Hussaini and Shishkat without clean drinking water

Images: Ali Musofer

Gilgit, May 20: Supply of clean drinking water to Hussaini and Shishkat villages has been severed by the surging lake water in Gojal Valley. The people are forced to use unhygienic water.

The water supply lines were destroyed in Shishkat as after coming under the lake water.

A water supply tank in Hussaini has been destroyed by the lake water, severing supply of clean drinking water to the village.

The local people have demanded immediate action for ensuring supply of clean drinking water to the people of these two villages.

In the meanwhile extended length of the lake has increased to slightly over 18 kilometer. The lake water is likely to reach outskirts of Passu village within a couple of days.

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  1. What is AKPBS doing. why are they not supplying clean water to villages. What has happen to WASEP programme of AKPBS. Has AKPBS only becoming big talk and PR and no work. Why AKPBSP not putting slow sand filter plants. People need clean water to drink. Government should also make strong effort to provide water.
    FOCUS is doing good work an dproviding food,releif, Eraly warning system and evacuation training.FOCUS search and rescue team has also come in area.
    May Allah help us all.Ameen

  2. From this plate form, I request to Govt, AKDN, Red cresent to take serious step for this serious issue because clean water is required to every person to live a healthy life, at this time the two villages Shishkat and Hussaini are effected, if the administators are not taking correct dicision, in some next days unfortunately other villages will be also effected, so make a proper channel to provide clean water to them and save their life.

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