza where the Regional council did not even considered the problems and sufferings of the stranded population of over 25000 people as in their briefings to the National council and other national institutions, they never said a word about the majority Wakhi speaking population of Gojal.

    We need to think about our future.

  6. From the day of disater to till now we are been watching the role of federal local adminstration and media.
    we can say our dead media which is only rottationg arround big cities and indeed arround ignorant politicians. So now the people of Hunza dont have time to spare with these PM and prsident of Pakistan because we didn,t elect them as a prime minister and president. As usual the should sit in their nest and watch what is happening next.


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