Cadet college and 200 bed hospital for Hunza – Nagar, Wazir Baig demanded from PM

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Gilgit, May 22: Lost in the slogans of protesters were the demands made by speaker GBLA, Wazir Baig during Gillani’s visit yesterday. Wazir Baig, while speaking during the session apprised the prime minister of the difficulties faced by people of Hunza – Nagar, the newly  formed district of Gilgit – Baltistan.

He said that delays in appointment on 600 announced vacant posts for the district is increasing difficulties for the educated, yet jobless, youth of the district. He asked the premier to order appointments on the vacant posts.

He also said that a cadet college should be established in the district and a 200 bed hospital shall also be established in Hunza – Nagar.

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  1. Dear and sweet
    What we have to do with, the Cadet Collage. It concept is to turn human into well civilized killers, and to turn human in fool, as said by the great Gorge B. Shah. “Out of every 10 army man 10 are born fool” and to me with an addition, the last becomes fool living beside the 9.
    Any how what we have to do with a cadet collage, how many people form Skardu have become scientist after the initiation of the cadet collage in Skardu city. Dear Sweet Religious, Wazir please use you profound Brain.
    And for the employment, forget about the jobs promised, well you have the people of Nagar, who have their connection in downtown, so they will take all and what ever is left will be given to those who Dads and moms have some sources. Rest of the community, stay labors.
    And about the hospital, you can image, if our profound leader is unable to provide the people with a single doctor, you are hoping for a whole Hospital.
    God help those who have, stopped to think.

  2. I will appreciate Mr. Wazir Baig if he will do something rather than political statements. Last day I got an opportunity to sit in live talk show in Hunza, where I become much disappoint when I heard some statements of Wazir Baig about people of Gojal. When a guest of that talk show rejected his claim of relief work in upper Hunza Gojal he said..”Phir Wahan tum logon ka baap khilaata hain tum logon ko”..(Childish statement).. so yes Mr. Wazir Baig “Hum apne baap ke kha rahe hain na ki tumhare baap ke” …When another guest Mr. Mirza Hussain of PML-Q was critising Mr. Wazir Baig, he shouted on him and told that you are just a smaggler and nothing..In his another statement he declared the Rabitta Committee Mutasireeni Gojal as part of Mr. Wazir Baig Hosh Ka Nakhun Lo bhai..
    This is a very crucial time for the people of Gojal as all concentration of govt., Media and NGOs are in downstream, and nobody is talking about upper Hunza.
    On the other hands look at all those political leaders who were sleeping so far, and they are now talking about this disaster. These people are now in Hunza because they are concerned about their loans, not about the people. Shame on all of them…
    I am still very disappoint from all this leadership, and still unable to know that what is happening and going to happen in near future. Govt. will compensate the people living in downstream but the question is who will compansate the people of Ayeenabad, shishkat and Gulmit.????? I must say to the people of Gojal to wakeup now and fight to your right, otherwise nobody will ask you after destruction in downstream.

    1. yes ,my frn i agree with u but plz dont code the word upper hunza it’s hurts..
      jus call Gojal.

  3. I dont know to what extent Mr Tariq’s comments above regarding Mr. Wazir Baig statement about people of Gojal is reliable and correct.. can we PT verify the above statements as correct or incorrect??

    This is a very serious issue and If correct he should be better taught a lesson.


    1. Mr. Jamal, that program was hosted by Dunya TV at Hunza Views Hotel and will telecast it in near future, where Mr. Wazir once threw the mike as well. i had also respect for Mr. Wazir Baig but now realized that he is not fit to represent the people of Hunza Gojal physically (due to blood pressure) and mentally (always talk in sleep and after talk than thinks that what is talked.

  4. So,
    Who is Wazir Baig? He is the one who got vote from the people of Gojal and now speaker of GBLA. As Tariq had mantioned how much he is speaking on behalf of Gojal. It mean he has been a very good speaker. Just say him(phir tume tere baap ne vote dey kar election jeetaya)
    Navaid Veercan

  5. @ nazeer ali khan…
    i am stranger here and not from northern region even, i m from swat,, but i am following hunza lake disaster all over and bumped over this website. saw cadet college thread and liked to comment…
    I am not concerned with your comments on becoming Army men, but i can definitely say, that you are totaly wrong about cadet college.
    I have studied myself in cadet college, and i can say with conviction that it has produced, polished and discovered one of the best minds in pakistan?
    I can even count a few to you from hunza and gilgit studied with us.
    and by the way what other institution has produced scientist in pakistan, can u name a
    I think its the few. best a pakistan gov can give us in regards to education institutions.
    Its upto the people themselves,, nobody is stopping you from making one such institution.
    why dont u start one…
    quoting… european thinkers does not make u an authority on ur own culture.

  6. What is needed at present is cool heads who focus on saving property and lives in next few days when river overtops the dam or dam breach happens.

    There i sno denying of the fact that political leadersip of Hunza/GB has let down the people.They have not lived up to expectations of the people in these difficult times.
    NDMA under the past Chairman has been the biggest culprit; making false,misleading statements. We are very happy that Gen (r) Nadeem has taken over as Chairman recently.He is a good sincere person who cares for people and belives in working as team.

    Mr Wazir beg, you know FOCUS has been providing the food. What this area needs is integrated development; more colleges,more commerce,better infrastructure,and the most important an long term programme to make communities resiliant to natural disasters.Please FOCUS in partnership with GBDMA start an integrated programme about landslide,avalanches,earthquakes,GLOF.Please donor agency support such programme.Let us not have other mini Attabads in future in GB

  7. I believe it becomes more racial now, there is another MLA, who belongs to Gojal, why he is not being awenking, where is he? I know Wazir is more religious as of political figure, he should better known for his religious profile,,but on the contrary, wazir baig has been elected by people of Gojal turning the election in one “significan / special” night,,and now we have put our efforts collectively for the affectees of landslide weather they are living at upstream or downstream,,,this time is not appropriate for blame game,,,,we ALL HUNZUKUTZ FROM CLICK TO MAYOOUN,,,need to stand up for this cause and to to get our rights from the current bloody PPP govt. Every noticed that PPP Gilani was just on a picnic with his apscounder ministers not more than that, if we want to put the pressure,,,we need get stand as a whole.

  8. Wazir Baig mind your language you have been elected by the people their servent. So you must not speak scornfuly live with in your limit. As your family became wazir on the resources of these gojalies and now you became their servent just because of these gojalies.


  9. @Nazeer
    I fully support your views and would like to repeat them once, with original G.B Shah quote, before i give my own views i.e ” “Nine soldiers out of ten are born fools.”

    Now consider these stats:

    Pak’s budget on education and health = 50+ billion ( that too only on salaries etc.)
    Pak’s budget on Defense = 450+

    Since we “proudly” got independence from the British, let me give you their stats:
    UK budget on Defense = 40+- Billion Pounds
    UK budget on Health+Education+Welfare = 305+ Billion Pound

    If nations done spend 1 rupee on education they will have to spend 100 rupees on security. Wazir baig and others should better try to do something for health and education at GOV level instead of cadet colleges, which are an extension to the Military setup.

    1. Using ‘truth by adage’ fallacy to make your point doesn’t make you anything more than a fool either.

      The budget is made by the civilian government, so your stats make the civilians fool, in other words, they undermine your own argument. And if you argue that Army is influential in budgeting, then how would you define civilians who are influenced by the “fools”?

      >> And you would be a fool to choose a field from a combination of 3 sectors-which involve 50+ Billion (all together) – over a single sector that involves 450+ Billion (“that too only on salaries etc.”) << Just a thought

  10. I think the same demands were made by Ghanzafar during Musharf era. There is no harm in bulding cadet colleges and hospitals but when its built then the required people should also be provided(e.g Gulmit hospital lack doctor).
    I dont know what gilani wanted to show to the people of GB and particularly Hunza during his visit. Believe me i get so much frustrated from the local leaders and the ministers and premiers of this country.
    Moreover , is the government of GB or any other person or group registering petition against FWO.Why are we so helpless…………..

  11. of course Wazir will now pass such stupid and non-sense comments because he was warmly welcomed and given votes by the diehard jiyalas of Gojal…we reap what we sow…isn’t it like that jiyalas?
    The other interesting thing to note here is when there wasn’t PPP government, when there was Mir, Musharaf or PML ,you could see hundreds of comments from almost every one i know, even senior educated professionals working for multi-national companies, banks and airlines..
    they will never because its their government, its PPP, even PPP government starts bulldozing our land and houses they wont say anything and still they will say Jiyey Bhatu, Zinda hey Bibi zinda hey ppp zindabad…..
    Wazir sap: for God sake wake up now, we don’t need just buildings, we need doctors and teacher there too, instead of demanding (begging) to build more hospital buildings, why don’t you ask to deploy doctors in the existing hospital in the region which are empty like desert just because there is no Doctor…. Open your eyes the community who voted for you and who played vital role in your success in the elections is suffering very badly, are you BLIND, they need immediate relief help from the government, you are asking for Cadet college and one more empty hospital building….spit on your vision, thinking, and your government. You are the spitting image of Mir and other previous leaders, even worst than them…. you are a complete clueless and naive…

    Wazir@Mir…at the rate of

    1. @ MirWazir: The people of Gojal voted Mr. Wazir Baig in good faith, taking him capable of leading the people. Yes it is right that he failed to deliver, and it is also right to say that the people of Gojal, while they voted, were not revealed upon by an omen that a disaster is underway. It’s not fair to declare the people of Gojal responsible for the inefficiency in leadership, and we need to get out of these blame games. It is also pertinent and true in good faith that it were the JIYALAS (i am not speaking of the so called jiyalas….semantically associated cults) who took the lead to to go against the inaction of their leadership during this disaster. They even went to the extent that they were declared anti state elements.

      Sitting in your room and passing comments is quite easy, but I am sure you are not aware of the things that had happened on ground. I am also sure you haven’t done anything sound enough to help the people of Gojal except passing out comments, or have you?

  12. is blocked in Pakistan. It’s not opening since the day facebook was banned. This website can be opened by using proxy servers, but not by normal way.

  13. Shame on you Mr. Wazir Baig, how dare you use such language for the educated people of Gojal. You should be very thankful to the people of Gojal who supported you to get this position, although you are not a competent person and you do not deserve this position. You should resign your position and let the educated youth to serve the people of Gilgit Baltistan.

  14. I agree with Nazir Ali Khan’s observation. estalishing a cadet college is like opening a breeding farm for mules who can carry out cammands of their masters without thinking. In addition, it only produces war jingoistic mentality in society. From the cost of cadet college we can make dozens of schools. it is simply good for nothing. mind you once you establish it in the scenic valley of Hunza, the elite class will send their children in droves and children of a layman or lower ranking soldier will remain out of it. George Bernard Shaw famously said “nine out of ten soldiers are fools”. then a general asked what about the tenth one. Shaw replied the tenth one is damn fool. in a nutshell we are going to establish an academy that will produce fools. only the cream will be able to attain the status of damn fool = general.
    Second, i think we have lost reasonable argument when speaking against Wazir Baig. He has been elected by us, so there should be criticism within. Look at our bias attitude. we heap all the blame on Wazir Baig but not saying anything against another member of Gojal Mutabiat Shah. Why. perheps answer lies within our minds that fails to look at ourselves.


    I must say that this is the life time experience for the people of Gojal that nobody can be sincere to us, either he is Wazir, Mir or any one else….
    Now weak up open your eyes and see what is being done to us????????????
    Trust your self make your own leader and snatch your rights….

  16. To make a civilized society we need, better kinder gardens, schools, creative clubs, theaters, hospitals and sports but not centers for making killers in the name of a nation. We all know how to build an exemplary human system and it depends on your directions, were are we heading with cadet colleges ?. Today the whole country is in jeopardy because of military wrong practices and lake of social thinkers.

    The problem is our leadership they don’t have a vision and in most cases we our families are still god fathered by ex military men.

    The point is; we need to change our ways of thinking to remember there will be disasters and to prepare for all kind of social and natural fate we will be meeting.

  17. ( i dont know y am i writing this…)
    i m wondering how can someone stand in here and comment on something of which he has no knowledge at all. cadet colleges are not part of army neither you are gauranteed army entrance through cadet college. They have strict rule of of merit admission exams.

    1. “strict rule” what are them ?
      Why a cadet college is better then a school where you teach kids, how to think about life then how to get ready for a hardship.
      I know you will never understand…buts it’s my view

  18. I think instead of Cadet college Mr Wazir Baig should demand for a medical college, so that we have good doctors, Engineering college so that we have lots of Engineers, or he should rather ask for a campus of KIU at Hunza so that we people can study different subjects at their door steps.
    Why do we need a cadet college? so that we can have more and more in the Army?????? By the way what the army did?? we know the work of FWO the so called spillway,, We know the NDMA run by a retaired Gen. Mr. Farooq, his false promises and then the New Gen. at NDMA???????

    I am personally not againt army, but we have such bad examples

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